Arrangement of subject line could hold much importance

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epsilon.jpgEpsilon researchers found that rather than simply choosing a short subject line, different subject line lengths and arrangements should be tested for maximum ROI.

Thane Stallings, Senior Analytic Consultant, Epsilon Strategic Services said , “Companies are spending little time thinking about and testing subject lines, compared to the resources and time devoted to creative development. The reality is that more people will see a subject line than its accompanying creative.”

The research suggests instead that email marketers test first; but if testing is not possible there are some tips to follow.

The report suggests putting the most important information first. Rather than using a long subject line with a ton of information, be short and succinct and front-load it with the most important information. They also suggest that long subject lines be used only when there is a strong reason to do so; and, if you’re going to use a longer subject line, try to test it first.



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