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BizReport : January 20, 2009 Archive

January 20, 2009 Archive

Advertising archives | January 20, 2009

Google shelves Print Ads

Over two years ago, the search-engine behemoth proposed to demonstrate how it could help, and not hinder, newspapers sell print advertising to the hundreds of thousands of small merchants who buy online ads from Google. By introducing Google Print Ads, advertisers could go online and bid on the excess ad inventory of daily newspapers, giving them a much-needed revenue boost. >>

Viral Marketing | January 20, 2009

DIY: Spotmixer and Google partner for self-serve video ads

A new platform makes it simple for marketers with smaller budgets to produce unique video ads with exposure to consumers watching GoogleTV. Spotmixer and Google have partnered for the program which allows marketers to create their own video ads. >>

Advertising archives | January 20, 2009

Report: Consumers like a cause

It is no secret that consumers like products that they can get behind, not just buy. Cause related marketing has begun to move into it's own advertising category and according to one report, consumers just keep logging on. >>

Ecommerce archives | January 20, 2009

Fake user reviews - just say 'no'

Consumer-generated reviews of products and services are a major tool for online shoppers, and most expect, or rather demand, that those reviews be honest. However, once in a while someone decides they can manipulate what consumers see and believe they can get away with it. >>

Viral Marketing | January 20, 2009

Is product placement next stop for online video?

Product placement could be the next stop for online video, giving Hollywood and the land of video games a run for their money. Tadcast, a video startup, has launched, giving online marketers the change to place their products in online video clips. >>

Search Marketing | January 20, 2009

WSJ: Q4 2008 saw SEM spend decline

The word is out. Search engine marketing spend declined in the fourth quarter of 2008, demonstrating that, while it has been somewhat less affected by the recession, it's not untouchable. >>