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BizReport : January 12, 2009 Archive

January 12, 2009 Archive

Research archives | January 12, 2009

Quarter of Americans watch video on mobile phones

Cisco's Visual Networking Index Pulse Survey, which assesses the video and television watching behavior and attitudes of consumers worldwide, found that Americans watch more television than Germans, Swedes and urban Chinese. No surprise there. >>

Social Marketing | January 12, 2009

Putting your business on Facebook - Part 1

According to recent research by interactive marketing agency Rosetta, over half of 100 leading retailers surveyed have pages on Facebook. But why build a Facebook page? Why not create a profile? And what is the difference? >>

Blogs & Content archives | January 12, 2009

Report: The most rewarding content sites for marketers

The theory that targeting highly-readered blogs will result in more sales conversions has pushed many online marketers to find those big traffic niche blogs. But a new report from Outsell Insights indicates that these blogs aren't the only places marketers should be targeting; instead, the authors suggest that targeting newsier websites may be just as profitable. >>

Ecommerce archives | January 12, 2009

Ecommerce challenge: make online shopping an experience

As many etailers found over the Christmas holidays, consumers shopped more online but spent less money. As the economy around the globe continues to be tight, many etailers wonder what they can do to keep consumers returning. >>

Ecommerce archives | January 12, 2009

One-third online shoppers abandon slow, unreliable websites

Added-value promotions, free shipping and great discounts may well have brought consumers to your website over the 2008 holiday season, but if you can't provide them with 100% uptime, reliability and speed those consumers are likely to abandon their visit. What can you do to re-engage consumers who have fled your website in frustration? >>

Ecommerce archives | January 12, 2009

Report: Nearly 40% of online holiday shoppers hit glitches

Now is not the time for shoppers to have trouble checking out, getting product information or offering their opinion; with the down economy, these glitches will only encourage online shoppers to find another hub. Still, just over one-third of online holiday shoppers in the US had some sort of problem shopping online in 2008. >>