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BizReport : Social Marketing : October 17, 2008

How to get more from consumer opinions

Product reviews, brand bulletin boards, shopping sites. With consumers logging on by the thousands to learn more about products, it is easy to see why marketers heads are spinning. A new platform from Biz360 may help marketers get a better grasp on what is being said, both negatively and positively, about their brands online.

by Kristina Knight

Opinion Insights mines and aggregates consumer, expert and product review sites as well as shopping sites to aggregate the conversations about brands and products. The information gathered is graded according to what is said and how it is said so that marketers can find possible product advocates as well as consumers who are unhappy with their purchases. The scores are then weighted, with 'great' comments given a higher weight than 'good' comments and comments on sites such as given a higher weight than comments made by a small/local retail site. Marketers can then use that information to target ads.

The information can be used to see how Brand A compares to Brand B, to identify areas where brands have problems and improve upon that, to determine which consumers are more likely to become brand advocates and to create benchmarks for products.

"Opinion Insights lets companies implement real-time opinion and trend tracking rather than relying on costly and sporadic primary research initiatives," said Brad Brodigan, Biz360 CEO. "This means marketers can spend less time and money figuring out what their customers want and more time designing. . .and marketing products."

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