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BizReport : Law & Regulation : October 08, 2008

Click Forensics introduces trademark abuse reporting

Click fraud takes many forms, one of which is trademark abuse. Not only is it annoying to consumers, but it impacts advertising budgets. Click Forensics has added a new feature to its ad solution called the Trademark Use report.

by Helen Leggatt

Some domain names containing existing trademarked terms are registered with the intent to sell them on to those companies at a profit. Others, however, are used to generate income by fronting as genuine sites and benefiting commercially from Internet traffic that mistakenly arrives at them.

Other variations include "typo-squatting" wherein domain names are registered with misspelled trademarked terms and 'rival blocking' where domain names of rivals are registered to prevent their use.

Click Forensics
is the latest company to offer advertisers a way in which to identify trademark abusers, something which Paul Pellman, CEO of Click Forensics, says is of great concern to his clients. It has added a new report to its 'Click Forensics for Advertisers' solution, called 'Trademark Use', that allows companies to identify and track individuals who unlawfully use trademarked names for search marketing campaigns.

"Not only are we uncovering and identifying sites that may be pirating well-known brands, but we're also quantifying the impact," said Pellman, via "We know how much clients are spending on pirated traffic so we give them the ability to exclude that spend from the campaign and give them an idea as to where to better focus their search efforts."

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