What makes a great email welcome message?

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Here are a few ideas so that you can create your own email welcome messages.

First, make the note simple HTML and optimized so that if a user has images turned off, the message will still display correctly.

Next, think about what information a customer is most likely to want. You guessed it – the essentials. In the first paragraph, thank them for signing up and tell them what they are getting. This should include the time frame for messages, the types of offers or information that will be included with each message.

Next, give them something! These users signed up for a reason: they liked your store, your products or your information. Reward that by offering these very interested customers a coupon, free shipping on an order or some kind of bonus (an addition download, for example) to their first order.

Finally, wrap up the message by letting them know that their information is now and will always be private; state your privacy policy and ask them to add your information to their favorites lists and to their email contacts lists.

In the case of email marketing, no contact is actually worse than bad contact. So grab some paper and plot out your welcome letter. And this week start sending out those welcome messages!



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