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BizReport : Research archives : April 07, 2008

Study: Gamer demographic complex

If, when your goal is to target gamers, you direct your creative department toward an audience of teenage boys on a diet of takeaway pizza, caffeine and lacking a life away from their computer screen, think again.

by Helen Leggatt

esa%20logo.gifComputer and video gamers come in all shapes and sizes, according to new statistics released by the Entertainment Software Association. Not only has the stereotypical gamer grown up, but the girls are in on the action, too.

For instance, did you know?

- The average age of a gamer is currently 33 years old.

- The average number of years an adult gamer has been playing is 12.

- 53% of adult gamers expect to play as much as, or more than they do now, in a decade’s time.

- 69% of heads of households in the U.S. play computer and video games.

- Men play games for slightly longer than women over the course of a week, with 7.6 hours and 7.4 hours respectively.

- Of the most frequent gamers, 44% play games online.

- 58% of online game players are male, 42% female.

It also appears that gamers aren’t as glued to the screen as expected. Over three-quarters of gamers surveyed said they spent an average of 20 hours a month playing sport or exercising.

Reading newspapers and books is a regular activity for 93% of gamers and half get creative through writing, playing a musical instrument or art.

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