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BizReport : April 10, 2008 Archive

April 10, 2008 Archive

Ecommerce archives | April 10, 2008

Teens take stock of spending

Even teens are cutting back on their spending. Piper Jaffray’s 15th semi-annual “Taking Stock With Teens” survey found that the amount teens spent on fashion dropped almost 20% YoY. >>

Research archives | April 10, 2008

NRF: Online retail sales to rise

The National Retail Federation has an optimistic outlook for online retail sales, expecting double figure growth in 2008 despite an overall drop in consumer spending. >>

Internet | April 10, 2008

Yahoo to test Google AdSense

Yahoo has frustrated Microsoft today by announcing a limited trial of Google’s AdSense for Search. Google ads will appear alongside Yahoo search results, albeit only for U.S. Internet users. >>

Research archives | April 10, 2008

Nielsen: Half of British aren't "high-speed" freaks

Online marketers may be interested to note that a recent report from Nielsen//Netratings found most Britons aren't logging on to the Internet via highest-speed connections. Only about one-third of consumers are utilizing the highest-speed connections (2Mb-8Mb). >>

Search Marketing | April 10, 2008

ChaCha enables voice-based mobile search

Forget about trying to compete in the super competitive search engine wars. One so-called "alternative" search engine is refocusing their efforts on the mobile web in an effort to gain a surer foothold in the market. Part of the change has been to enable voice-based mobile search. The voice-based model allows consumers to ask questions as if they were speaking to a friend. The questions are answers a few minutes later via text message. >>

Research archives | April 10, 2008

PicLens: Publishers can engage more with photos

Publishers looking for a better way to engage readers might take another look at the pictures included with their blog posts, news stories and RSS feeds. Rather than using small, captioned shots a new interface from CoolIris called PicLens allows pictures to be used full-screen. >>