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BizReport : April 16, 2007 Archive

April 16, 2007 Archive

Research archives | April 16, 2007

Identity theft worries are high for American consumers

E-tailers and email marketers who think their campaigns have begun to falter may be right. But flagging sales may not be because of bad advertising copy or outdated email lists. According to a recent Zogby study, identity theft worries are keeping many users off of the Internet. >>

Research archives | April 16, 2007

Target young for online video

Online video is quickly becoming the new buzzword for online marketers, but few have figured out how to harness the power. Should they target boomers? News hounds? Entertainment gurus? The answer, according to a new study, is no. To all of the above. >>

Email Marketing | April 16, 2007

Can authentication save email marketing?

Authenticating email has been touted as the savior for businesses wanting to contact established customers, but what about marketers trying to reach those first consumers? Could email authentication be the right tactic for email marketers? >>

Research archives | April 16, 2007

Rise in consumers purchasing auto insurance online

Consumers are beginning to buy auto insurance policies online, whereas in recent years they went no further than obtaining online quotes. >>

Research archives | April 16, 2007

Cookie-based metrics inflating website audience figures

Data released today by comScore shows the degree to which cookie-based measurement of unique visitors is skewed by users deleting cookies from their PC’s. >>

Internet | April 16, 2007

DoubleClick sold to Google for $3.1 billion cash

Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick, announced last Friday, will see the largest forces in online advertising merge together to control virtually the entire market. >>