Study: 40% research politics online

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More than 1,000 U.S. adults were surveyed with 42% saying they will use the Internet to make decisions about the upcoming 2008 election. Primarily, these voters are between 18-34, and 88% say they also use the Internet for news. Only about 25% of those over 65 say they use the web for politics and news information.

Where are these voters looking for their information? About 60% research using television or news magazine sites, 45% use “other” online news sites and about 42% use search engines. Another 36% utilize online newspapers while 18% actually visit candidate websites. PAC and issue-based websites gain 11% of the attention, consumer groups 9% and blogs garner about 5% of voters attention.

For the different parties, this information could be used to recruit new voters before the election. By putting the election message out earlier, more voters could be swayed to vote according to party lines.

Online marketers can also use this information to boost revenue over the coming months. As the American election draws near, more and more users will begin surfing through news and informational websites to make their decisions. Correctly targeting display or video ads on politically based websites could boost revenue.



Kristina Knight is a freelance writer with more than 15 years of experience writing on varied topics. Kristina’s focus for the past 10 years has been the small business, online marketing, and banking sectors, however, she keeps things interesting by writing about her experiences as an adoptive mom, parenting, and education issues. Kristina’s work has appeared with, NBC News,, DisasterNewsNetwork, and many more publications.