Offers create more conversions for direct mailings

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The Vertis Communications study indicates that those, who read direct mailings, are more likely to act – to purchase the product or service – if there is an offer included. In-store or online coupons, percentages off if responding by a certain date and exclusive deals are ways to create a better conversion rate.

“With the evolution of production technology, marketers now have the tools to develop highly personalized campaigns,” said Jim Litwin, vice president of marketing insights at Vertis Communications. “We recommend, they take full advantage of these in order to create more advanced, dimensional marketing pieces such as printed advertising inserts and direct mail that have proven effective in connecting with target audiences on a personal level.”

According to the study, 47% of direct mail readers went to the store or website represented in the mailing when an offer was included. The number of Hispanic respondents increased the most at a 54% response rate, indicating the Hispanic demographic is eager for direct mailings. Overall, women are more likely to respond to a direct mailing than an email communication. Women also want their mailings to be personally targeted.



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