Nickelodeon launches an online virtual world for tweens

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Nicktropolis, as the new virtual world is called, is targeted at tweens that are gaming online. It is the latest addition to MTVN’s online empire which includes gaming and community sites such as, and Over 25.7 million visitors were attracted to their sites during December 2006, according to comScore’s Media Metrix.

“Virtual worlds like Nicktropolis are part of our strategy to bring immersive, relevant entertainment experiences to our audiences wherever they are, and to build communities around our content across every kind of platform,” said Judy McGrath, Chairman and CEO, MTVN. “The virtual worlds we’ve been building across our networks give the fans of our brands the high level of interaction they want with one another, and with the content itself.”

Nickelodean’s latest research found that 86 percent of its young audience, in the 8-14 year old age range, are gaming online, 51 percent are watching TV and video online, 37 percent are instant messaging and 12 percent are active in chat rooms.

The safety of children online is a hot topic, and Nicktropolis will incorporate parent-control features so that the child’s chat settings and security levels can be monitored, plus a “report button” to notify site staff of any concerns.



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