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BizReport : January 19, 2007 Archive

January 19, 2007 Archive

Email Marketing | January 19, 2007

“Storm Worm” Virus Rages Across The Web

Virus programmers have been quick to capitalize on the chaos and fatalities caused by severe storms across Europe. >>

Blogs & Content archives | January 19, 2007

Newspaper Websites Bulging With Blogs

Blogs embedded within top U.S. newspaper websites are seeing big increases in traffic, according to a recent Nielsen//NetRatings report. >>

Internet | January 19, 2007

Parents Peek Inside Children's MySpace Profiles

After four families sue News Corp’s MySpace, the social networking site unveils their latest technology in the fight against online child abuse. >>

Search Marketing | January 19, 2007

MIVA to Consolidate Search Ads

MIVA, a pay-per-click advertising network, is set to begin consolidating search, contextual text and in-line ads under one managing platform. The MIVA Monetization Center (MC) is set up to allow publishers the ability to manage all forms of online advertising in one place. >>

Research archives | January 19, 2007

Study: Women Read Snail Mail, not E-mail

A simple email message is not the best way to target female consumer. A new study indicates that more women are reading and responding to direct mail than email. >>

Advertising archives | January 19, 2007

Google to Create Outdoor Digital Network?

Several search companies are creating new analytics programs and features to be able to compete with online giant Google in the search ad forum, but Google may have moved forward without their competitors once again, leaving other search firms in their dust. >>