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BizReport : December 4, 2006 Archive

December 4, 2006 Archive

Research archives | December 04, 2006

IAC Launches Ask City

Want local business information, events, maps and movies? IAC wants to provide it through the launch of a new property: Ask City. The new Ask City will draw heavily from other IAC properties like Ticketmaster and CitySearch. >>

Research archives | December 04, 2006

Difference In How “User Generated Ads” Are Seen

Adults may like them, but a new study shows kids and young adults are not as keen on user-generated ads for products. >>

Blogs & Content archives | December 04, 2006

College Kids Choose Facebook

Want to know what the youth market wants? Here’s a secret: for the first time ever, both college-aged (17-25 years of age) men and women chose social networking site Facebook as their favorite website. >>

Advertising archives | December 04, 2006

U.K. Outstrips U.S. in Online Advertising

Despite a slow take up, the U.K. has now overtaken the U.S. when it comes to online advertising. >>

Email Marketing | December 04, 2006

Improve Reputation and Increase Email Deliverability

Results of a recent study by Return Path indicate reputation, not content, is to blame for low email deliverability rates. >>

Advertising archives | December 04, 2006

Online Ad Revenue To Be Used For Pixelotto Payout

Will online advertisers rush to Alex Tew’s second moneymaking internet venture? >>