Geotargeting: Next Step In Online Advertising?

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Pheedo, a leader in RSS (Really Simple Syndication) advertising, is adding geotargeting to its capabilities as a new way to syndicate feeds, targeting customers around the world. The company will use IP address mapping, basically allowing advertisers in the United States, England, France and 200+ other countries to target their ads to certain users.

Pheedo hopes geotargeting will give advertisers better value for inventory and boost revenue streams by better targeting ads.

Geotargeting is nothing new, Google has been providing geotargeted advertising feeds for several months, however, it is uncertain whether this addition will in fact boost revenue.

MarketingVOX is reporting that many users, especially those within social networks, are increasingly immune to internet advertising. Rather than counting on the right ad hitting them at the right time, social networkers are counting on peer reviews and recommendations to make purchasing decisions.

Still, utilizing methods like geotargeted advertising within the larger framework of branded microsites, forums and product-focused blogs is probably the best way to reach users, increase traffic and boost revenue.



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