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BizReport : September 28, 2006 Archive

September 28, 2006 Archive

Trends & Ideas archives | September 28, 2006

Executives Discover MySpace as a Recruitment Tool

ITbusinessedge reports that several large companies, including Deloitte are running successful recruitment campaigns on >>

Blogs & Content archives | September 28, 2006

Build Brand With Targeted Blogging

Many online e-tailers and content providers are utilizing RSS feeds and blogs in addition to traditional email marketing to drive consumers to their websites, increasing revenue by increasing traffic. Now big brands are beginning to advertise on blogs, which could be another boost to your business. Here are tips on how to capitalize on the trend. >>

Email Marketing | September 28, 2006

European Deliverability Better Than US

A new study out from Lyris Technologies indicates that European ISPs and ESPs (email service providers) are out-delivering emails to consumers compared to United States providers. Still, the rates of false positives in email delivery are higher for large ESPs across the board. >>

Research archives | September 28, 2006

Research Finds Companies Can Tell Surfers Apart

After the uproar over AOL releasing three months worth of search data, a research paper indicates that online content providers and e-tailers can indeed identify surfers from their browsing history. However, depending on the use of the information, identification could actually help users. >>

Email Marketing | September 28, 2006

The Mythological Origins of SPAM

SPAM in the online world has a nasty tone to it, but prior to the phenomenon’s drastic rise in cyber space, SPAM has been known to have similar, domineering qualities be they of a more positive kind. >>