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BizReport : September 19, 2006 Archive

September 19, 2006 Archive

Viral Marketing | September 19, 2006

Travel Tips Online

Marketers have now another growing territory to spread their word. Social networking is becoming one of the latest innovations in the online travel world, allowing people to enter in contact directly with locals or other travelers with similar tastes and interests. >>

Law & Regulation | September 19, 2006

Landmark Court Case Sets Precedent In Accessibility For The Blind

I hadn't updated my blog in six months and when I accessed recently, I found to my surprise that before I could upload my latest saga, I was requested to enter a numerical code that was read out to me by a human voice. It was a new feature and I instantly understood why the creators of have added it; at the moment, tons of public website owners are instructing their developers to ascertain that blind people have no difficulties navigating their pages. >>

Advertising archives | September 19, 2006

YouTube To Share Ad Revenues?

The successful video sharing site YouTube seems to be concerned about copyrighted material posted on its site. >>

Advertising archives | September 19, 2006

Yahoo Shares Drop 10%

The Wall Street Journal published today an article announcing that Yahoo Inc. executives warned online advertising growth appears to be slowing in some categories. According to Yahoo this has pushed shares to plunge more than 10% and triggered a large sell off of technology stocks. >>

Ecommerce archives | September 19, 2006

Direct Navigation: Your Online Business Boom?

One of the newest trends in online business – buying domain names and then selling them for a profit – has actually been around for years. But new interest in the market is boosting revenue for investors, potentially reaching $2.5 billion in 2006. >>

Advertising archives | September 19, 2006

Do Mobile Ads Pay Off?

Mobile phones may be the last frontier for advertisers, but the frontier is quickly dwindling away. The talk at the 2006 CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment show in Los Angeles indicated that mobile ads could bring in $11 billion in revenue in five years. >>

Search Marketing | September 19, 2006

Eyeblaster Moves To Search Marketing

Eyeblaster is moving beyond rich media and into the search marketing realm with a suite of new marketing tools that could simplify the management of your online marketing campaigns. >>