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BizReport : September 14, 2006 Archive

September 14, 2006 Archive

| September 14, 2006

The New and Expanded BizReport

What makes you stronger on the market? Knowledge and experience. BizReport can give you the first, you will have to work on the second. >>

Advertising archives | September 14, 2006

Online TV Ads – Worth The Cost?

Local ABC affiliates and the Walt Disney Company have come to an agreement to allow local advertising to the online viewing lineup. Episodes of shows like Desperate Housewives and Lost can be watched using an ad-supported broadband player. >>

Trends & Ideas archives | September 14, 2006

Choose Wisely: Celebrity Endorsement Downside

Remember in the movie Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade? In the last scene a grizzled old knight tells Indy to, “Choose wisely”. >>

Advertising archives | September 14, 2006

Land Customers From First Impression

You never get a second chance to make a first impression – especially on the Internet. Your website landing page and subsequent product pages could determine who sticks around long enough to buy your products or services, so make them worth the effort. >>

Internet | September 14, 2006

Who Are The Guys Behind YouTube?

Less than two years ago, two young guys in their 20’s, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, set up a company in their garage called YouTube. Now, more than 100 million videos are watched on the site each day. Many of these videos are created by people themselves, others are copies of television shows and content recorded from the TV or the internet, sometimes illegally, which are widely watched. >>

Internet | September 14, 2006

Apple Offered Guided Tour Of iTV

Apple is known as being a secretive company when it comes to talk about its forthcoming products. But this time with iTV it was different. Apple organized a press event, presenting a guided tour of the iTV. >>

Viral Marketing | September 14, 2006

Is Viral Marketing A Cure?

Marketers are combining traditional word-of-mouth promotions with the internet, where viral marketing turns a social network into a digital grapevine. In this way news of experiences relating to a brand spreads quickly through the digital world. >>