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BizReport : July 5, 2001 Archive

July 5, 2001 Archive

Internet | July 05, 2001

Exclusive Interview with Steve Wallman, founder and CEO of FOLIOfn

Once upon a time in the late nineties, people trusted their brokers to keep them swimming in the black. After all, the stock market moved in one direction (up), and analysts' optimistic predictions kept finding validation in ever higher stock prices. But since the stock market began to decline in the Spring of 2000, people aren't quite as trusting of the so-called soothsayers and brokers whose calls now appear more the result of momentum than any broad insight of the markets. As investors sit on the sidelines contemplating the future, Steve Wallman, founder and CEO of FOLIOfn (, says he has a solution that emphasizes personal empowerment and minimizes the role of high-fee mutual funds and commission-thirsty brokers. >>