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Utility & Energy

2018 Industrial Buying Habits Report

Find out how B2B/industrial buyers think, spend, and purchase in 2018. >>

7 Digital Knowledge Technology Use Cases for Accelerating Oil & Gas Profitability

Unlocking Competitive Advantage with Digital Knowledge to Increase Profitability >>

Audits & Inspections Made Simple!

Bring your business into the 21st century, use cloud based technology to reduce your administrative burden. >>

Smart Water Networks: Tips to Measure & Conserve Water

Learn how other utilities accurately measure, bill and conserve water. >>

Logan Simpson Selects TerraGo Edge Mobile GPS Data Collection for Environmental Planning

Leading environmental planning firm is utilizing smartphones and tablets with TerraGo Edge for GPS surveys, mobile worker safety and navigation to meet the needs of a wide variety of projects. >>

6 Steps to Control Emissions & Costs with Wireless Fleet Management

Learn how to help the environment and reduce fleet expenses at the same time. >>

The Definitive Guide to Mobile Maps for Oil and Gas

This guide shows you how oil and gas business units are using mobile data collection apps and portable maps to streamline the flow of petroleum intelligence. >>

The Definitive Guide to Mobile Data Collection

Today's mobile enterprise needs simple ways to share and synchronize data from the field, with headquarters in real time. >>

Systematic Approach to Training: Developing NERC Compliance in Your Organization

This white paper introduces the Systematic Approach to Training and covers the process to meet NERC certification. >>

10 Best Practice Tips for Screening Resumes and Candidates

Time-saving tips for screening Oil & Gas Candidates. >>

A Scalable, Reconfigurable, and Efficient Data Center Power Distribution Architecture

How Optimized is Your Data Center Power Distribution System? >>

Oil and Gas Challenges: How to Prepare for the Next Generation of Business

Learn how BPM, BPA & EA can help oil and gas firms address several major risk factors to survive in today's turbulent marketplace. >>

BlogNotions Energy Newsletter: Monthly eNewsletter Featuring Blogs from Industry Experts

Receive the BlogNotions monthly email series and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the energy and power industry with insights and opinions from the web's most respected energy bloggers. >>

When Safety Matters: Key Factors to consider When Selecting Flame Resistant Protective Clothing

Investigate flame resistant fabric options available to ensure the safety of your employees. >>

Designed to Protect and Save Lives

Learn what to look for in flame resistant fabrics for your company's protective clothing program. >>

National Health Service's Superior Print Solution

Discover how to make significant financial and environmental savings while improving document security. >>

Managing Change – Asset Information Management in the Oil & Gas Industry

Learn the benefits of an asset lifecycle information management strategy for engineers in the oil and gas industry. >>

Managing and Leveraging Change in Infrastructure Assets

Infrastructure assets such as power generation plants are unique because of their scale, complexity, and life expectancy…and the requirements of managing their changing information. >>

Is Web Self-Service Right for Your Utility Company?

Recognize the 6 tell-tale signs that your utility company and your customers are poised to benefit from next generation web self-service. >>

IDC White Paper: Designing Environmental Sustainability into Product Research and Development

Learn how sustainability at the research and development phase can not only drive innovation but also bring cost savings. >>

Asset-Intensive Organizations Need ALIM (Asset Lifecycle Information Management) for Effective Engineering Information Management

Good engineering management is essential for the design, construction, operations and maintenance of infrastructure assets, and requires fit-for-purpose ALIM solutions that span all asset lifecycle management activities. >>

Water Damage Prevention

Help prevent costly water damage claims by signing up for Zurich's FREE white paper! >>

5 Practical Ways Mobile Apps Can Streamline Your Business

Learn how to turn your employees' mobile phones into productivity tools. >>

There is Money in the Trash

Savings through an integrated approach to waste management. >>

The Sleeping Giant – When Energy Prices Awake

How energy market trends affect energy procurement, pricing and risk management. >>

The Race for More Oil: Best Practices for Safer, Stronger Offshore Structures

As an offshore engineer or naval architect, learn best practices using modern design technologies for safer offshore structures. >>

The Anatomy of an Effective Nuclear Cyber Security Solution

Achieve cyber security and maintain compliance throughout the lifecycle with robust Security Configuration Management. >>

Solving the Brain Drain for Nuclear and Power Generation

Capture and manage your nuclear facility's institutional knowledge for immediate action. >>

Solving the 5 Biggest Challenges of Field Service Delivery

Learn how on-demand technology will help you conquer the headaches of field service delivery! >>