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Transportation & Logistics

Modern Control Towers: Choosing the Right One for Your Digital Supply Chain

Do You Know What to Look for in a Modern Control Tower? >>

Making Automation Affordable

Technologies and strategies to manage mid-market supply chain costs >>

Accelerating Digital Transformation In The Transportation Industry

Truly transformative and sustainable innovation happens when technology, people, and data are combined. >>

Competitive Gain in the Ocean Supply Chain

The global maritime shipping industry is in the midst of a significant transformation to increase efficiency, visibility and customer service. >>

Business Intelligence and Analytics for the Logistics, Transportation, and Supply Chain Industries

This comprehensive guide will provide a summary of the ways in which business intelligence tools are being used in the supply chain and logistics industries. >>

Dry Cargo International (DCi) - November 2016 Issue

Dry Cargo International (DCi) is the only monthly magazine covering the dry bulk industry. >>

Next Generation Bill of Materials Management

In this whitepaper, we outline the problems with manual BOM management tools like spreadsheets and email and compare them to a dedicated BOM management system. >>

Machine Learning: A Quantum Leap in Forecast Accuracy for the Modern Supply Chain

Whether you realize it or not, Machine Learning is having a profound impact on your everyday life. >>

CIO: Here's Why Analytics is Eating the Supply Chain

Life science companies are adopting innovative cloud technology to provide a single source of truth for end-to-end supply chain decision-making. >>

How VMI Helps Reduce Outbound Transportation Costs for CPG Companies

Hint: It's all about maximizing Vehicle Fill Rate (VFR). >>

Protect Your People, Property, and Profitability with Fleet Management

Help significantly reduce risk to your fleet and the costs that go along with it. >>

Streamline Your Maintenance Process for Reduced Costs and Downtime

Keeping your fleet in good condition is easier and more cost-effective than ever. >>

Transform Your Fleet Management for Significant Cost Savings

Innovative vehicle tracking technology can transform the way you manage your fleet. >>

Use GPS Tracking To Dazzle Your Customers with Great Customer Service

GPS tracking provides the tools and data you need to deliver faster, better service. >>

Did You Know Fleet Management More Than Pays for Itself?

Extend the life of your vehicles and help every aspect of your fleet operate more efficiently. >>

How to Cut Fleet Operations Costs and Boost Productivity With GPS Tracking

If your company uses multiple vehicles in its daily operations, GPS tracking technology can quickly become a vital part of your business to identify, locate and maintain contact with one or more company vehicles in real time. >>

16 Ways GPS Tracking Software Can Slash Costs, Boost Productivity For Businesses With Multiple Vehicles

Small or large businesses that regularly use several vehicles, whether to transport people, deliver supplies or provide services, can use GPS technology to identify, locate and maintain contact with one or more company vehicles in real time. >>

What Logistics Challenges Keep You Up At Night?

Learn how leading edge delivery and service companies overcome 7 logistics challenges and improve their bottom line. >>

How to Simplify Your Shipping Services

Turn a complicated network of needs into a coherent and efficiently run operation. >>

13th Annual Next Generation Interlog Conference

The Only Cross-Industry Event For The Aftermarket Supply Chain >>

Major Logistics Company Previene la Caida del Sistema IBM i(i5/OS) durante la Temporada de Huracanes

Aprenda cómo TCY lograr disponibilidad continua 7 x 24, 365 días del año. >>

Warehouse Management Solutions: Embedded or Best-of-Breed

Learn how to select the best Warehouse Management Solution for your company. >>

Gas Hauler Drives Efficiency with Mobile Printers & PCs

Discover How Mobile Technology Saved One Chicago Transportation Company Nearly $3,500 Per Week. >>

How Mobile Printing Enhances Efficiency in Route Accounting & DSD

Learn how your route delivery and sales staff can make more stops and fewer errors each day by using mobile printing to support their work. >>

How AS9110 Can Assist Regulatory Agencies, Airlines and Other Stakeholders

Learn how implementing AS9110 may lead to a well structured quality management system, departing from the failed "do-inspect-fix-blame" cycle to the much better and successful "plan-do-check-act" approach. >>

Greening Your Organization and It's Supply - Distribution Chains

A Practical Guide to Developing a Corporate Sustainability Strategy. >>

Actionable Supply Chain Intelligence: Leveraging the Services Hub

Learn the Step by Step Strategy to Achieve Supply Chain Utopia. >>

Tuning ERP and the Supply Chain for Profitable Growth

Discover the three things that every CFO should know about the organization's SCM and ERP systems. >>

Integrated Maintenance - A Logistics Solution for Defense

Keep equipment operating at peak performance: online solution delivers maintenance and repair information for a unit's combat vehicles and weapon systems. >>

Implementing an Electronic Parts Catalog: Make Impact in the Aftermarket

Learn how three companies increased customer satisfaction and aftermarket parts sales. >>

Small and Midsized Warehouses: Cost Justifying Warehouse Management Technologies

Provides proven methods to reduce costs when implementing WMS technology with an integrated back-office accounting system. >>

How to Select a Warehouse Management Solution

Valuable information guide includes benefits, common mistakes and a software evaluation checklist. >>

Best Practices in Global Logistics

As a result of global sourcing, transportation management is becoming a more strategic business function at companies where it has not traditionally been a core competency. >>

Driving Value

Learn how PepsiCo's Transportation Experts Save Costs and Create a New Revenue Stream. >>

Three Dimensional Thinking: Reaping the Benefits of Containerization in the Global Supply Chain

Learn how adopting a containerization strategy can improve asset utilization and enhance distribution center operations. >>

10 Ways Cloud Is Revolutionizing Aerospace and Defense

Synchronizing new product development, supply chain, production and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) strategies across Aerospace and Defense (A&D) manufacturers while reducing costs continues to make cloud platforms a viable option. >>

On the Trail to Traceability eBook

Is Your Organization Prepared for a Recall? >>

Mastering the Capacity Rollercoaster

Learn how you can adopt a closed-loop transportation process to be better prepared for the inevitable ups and downs of transportation availability. >>

Lower Transportation Costs Through Bid Collaboration

Learn how a transportation bid collaboration system can transform labor-intensive and time-consuming procurement and contracting processes to be more efficient. >>

Key Benchmarks for Fleet Operators and Quantifiable Benefits of Business Intelligence-Driven Fleet Management Compiled

In FleetBeat, fleet operators have an unprecedented opportunity to see key benchmarks relevant to their specific vertical market segment, including insights around issues such as fleet utilization, productivity and operating costs, and the impacts, on average, of applying fleet management software. >>