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7 Ways to Make Yourself Hard to Hack

Call it layered security or defense in depth, but make sure that you use it. >>

Cloud Security Controls - A New Approach

Read insights into rethinking security in the cloud >>

Securing Cloud Infrastructure and Applications with a SOC-as-a-Service

As cyberattacks grow more common, and bad actors increasingly exploit the cloud to threaten businesses, IT professionals need robust cloud security strategies to protect their companies. >>

Why Choose MDR over MSSP or SIEM?

SOC-as-a-service has rapidly become the preferred approach to detect and respond to advanced threats that bypass your existing controls >>

Why Native Security Features in AWS and Office365 is not Enough

Most businesses are rapidly moving to the cloud to be fast and nimble, reduce their cost structure, and reach more customers anywhere, anytime. These new architectures have powerful new capabilities--but also expose businesses to a new universe of risk. >>

Threat Intelligence Survey: Faces of Fraud in Financial Services

Download the threat intelligence survey report. >>

Top 23 Ethical Hacking Online Courses for Beginner and Advanced Levels

Learn ethical hacking from scratch or advance your skills with the courses compiled in this guide. >>

Cyber Defense eMagazine - InfoSec Best Practices - November 2017 Edition

Published monthly by Cyber Defense Magazine, this resource shares a wealth of information to help you stay one step ahead of the next cyber threat. >>

Understanding Meltdown & Spectre - What To Know About New Exploits That Affect Virtually All CPUs

Security researchers working for Google’s Project Zero group, along with other research groups and academic institutions, have discovered a series of far-ranging security risks. >>

Cyber Defense eMagazine - Crypto Currency Crime - December 2017 Edition

Published monthly by Cyber Defense Magazine, this resource shares a wealth of information to help you stay one step ahead of the next cyber threat. >>

6 GDPR Compliance Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

The GDPR is a complex regulation. And on the path to compliance, there will be unanticipated roadblocks. The good news is, you can find your way through them. >>

Prioritize Defects Faster with Klocwork SmartRank

Rogue Wave Klocwork: New Feature Helps Prioritize Defects Faster. >>

Cyber Defense eMagazine - October 2017 Edition

Published monthly by Cyber Defense Magazine, this resource shares a wealth of information to help you stay one step ahead of the next cyber threat. >>

Cyber Defense eMagazine - September 2017 Edition

Published monthly by Cyber Defense Magazine, this resource shares a wealth of information to help you stay one step ahead of the next cyber threat. >>

Techniques for Dealing with Ransomware, Business Email Compromise, and Spearphishing

Ransomware alone cost organizations an estimated $1 billion in 2016, up from $24 million in 2015 and there is no end in sight for 2017! >>

Ransomware Hostage Rescue Manual for IT Pros

This manual is packed with actionable info that you need to prevent infections, and what to do when you are hit with ransomware. >>

Endpoint Protection Ransomware Effectiveness Report

What is really the best way to combat the threat of ransomware? >>

How to Deal with Stealthier Phishing and Malware Attacks

Learn key IT Security best practices like how users can be mobilized as your first line of defense. >>

Your Money or Your Files! A Short History of Ransomware and Countermeasures

This white paper provides a history of ransomware and what to do to prevent being attacked. >>

Best Practices for Dealing With Phishing and Ransomware

Phishing and ransomware are serious problems that can steal data or disable access to your organization's network. >>

Forrester TEI™ Study: Value of KnowBe4 Goes Beyond ROI

KnowBe4 recently commissioned Forrester to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, examining the potential Return on Investment (ROI) enterprises might realize by implementing the KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing Platform. >>

The DevSecOps Global Skills Survey

Veracode and conducted a survey of IT professionals to find out the state of cybersecurity and DevOps skills in the IT workforce. >>

AI Driven Threat Prevention, Detection, & Response

CylancePROTECT combined with CylanceOPTICS = real-time, predictive threat prevention. >>

AI Powered Threat Prevention: A Cybersecurity Revolution

The application of AI within the cybersecurity market is transforming the industry. >>

Manage Cyber Risk and Reduce Organizational Friction

How traditional controls fail and why security will never be the same. >>

Not All Cybersecurity Machine Learning Is Created Equal

The hype around AI and machine learning has created market confusion. Looking for clarity? >>

AV-TEST Ranks Cylance as Top Endpoint Security Vendor

CylancePROTECT® was tested against five competing advanced endpoint security products. >>

Compare 14 Anti-Malware Endpoint Security Products

NSS Labs Names Cylance a "Recommended" Leader in 2017 Advanced Endpoint Testing. >>

State of Software Security 2016: Developer View on Application Security

With the growing popularity of DevOps, developers are increasingly tasked with security testing and vulnerability mitigation. As such, it is imperative that developers are cognizant of Application Security (AppSec) trends in order to stay competitive. We created this developer supplement to Veracode's State of Software Security report to help developers stay on top of our most important findings surrounding secure software creation. >>

Five Principles for Securing DevOps

DevOps, a new organizational and cultural way of organizing development and IT operations work, is spreading rapidly - driven by mounting evidence of its benefits to the business. But reaping these gains requires rethinking application security to deliver more secure code at DevOps speed. >>

Bug Bounty Programs Are Not A Quick Fix

Security professionals have doled out millions to fund bug bounty programs that find vulnerabilities in their software. But are these programs worth it? A recent Veracode study finds that bug bounties may help, but are no match for a strong AppSec culture and program. >>

The State of Software Security: 2016 Volume 7

Veracode's latest “State of Software Security” is no mere survey report. The metrics presented here are based on real application risk postures, drawn from code-level analysis of billions of lines of code across 300,000 assessments performed over the past 18 months. >>

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started With Application Security

This guide outlines how any organization, regardless of size or resources, can create an effective application security program. Filled with practical tips and advice, the guide is a must-read for those looking to start reducing application-layer risk. >>

Privileged Account Management for Dummies

This eBook gives IT professionals a practical understanding of Privileged Account Management (PAM) and explains how to protect these accounts from hackers and malicious insider threats. >>

Cyber Warnings E-Magazine - April 2017 Edition

Published monthly by Cyber Defense Magazine, Cyber Warnings shares a wealth of information to help you stay one step ahead of the next threat. >>

Cyber Warnings E-Magazine - June 2017 Edition

Published monthly by Cyber Defense Magazine, Cyber Warnings shares a wealth of information to help you stay one step ahead of the next threat. >>

Cyber Warnings E-Magazine - May 2017 Edition

Published monthly by Cyber Defense Magazine, Cyber Warnings shares a wealth of information to help you stay one step ahead of the next threat. >>

Squeezing the Threat Response Curve

Enhance your security operations with business defense. >>

Nexo and the Cyber War

Defeat malware and data hackers with Nexo's new, secure, patented file transfer solution >>

12 Tools You Can Use to Help Beat Ransomware

By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf. >>

Cybersecurity Fundamentals - Risks, Procedures, & Integration

The core of the Internet is getting weaker as we connect ever more of our lives - phones, tablets, cars, refrigerators - to it. Meanwhile, the attacks are getting stronger. >>

Internet of Things (IoT) Security in Smart Home Devices

25 insights from testing 50 devices on the market in 2015 >>

Opportunities and Threats of 5G on IT

Learn how the coming 5G revolution will impact IT across several industry sectors >>

Eight Key Pressures on Security Operations

Identify key pressures and regain control of your security operations. >>

Machine-Learning-Based Analysis and Objectivity: An Uneasy Pairing

Laypeople assume machine learning to be smart, impartial and reliable. While it can be true, it isn't a given. >>

A Cybersecurity Guide to Machine Learning

How Computer Algorithms Find Malicious Content and Defend Against the Modern Threat Landscape. >>

Preparing for Business Email Compromise Attacks in 2017

Is your organization prepared against email and social media scams that could cost your business dearly? >>

Security Challenges,Threats and Opportunities -- C-Suite Insights

C-level insights and perspectives on IoT security and other growing threats >>

Cyber Defense Magazine - 2017 Predictions

Secure your IT world and keep pace with an ever changing cyber security landscape. >>

Cyber Warnings E-Magazine - February 2017 Edition

Published monthly by Cyber Defense Magazine, Cyber Warnings shares a wealth of information to help you stay one step ahead of the next threat. >>

Cyber Warnings E-Magazine - March 2017 Edition

Published monthly by Cyber Defense Magazine, Cyber Warnings shares a wealth of information to help you stay one step ahead of the next threat. >>

BAE Systems Business Defense

The evolution from cyber security to business defense. >>

Cyber Security Culture Barometer

This simple self-assessment is provided in an effort to help you see the impact that your organization's corporate cyber security culture has on your efforts to address cyber threats and exposure. >>

Management Guide for Fighting Cyber Predators

This guide aims to provide structure and guidance to those who wish to protect themselves and their organizations from the predators that are present in cyber space. >>

IoT DDoS Attacks Show The Stakes Have Changed

Quick take: Poor planning, not an IoT botnet, disrupted the internet. >>

Bust the Myth of the Malware 'Silver Bullet'

The malware threat is undeniable. Especially with more sensitive data than ever traveling from cloud to endpoints and back again. >>

DDoS Attack: Smoke Screen or Smoke Signal?

Heightened risks require strategic adjustments. >>

Protect Your iCloud Account With These 4 Easy Steps

By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf. >>

Global Trends in Identity Governance & Access Management

Learn the 12 trends that will have a significant impact on how organizations will be managing identity governance and access. >>

Single Sign-On: With Passwords, Less Is More

Single Sign-On (SSO) gives users a streamlined way to access applications and data and gives IT a unified way to manage access. >>

Multifactor Authentication: Removing Risk While Simplifying Processes

Learn why Multifactor Authentication (MFA) greatly reduces the risk of a security breach. >>

Closing the Loopholes in Identity Governance to Minimize Risk

Determine if you have loopholes in your identity governance program. >>

Customer Identity and Access Management

Learn how to turn digital business transformation into a competitive advantage. >>

Infographic: Four Steps to Protect Your Code

Learn what it's like in the day of a hacker, and how you can secure your apps from being hacked. >>

The State of Mobile App Security Report

What is the role mobile security plays within the market? How much do data breaches really cost, and how can you prevent them? Download the report to find out. >>

Cryptanium™ Overview White Paper: Building Security for a Safer Connected World

Learn about the various types of attacks and how to achieve maximum security for vulnerable apps with Cryptanium™. >>

Information Security Analysts - Occupational Outlook

Information security analysts plan and carry out security measures to protect an organization's computer networks and systems. >>

Securosis: Securing Hadoop: Security Recommendations for Hadoop Environments

This paper lays out recommended security controls for Hadoop. >>

Crypto 101

Want to know how to exploit a common cryptographic flaw or forge administrator cookies, recover passwords? >>

DDoS: The Stakes Have Changed. Have You?

Revealed: 3 dangerous myths about DDoS attacks. >>

Out Think Your Enemies

Defining defenses for the DDoS and advanced threat landscape for retailers. >>

Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory

A software application that maximizes visibility into what's happening in your Active Directory and Group Policy by providing security analytics to help you detect and investigate anomalies in user behavior and identify potential insider threats. >>

Why and How to Encrypt Your Files on macOS

Learn about the benefits of encryption and how to do it. >>

Build An Insider Threat Program in 90 Days

A guide for initiating, developing and implementing your Insider Threat Program. >>

Five Things You Should Know About Insider Threats

Insider threat remains a challenging and often mysterious aspect of IT security. >>

Mitigating Your Biggest Security Risk: Your Business Users

IT and administrator accounts enjoy broad access privileges to sensitive systems and data. >>

Secure Partner Access: Protect Your Network from Third-Party Attacks via Partner Networks

In an increasingly connected world, most enterprises rely on a broad range of partners - including suppliers, distributors, and resellers - to efficiently conduct business. >>

Compromised Users and Hosts - Detection with Behavioral Analytics

Attacks involving compromised users and hosts are notoriously difficult to detect because cyber criminals can evade perimeter defenses by using legitimate credentials to access corporate resources. >>

Alert Prioritization and Incident Investigation

Prioritize and investigate the most significant alerts. Perform historical impact assessment of IOCs and 3rd party alerts. >>

Malicious Insider & Negligent Employee Activity Detection

Address the insider threat, recognized as a significant risk to organizations, by speeding up detection of malicious and negligent activities by insiders and providing attribution back to employees. >>

The CISO's Guide to Machine Learning and UBA

A Technical Resource for Security Professionals. >>

Threat Hunting

Rapidly test hypotheses and hunt for threats within the organization, going back years if necessary. >>

QTS Data Security Secures Sensitive Data in the Cloud

QTS Data Security -- Securing data-at-rest more effectively than full disk encryption, and powered by Vormetric, enables customers to place sensitive data in the QTS cloud without risk of loss. >>

Strengthen your IT Security and Improve MTTR


IxSecure: 360° Security Protection

Security is much more than layers of defense. >>

5 Ways to Encrypt Email for Linux

Email is still important for business, and it is necessary to keep it encrypted. Here are 5 ways you can encrypt your email on Linux! >>

Breaking Into Cyber Security (Free eBook Training Course) A $47 Value!

The cyber risk landscape is evolving rapidly in a multitude of areas and the potential economic fallout from the threat cannot be underestimated. Advance your knowledge and career with this course. >>

Multi-factor Authentication Evaluation Checklist

The need for multi-factor authentication is clear, but knowing how to find the solution that best matches your present and future needs may not be quite as obvious. >>

Beginner's Guide to Multi-factor Authentication

Cut through the authentication jungle. >>

Securing Hadoop: Security Recommendations for Hadoop Environments

This research paper lays out a series of recommended security controls for Hadoop, along with the rationale for each. >>

2016 Annual Online Fraud Benchmark Report

Fraud management is a challenging balancing act in our increasingly complex and competitive digital economy. >>

A Framework To Help Manage Mobile Commerce Fraud: Read The White Paper

As mobile commerce grows, managing fraud in this channel becomes critical to success. >>

Tune Fraud Rules Faster With Predictable Results. Read The eBook

The pressures to effectively manage eCommerce fraud today are growing. >>

Experts from B&H Photo and Optiv Reveal their Anti-Bot Strategies

Optimizing web application security to fight bad bots. >>

The 2016 Bad Bot Landscape Report

Learn about the industry's most in-depth analysis about the sources, types, and sophistication levels of last year's bot attacks. >>

7 Ways Bots Hurt Your Website

Learn 7 ways to improve your website success! >>

13 Questions You Must Ask Your Bot Mitigation Vendor

Do you know the right questions to ask when trying to differentiate between bot mitigation solutions? >>

Pentesting Using Python

Learn about the need for pentesting, components to be tested, qualities of a good pentester and much more. >>

IT Security Vendor Analysis by Bizety

This paper examines 5 major vendors and outlines how their products can coordinate to successfully secure web infrastructure and online data. >>

Cyber Crime and IT Risk

The top articles for Risk Professionals seeking up-to-date knowledge of key regulation and compliance. >>

Architecting Active Directory Federation across Office 365, Azure and On Premises IT

This recorded webinar focuses specifically on Microsoft's approach, featuring Office 365 and Azure, and how to configure and deploy Active Directory in a hybrid architecture and how federation can enable business to achieve a greater security access to their productivity applications. >>

Why You Should Care About Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS): An Expert's perspective

There's a lot of discussion going on lately about identity. In fact, it's a very hot topic among most of the organizations today. >>

11 Security Solutions for Small Business

Here are 11 small-business-friendly cybersecurity solutions to get you started on protecting your business today. >>

Cybersecurity: A Small Business Guide

An overview of everything you need to know to protect yourself and your business. >>

Security Across the Enterprise - Customer Success Stories

Welcome to a collection of success stories provided by our valued customers detailing the success they have had with nShield Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). >>

PKI Global Trends Study

The survey was completed by 1,511 IT and IT security practitioners in 10 major countries. >>

Continuous Security Monitoring in a Continuous World

The massive moving forces of innovation and security threats today are crushing the average enterprise IT department. >>

Mobile Security Challenges & Concerns in a BYOD Enterprise

BYOD has introduced additional components to a typical company IT infrastructure--each of which represents a potential point of entrance for invasions and attacks--compounding the challenge of data security. >>

API Security: A Disjointed Affair

This white paper analyzes the findings of a survey into the state of Application Programming Interface (API) security. >>

Defend Against Injection-Based Attacks

This paper provides a detailed description of injection vulnerabilities, discusses how they present themselves to both end users and software developers, and explains mitigation strategies to help resolve the various types of injection attacks. >>

Reduce Your Open Source Security Risk: Strategies, Tactics, and Tools

Learn how to employ new strategies, tactics, and tools to reduce your open source security risk. >>

Static Code Analysis in an Agile World

This paper examines how source code analysis can enhance the Agile development process and empower Agile teams. >>

Penetration Testing Methodologies Training Course (a $99 value!) FREE

This course is designed to teach you penetration testing techniques used by the top pen–testing teams. By downloading this course, you agree to receive offers from CyberTraining 365. >>

Testing and Debugging Distributed Applications

Learn why distributed systems, both large and small, can be extremely challenging to test and debug. >>

Looking Forward: Today's Risks Require Tomorrow's Authentication

This white paper discusses the changing landscape and business drivers behind the need for multi-factor authentication solutions. >>

The Problem with Privileged Users: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Do you know where data leaks really come from? Download this paper to find out. >>

Remove Risk and Simplify with Multifactor Authentication

Learn the important factors you need to consider when moving to MFA, plus 4 things you should look for in a vendor. >>

Managing Change and Complexity with Identity and Access Governance

In this white paper, we will examine some of the challenges that modern organizations face in their efforts to develop and adapt a compliance program. >>

Video Security Goes To The Cloud

Boosting safety and reduce complexity: The cloud brings future-proof security. >>

5 Things You Need to Know about Security and UC

The decision to invest in new technology should never be taken lightly. >>

The Control Is Yours: Five Reasons to Use Mobile Security Management Applications

With security management apps, you can better protect your livelihood -- wherever and whenever you want. >>

The Case for Mobile Security Management

See how your phone can help eradicate business threats. >>

Security Expertise for Businesses Like Mine

A burglary has far-reaching consequences that can jeopardize your livelihood. Your response to a theft is important and, even more so, the steps you take to reduce the risk of future crime. >>

Three Steps to Prevent Workplace Crime

Business security boiled down to the essentials. >>

Security Tools and Their Unexpected Uses

Maximizing your security resources can be one rewarding way to extend your resources and visibility into your business. >>

Web Application Security for Dummies

Learn how to use a web application security scanner to quickly find vulnerabilities and remediate them for stronger security. >>

11 Practical Steps to Reduce the Risks of Zero-Day Attacks

This paper explains the dangers of zero-day attacks and why traditional defenses are powerless against them. >>

Cyber Security Threat Report: A View From the Front Lines

Take a look at the cyber threat landscape as reported from investigations in more than 30 industry sectors. >>

A Comprehensive Mobile Threat Assessment

Find out what FireEye researchers uncovered when they analyzed more than 7 million iOS and Android apps. >>

How to Make a Case for Investing in an Integrated Cyber Security Platform

This white paper demonstrates the ROI of FireEye as a Service to Non-Technical Executives. >>

IT Security Alerts: How Many is Too Many?

Assess the current state of your alert process and start to improve your organization's management of it. >>

Protect Yourself and Your Company from Advanced Cyber Attacks

This self-assessment is designed to point you in the right direction as you evaluate how to improve your ability to find and stop advanced attackers in your environment. >>

How a Cyber Threat Group Exploited Governments and Commercial Entities for Over a Decade

This special report is a starting point to help an organization's board of directors create an action plan. >>

A Summary of Russia's Threat in Cyberspace

This paper looks at an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group engaged in espionage against political and military targets. >>

Advanced Threat Targets in Europe, Middle East and Africa: What You Need To Know

Get an overview of the advanced persistent threats targeting computer networks discovered by FireEye during the first half of 2015. >>

The Cyber Security Playbook: What Every Board Of Directors Should Know Before, During, And After An Attack.

This playbook is a starting point to help an organization's board of directors create an action plan. >>

The Business Case for Protecting Against Advance Attacks: Demonstrating the ROI of FireEye as a Service to Non-Technical Executives

This paper provides step-by-step instruction on how to craft an effective business case for a proactive, advanced threat solution. >>

Out Of Pocket: A Comprehensive Mobile Threat Assessment

In a recent analysis of mobile apps, FireEye discovered vast vulnerabilities in thousands of the most popular downloads. This in-depth report reveals that Android malware is growing more pervasive, and iOS devices are also increasingly at risk. >>

Is Security too Risky to Outsource?

Security is persistently top of mind for IT and business leaders because there is so much at stake. Can vendors help your organization take the topic of security from a challenge to a champion? >>

The Holistic Approach to Targeted Attack Prevention

Detect and monitor for cyber attacks. >>

The Importance of Cyber Resilience and Incident Response for Financial Institutions

For most financial institutions, it's no longer a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ they'll be attacked. >>

Financial Institution Threat Report

The latest data and analysis collected from 954 financial institutions on the security incidents that occurred during the first half of 2014. >>

Five Strategies for Email Insider Threat Prevention

Best practices to help prevent sensitive information leakage, while keeping up with the rapidly evolving regulatory environment. >>

Combating First-Party Fraud - A New Approach

Learn about the challenges involved in combating first-party fraud and emerging best practices. >>

Complying with PCI DSS Requirements with DataStax and Vormetric

Discover a comprehensive data security solution that is also PCI DSS compliant. >>

Recognizing Five Sources of High-Profile Data Security Breaches

Security breaches have rapidly escalated into a major source of reputational damage, business interruption, erosion of customer confidence, and economic loss for organizations across all industries. >>

The Client Mandate on Security

Like most other organizations, law firms face new challenges every day when protecting their confidential information. >>

Countdown to Compromise: The Timeline of a Spear-Phishing Attack on Your Organization

Spear-phishing attacks are on the rise because they are so effective. They're designed to pinpoint and exploit human weaknesses by masquerading as safe messages from known contacts. >>

4 Critical Risks Facing Microsoft® Office 365™ Implementation

It seems nearly every technology discussion today somehow involves the cloud -- whether positive or negative, the cloud is a viable option in nearly every aspect of IT. >>

Snake-in-the-Grass Syndrome

Protect Private Information through Redaction: Analysis and Recommendation >>

After A Data Breach: Managing Identity Theft Effectively

Life can seem surreal for identity victims. >>

Best Practices for Handling a Data Breach

It only takes one stolen laptop, one employee's USB stick, one hacker, one virus, or one careless error to compromise your company's reputation and revenue. >>

15 Steps to Reducing Security Risks in Business Mobility

For small to medium-sized businesses, malicious attacks are by far the leading cause of data breaches, but don't overlook unintended user error as a key security challenge. >>

Adding Value Research Brief for Affinity Organizations

The more information people share online, the more they have at risk. >>

System Administration & Security - Salary & Skills Report

What you need to know to earn more in system administration and security. >>

Best Practices for Selecting a Vulnerability Management (VM) Solution

This checklist of best practices will save you time and help you understand what to look for when selecting a VM solution, whether you have a dozen systems or a million. >>

Six Essential Elements of Web Application Security

An introduction to defending your business against today's most common cyber attacks. >>

Narrowing the Security Gap with Automated Configuration Assessment

Learn how to ensure the safety of sensitive data and IT while meeting mandates for compliance. >>

The Big Shift to Cloud-Based Security

Learn how mid-sized and smaller organizations can manage their IT risks and meet regulatory compliance with minimal staff and budget. >>

Continuous Monitoring: A New Blueprint for Achieving Continuous Security & Compliance

Learn how CM provides you with an always-on view of potential security holes. >>

Vulnerability Management for Dummies, 2nd Edition

Get the Newest Insights on How to Implement a Successful Vulnerability Management Program. >>

SANS Critical Security Controls: From Adoption to Implementation

Learn why network security professionals are using Critical Security Controls to provide a more secure network. >>

Web Application Security for Dummies

Learn how to use a web application security scanner to quickly find vulnerabilities and remediate them for stronger security. >>

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection Comparison

Ever wonder how LifeLock Identity Theft Protection compares to typical free card-based monitoring? >>

LifeLock Protection Levels Fact Sheet

LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ service is the most complete identity theft protection LifeLock has ever offered and the most comprehensive protection you can get. >>

LifeLock Protection Plans Fact Sheet

Nobody plans for identity theft. >>

Privacy, Identity, and Security: The Growing Risks of Failing to Protect Personal Identity

In today's increasingly digital world, individuals are perpetually connected and increasingly share their lives online. >>

Key Reasons to Partner with LifeLock

Industry-leading products, backed by strong marketing and easy implementation. >>

LifeLock Business Solutions At a Glance

Identity theft protection services from LifeLock offer your business value. >>

SANS Analytics and Intelligence Survey

Despite perceived gains in security analytics and intelligence capabilities, many organizations are still using the term analytics to describe what is fundamentally event management and monitoring, according to the SANS 2014 Analytics and Intelligence Survey recently taken by 350 IT professionals. >>

Security Intelligence: Information Sharing Strategies Using Trusted Collaboration

Human-source Intelligence (HUMINT) has been used for thousands of years by adversaries to thwart an enemy's intentions. >>

Who's Using Cyber Threat Intelligence

In the last several years, we've seen a disturbing trend--attackers are innovating much faster than defenders are. >>

Contemporary Cryptography

These slides are intended for computer scientist, electrical engineers, and mathematicians both in research and practice. >>

IT Leaders: Have You Done Everything You Can to Prevent a Data Breach?

The fact is, today, if you're not on offense, you're on defense in the data security game. Learn what you can do to minimize the threat. >>

Two-Factor Authentication Evaluation Guide

The ultimate guide to assessing and comparing two-factor authentication solutions. >>

Security Reimagined, Part I: An Adaptive Approach to Cyber Threats for the Digital Age

Conventional security detects threats too late (if at all), and resolves them too slowly. Organizations need a flexible, deeply integrated framework that offers a far-reaching view of threats and evolves as quickly as conditions do. And it must take an active, “lean-forward” posture. FireEye calls this approach Adaptive Defense™. >>

Security Reimagined, Part I: An Adaptive Approach to Cyber Threats for the Digital Age

Conventional security detects threats too late (if at all), and resolves them too slowly. Organizations need a flexible, deeply integrated framework that offers a far-reaching view of threats and evolves as quickly as conditions do. And it must take an active, “lean-forward” posture. FireEye calls this approach Adaptive Defense™. >>

10 Things Security Experts Wish End Users Knew

Learn about the 10 concerns that security experts want you to know. >>

M-Trends® 2015: A View from the Front Lines

Talking about the threat landscape is no substitute for experiencing it first-hand. “M-Trends 2015: A View from the Front Lines,” distills the insights gleaned from hundreds of Mandiant incident response investigations in more than 30 industry sectors. >>

Network Forensics for Attack Mitigation

Learn about the importance of network forensics for system monitoring and attack mitigation. >>

How to Increase Security and Save Money with Fraud-Proof Electronic Payments

Learn best practices and practical recommendations for electronic payment fraud prevention. >>

More Security, Less Friction: 5 Truths about Securing Digital Workspaces

Companies face an intensifying barrage of IT security threats. >>

Empower Users While Maximizing Security and Compliance

Workers in the digital age are empowered like no other generation. >>

The User Enablement Dilemma

How do you empower users while maximizing security and compliance? >>

5 Truths about Securing Digital Workspaces

More security, less friction. >>

17 Questions to Ask Your IAM Provider

This paper provides 17 important questions to ask your current or potential IAM provider so that you can make the most informed decision about whether they would be the best choice for your company. >>

5 Reasons for Federated Single Sign-On

In this eBook, we discuss federated Single Sign-On and the value it can bring to your organization. >>

Password Your Days are Numbered

Review this infographic to get a sense of why many enterprises are moving away from passwords as a main security model. >>

Compare Internet-Scale Identity Systems for The Best Identity Theft Protection

If you're an IT Director looking for a streamlined online experience, greater protection from identity theft and opportunities for customization, this guide is for you. >>

DDoS Response Playbook

This white paper provides you with a practical guide for planning and executing a DDoS response plan. >>

10 Features Every Web App Firewall Should Provide

Web application firewalls protect data and applications against online threats. >>

Have you Implemented the SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls?

Learn how security professionals find Splunk uniquely suited to support the Top 20 CSC. >>

Security and Usability: How New Authentication Methods Eliminate Old Trade-offs

There's a long history of trade-offs between security and usability when it comes to digital experiences. New technologies, however are helping companies finally close the gap between reducing friction in digital engagement and keeping customer identity data secure. >>

It's a Hacker's World

Learn what IT Directors in enterprise companies need to do to prevent cybercrime. >>

30 Steps to a Secure Organization: A No Nonsense Approach to Objectively Evaluating Your Information Security

30 Steps to a Secure Organization is loaded with specific and useful information about securing your organization. It is an easy-to-use and comprehensive guide to evaluating your information security >>

Identity Theft Protection Adds Value to Your Service Offering

This report distills key research findings about the services your members and prospects want. >>

LifeLock Affinity Program Partners Guide

Your members are your business. >>

Het IT-Dilemma

Biedt optimale ondersteuning aan de gebruiker en maximaliseer veiligheid en compliance. >>

Meer Veiligheid, Minder Frictie

5 belangrijke feiten over het beveiligen van digitale werkplekken. >>

Your Subscribers Choose You for Great Service

Did you know that identity theft was the number one consumer complaint in 2013? >>

Risks of ISIS-Cyber-Terrorism

What if ISIS were to communicate anonymously? >>

Viruses, Spyware, Malware, etc. Explained: Understanding Online Threats

By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf. >>

eToro Maximizes Availability of Its Online Trading Operations with Incapsula

eToro's online and mobile investment platform empowers more than 2.75 million users in over 140 countries to trade currencies, commodities and stock. >>

Why There Will Be a Cyber 9/11 Soon

Find out about the new threats of terrorism coming from the Deep Web >>

Online Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking - FREE Video Training Course

At the conclusion of this training course, you'll be able to create an effective vulnerability prevention strategy to prevent the attackers from entering your system. >>

The Practical Guide to Choosing a DDoS Mitigation Service

Given today's threat landscape and the availability of inexpensive “Do It Yourself DDoS tools”, commercial websites of all sizes have become targets of DDoS attacks. >>

Two-Factor Authentication Evaluation Guide

Learn what to look for when assessing and comparing two-factor authentication solutions. >>

Modern Retail Security Risks: Avoiding Catastrophic Data Breaches in the Retail Industry

Download this guide to learn more about how to prevent a potential attack on financial data. >>

5 Ways Passwords & Other Data Can Be Stolen From Right Under Your Nose

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Human Vulnerabilities in Our Current Threat Landscape

Discover how the current threat landscape pertains to human vulnerabilities and how to take the first steps toward mitigating them. >>

The Path to Value in the Cloud

Download this study by Oxford Economics and Windstream to gain insight about business enablement with the cloud. >>

Authentication Cheat Sheet

Excellent authentication guidance in an easy to read format >>

Clickjacking Defense Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is focused on providing developer guidance on Clickjacking/UI Redress attack prevention. >>

Cryptographic Storage Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet provides a simple model to follow when implementing solutions for data at rest. >>

SANS Survey on Application Security Programs and Practices

Results from this survey provide the answer to solving security problems. >>

Configuring and Using PKI in Your Microsoft Network

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) can become a fairly complex environment and deployment, as it involves multiple components that all need to work together smoothly. >>

Ten Risky Security Behaviors to Avoid: Protect Your Organization

Learn about common risky behaviors that typical workers engage in and what you can do to avoid being the weakest link in your company. >>

Is Your Identity and Access Governance Program Vulnerable to Risk?

Secure your business with comprehensive identity and access governance. >>

Why Some Things Shouldn't Go Viral

Preventing breaches is only as effective as your employees' grip on their devices. >>

Isn't The Cloud Already Secure?

Learn how to protect corporate data in the cloud. >>

When Worlds Collide: Cloud Apps and Financial Services

Learn how to use cloud access security brokers to overcome cloud security and compliance challenges in the financial industry. >>

Securing Your Future in the Cloud

10 key questions to ask when assessing & selecting a cloud services vendor. >>

Data-Leakage, Regulatory Compliance & BYOD

Learn the characteristics of a modern security solution for BYOD. >>

The Top 10 Reports for Managing Vulnerabilities

This free guide covers the key aspects of the vulnerability management lifecycle and shows you what reports today's best-in-class organizations are using to reduce risks on their network infrastructure. >>

Web Application Security; How to Minimize Prevalent Risk of Attacks

Vulnerabilities in web applications are now the largest vector of enterprise security attacks. >>

Vulnerability Management for Dummies

Get all the facts and see how to implement a successful Vulnerability Management Program. >>

The Future of Backup as a Data Protection Strategy

Five questions you need to ask when determining what's best for your data. >>

The Essentials of IT Security - Free Kit

Download this kit to learn everything you need to know about IT Security. >>

Mitigating Security Risks at the Network's Edge

Distributed enterprises with hundreds or thousands of locations face the ongoing challenge of maintaining network security. >>

PCI 3.0 Compliance Guide

In this guide, learn how PCI-DSS 3.0 effects your deployment and maintenance of PCI compliant networks using CradlePoint devices. >>

Building an Intelligence-Driven Security Operations Center

Learn how organizations need an intelligence-driven SOC. >>

Changing the Security Monitoring Status Quo

Solving SIEM problems with security analytics. >>

Continuous Security Monitoring (CSM)

Learn what CSM is, how to implement it, and discover the most applicable use cases. >>

Contractor Access: Mitigating Security and Risk Issues

Having contractors doesn't have to mean increased risk. >>

Advanced Persistent Threats: Hijacking Insider Credentials

Do you really know who's logging on? >>

Detecting Insider Threats

How Splunk software is used to safeguard financial data. >>

Have You Adopted The SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls?

Learn how Splunk software is uniquely suited to support these critical security controls. >>

Heartbleed -- What Can You Do To Stay Safe?

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How to Write a Privacy Policy for Your Website

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Content Delivery Network and Managed DNS Kit

If you've invested in a CDN for your company, you understand the importance of a fast-performing website. Download this kit to find out why managed DNS is the perfect complement to your CDN for maximum web performance. >>

Web Application Defender's Cookbook: Battling Hackers and Protecting Users--Free Sample Chapter

Defending your web applications against hackers and attackers. >>

Predicting Malicious Behavior: Tools and Techniques for Ensuring Global Security--Free Sample Chapter

A groundbreaking exploration of how to identify and fight security threats at every level. >>

Separating Work and Personal at the Platform Level: How BlackBerry Balance Works

BlackBerry® Balance™ separates work from personal on the same mobile device, right at a platform level. Find out how it can work for you. >>

Protection for Every Enterprise: How BlackBerry Security Works

Get an IT-level review of BlackBerry® Security, addressing data leakage protection, certified encryption, containerization and much more. >>

Automating the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls with QualysGuard

This paper describes how automating critical controls with QualysGuard can protect your network and IT assets with continuous security. >>

Applying the Four Standards of Security-Based CIA

As organizations evaluate the available approaches to information security, they need to address a number of considerations in terms of operational, procedural, environmental, and system-related areas. >>

Planning a Career Path in Cybersecurity

The field of cybersecurity is growing quickly; so quickly that there are positions sitting open waiting to be filled by qualified individuals. >>

Splunk, Big Data and the Future of Security

Combat today's complex advanced persistent threats with a big data view. >>

Cybersecurity: Managing Systems, Conducting Testing, and Investigating Intrusions--Free Sample Chapters

A must-have, hands-on guide for working in the cybersecurity profession! >>

Why It Pays to Take a Business-Centric Approach to Compliance

Learn how IT Professionals are dealing with compliance issues. >>

Security and Compliance in the Cloud

As an IT professional, learn how to build a cloud-ready security program. >>

The Complete Guide to Log and Event Management

This white paper analyzes the relationship between SIEM and log management, focusing not only on the technical differences and different uses for these technologies, but also on architecting their joint deployments. >>

How To Cost-Effectively Manage The Security of Your Company's IT Infrastructure

A growing number of small and medium sized businesses, with limited security staff and resources, are turning to managed security services to protect their networks, systems and information. >>

Real-Time Security Intelligence for Greater Visibility and Information-Asset Protection

Take the effort out of log management and gain the actionable information you need to improve your organization's security posture. >>

Staying Secure in a Cloudy World

Learn three simple steps for maintaining visibility and control when moving to the cloud. >>

Identity and Access Governance: Bringing Business and IT Together

Learn how you can meet the growing needs of both your Identity Management systems and Access Governance systems by bringing business and IT together. >>

Gaining Security Intelligence: Splunk App for Enterprise Security

Learn how security professionals are extending the use of Splunk with the Splunk App for Enterprise Security. This document describes how you can take full advantage of Splunk's analytics and visualization capabilities and unique ability to process big data. >>

Splunk, Big Data and the Future of Security

Today's information security teams increasingly rely on security systems with big data capabilities. In order to seek out and detect today's complex advanced persistent threats you need to monitor network, host and application behavior across your organization's IT data. >>

Gaining Security Intelligence: Splunk App for Enterprise Security

Learn how security professionals are extending the use of Splunk with the Splunk App for Enterprise Security. This paper describes how you can take full advantage of Splunk's analytics and visualization capabilities and unique ability to process big data. >>

12 Key Points to Consider When Selecting a Network Scanning Solution

Discover the 12 key points your company should consider before you evaluate and select a vulnerability assessment solution. >>

SANS Survey on Application Security Policies in Enterprises

Learn how organizations are addressing application security. >>

The Complete Guide to Log and Event Management

This paper analyzes the relationship between SIEM and log management and architecting their joint deployments. >>

Sustainable Compliance: How to Align Compliance, Security and Business Goals

This white paper examines some of the challenges in developing and adapting a compliance program. >>

Reduce Your Breach Risk

Learn about file integrity monitoring for PCI Compliance and Data Security. >>

Security and Compliance in the Cloud

Learn how to build a cloud-ready security program. >>

Real-Time Security Intelligence for Greater Visibility and Information-Asset Protection

Take the effort out of log management and gain the actionable information you need to improve your organization's security posture. >>

Why It Pays to Take a Business-Centric Approach to Compliance

Learn how to cost-effectively tackle information protection challenges and manage the complexity of dynamic, highly distributed business applications. >>

Clearing the Path to PCI DSS Version 2.0 Compliance

Learn streamlining processes for protecting cardholder data. >>

Identity and Access Governance: Bringing Business and IT Together

Learn why your IAG solution must seamlessly integrate IT and business tools. >>

The Password Management Guide

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Vulnerability Management Evolution: From Tactical Scanner to Strategic Platform

This report from Securosis outlines how yesterday's vulnerability scanners are evolving to meet this need, emerging as a much more strategic component of an organization's control set than in the past. >>

New Requirements for Security and Compliance Auditing in the Cloud

Learn how to prepare for cloud computing and how to manage IT security and compliance within the cloud. >>

Security Based on Trust, Not Fear

Learn about the challenges of security in the cloud. >>

Justifying IT Security: Managing Risk & Keeping Your Network Secure

The goal of a security program is to choose and implement cost effective counter-measures that mitigate the vulnerabilities that will most likely lead to loss. >>

Adding Zero-Day Offense to Vulnerability Management

This white paper describes why organizations are vulnerable to zero-day attacks, and what you can do to add a zero-day offense to your existing vulnerability management processes to protect your organization's assets and data. >>

Vulnerability Management for Dummies

Get all the facts and see how to implement a successful Vulnerability Management Program. >>

Big Data and the Future of Security

Today's information security teams increasingly rely on security systems with big data capabilities. In order to seek out and detect today's complex advanced persistent threats you need to monitor network, host and application behavior across your organization's IT data. >>

Supporting a Big-Data Approach for Security Intelligence

Today's security landscape includes a broader set of possible attacks and more innovative and targeted attacks coming from persistent adversaries. This solutions guide is a must read for anyone in the IT security field. >>

PCI Compliance for Dummies

Get the facts on PCI Compliance and learn how to comply with the PCI Data Security standard. >>

Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.10

This 143 Page guide will cover the basics of Ubuntu 12.10 (such as installation and working with the desktop) as well as guide you through some of the most popular applications. >>

Automating IT Data Collection and Compliance for GRCM Controls

This guide addresses managing the technology component of GRCM - particularly as it relates to compliance. >>

The Essentials of Information Security Kit: Includes a Free PC Security Handbook - 2nd Edition eBook

Download this kit to learn everything you need to know about Information Security. >>

The Complete Guide to Log and Event Management

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology has existed since the late 1990s, but it has always been somewhat controversial in the security industry due to its initial promise of a "security single pane of glass" combined with slow adoption across smaller organizations. >>

SANS Review of NetIQ Sentinel 7

A SIEM solution fully installed and capturing logs in under 15 minutes! Read how SANS analyst Jerry Shenk did it, and why he feels NetIQ Sentinel 7 is a great solution for the most pressing security problems facing enterprises today. >>

Protection Starts with Security Management Solutions from NetIQ

Enterprises are under constant attack from internal and external threats. Repelling today's advanced threats requires an approach to security that emphasizes centralized log management, real-time event management and user-activity monitoring. >>

CISO Guide to Next Generation Threats

Learn how to combat advanced malware, zero-day and targeted APT attacks. >>

SANS Review of NetIQ Sentinel 7

A SIEM solution fully installed and capturing logs in under 15 minutes! Read how SANS analyst Jerry Shenk did it, and why he feels NetIQ Sentinel 7 is a great solution for the most pressing security problems facing enterprises today. >>

Operation Cleanup: Complete Malware Recovery Guide

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PCI Compliance for Dummies

Get the facts on PCI Compliance and learn how to comply with the PCI Data Security standard. >>

7 Essential Steps to Achieve, Measure and Prove Optimal Security Risk Reduction

Learn essential aspects of putting into place a measurable and sustainable vulnerability management program. >>

Vulnerability Management for Dummies

Get all the facts and see how to implement a successful Vulnerability Management Program. >>

Lockdown: Secure Your Data With True Crypt

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Seven Reasons Security and Performance Must Coexist

Learn how to increase the performance of your Internet connection without compromising security or control. >>

HackerProof: Your Guide to PC Security

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BlogNotions IT Security Newsletter: Monthly eNewsletter Featuring Blogs from Industry Experts

Receive the BlogNotions monthly email series and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in IT security with insights and opinions from the web's most respected industry bloggers. >>

The Complete Guide to Log and Event Management

Learn about SIEM and Log Management use cases, differences, best practices and common mistakes. >>

The (VERY) Unofficial Guide To Facebook Privacy

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Resilience & Optimization on IBM Power Systems: Surveys of IBM i and AIX Users

Read this review of the data protection and recovery technologies and strategies that IBM i and AIX customers have adopted. >>

Building a Web Application Security Program

Learn how to build a pragmatic web application security program that constrains costs while still providing effective security. >>

Avoiding 7 Common Mistakes of IT Security Compliance

This guide covers seven typical IT security compliance errors and outlines the best practices you can immediately apply to your environment to help your company achieve compliance. >>

PCI Compliance for Dummies

Get the facts on PCI Compliance and learn how to comply with the PCI Data Security standard. >>

The Security Implications of Web 2.0

Web 2.0 has changed the vulnerability landscape. Learn about the threats and countermeasures with this white paper. >>

Identifying and Thwarting Malicious Intrusions

Covers malicious intrusions, with a special section on the threat of social media. Includes advice on combating malware. >>

Converged Threats on the Security Landscape

Learn how emails, instant messages and Web pages can expose your users to malware, and discover how to win the battle against these converged threats. >>

The Web Security Challenge: A Competitive Guide to Selecting Secure Web Gateways

In the search for reliable, comprehensive Web security, there is a clear leader. >>

Implementing Best Practices for Web 2.0 Security with the Websense Web Security Gateway

The way to address Web 2.0 threats that combine the best aspects of traditional security and control techniques is with new technology designed specifically to address the dynamic, real-time nature of Web 2.0. >>

Handling Modern Security Issues - The Trusted Insider

Learn how to monitor current enterprise threats and risks, including internal breaches. >>

Protecting Your Network Against the Growing Danger of Web Attacks

Learn about web-based threats, the impact to your business, and the most effective solution to implement. >>

Stock Market Crashes Bring the Inevitable New Compliance Concerns

LookingGlass solution allows IT to offer interactive intelligence to electronically store information and place the power of policy building, searching and retrieval in the hands of the stakeholders who need access. >>

The Shortcut Guide to Understanding Data Protection from Four Critical Perspectives

What Corporate Business Leaders Need to Know about Data Protection. >>

Desktop Management: Getting It Right

Learn the 10 reasons to consider Software As A Service. >>

PCI Compliance for Dummies

Get the facts on PCI Compliance and learn how to comply with the PCI Data Security standard. >>

Budget Squeeze: How to Maintain Security During a Recession

Learn how the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation is keeping information security costs in check by automating processes with the Archer SmartSuite Framework. >>

SANS Analyst Review - Log Management

SANS Analyst Review of Log Management, highlighting ArcSight Logger, by analyst Jerry Shenk. >>

The Hidden Dangers of Spam: How SMBs can confront security risks and restore productivity

Learn how to combat spam, mitigate security risks, and restore productivity to companies grappling with an influx of illicit email. >>

NERC CyberSecurity Solutions for CIP 002 - CIP 009

NERC deadline approaching - Are you prepared for the new 2009 cybersecurity regulations? >>

Data Risk Assessment Tool

Find out the value of unprotected data on your network. >>

The New Encryption Generation: Closing the Gap

Get the Complete Story on Encryption. >>

7 Essential Steps to Achieve, Measure and Prove Optimal Security Risk Reduction

Learn essential aspects of putting into place a measurable and sustainable vulnerability management program. >>

Guide to Effective Remediation of Network Vulnerabilities and Policy Compliance

This guide provides a step-by-step guide for automating the vulnerability and compliance workflow process. >>

4 Key Steps to Automate IT Security Compliance

A unified approach for IT, audit and operation teams. >>

Improving Gramm-Leach Bliley Security Compliance

Learn more about Gramm-Leach-Bliley Compliance. >>

Addressing Red Flag Requirements

Learn how to use SIEM to implement compliance monitoring. >>

Is Virtualization a Black Hole in Your Security? 5 Ways to Ensure it Isn't

Learn how incorporating virtualization into your overall security strategy, you can protect your network from its dangers while profiting from its benefits. >>

How to Design a Solar-Powered Computing Device

Learn the great strides being made in solar-powered computing devices. >>

Laws, Regulations and Compliance: Top Tips for Keeping your Data Under your Control

Learn how with the right combination of policies, technologies, and strategies, you can achieve a fully secure network and enforce compliance. >>

Nokia Intrusion Prevention and Nokia Firewall

Explore how Nokia's Intrusion Prevention provides the flexibility to interact with Nokia Firewall, providing the most effective strategy for threat mitigation, both at the perimeter and deep within the core. >>

The Case for a Specialized Security Platform

Explore the expertise of security implementations based on six key criteria needed to achieve data-center-class security and performance. >>

Extracting Value from Enterprise Log Data

Leverage a log management solution to automate security monitoring and regulatory compliance, conduct forensics, and improve operational standards. >>

Increasing Security and Compliance with a 360-Degree View of User Activity

Address security and compliance requirements - know who is on the network, what data they are seeing, and which actions they are taking. >>

Mitigating Fraudulent Transactions

Detect, investigate and respond to fraudulent transactions from within and outside an organization to address essential business operations. >>

Web Content Filtering and User Supervision

Find out what Secure Web Gateway Government Computer News thinks you should use to protect and control your network. >>

ContentProtect Security Appliance: Web Content Filtering and Bandwidth Management

See a Secure Web Gateway that actually gives you back control of your network. >>

Top Five Strategies for Combating Modern Threats: Is Anti-Virus Dead?

Learn the five key strategies to reduce the attack surface and protect the network, systems and data from malware. >>

The 7 Things that IT Security Professionals MUST KNOW!

Gain key insight into security problem and find the safest means to protect your technological assets. >>

Operationalizing Security & Policy Compliance: A Unified Approach for IT, Audit and Operation Teams

Learn the five major information security areas where progress has been made in Security and Policy Compliance, and the ongoing need for continuous improvement. >>

Strengthening Network Security with On Demand Vulnerability Management & Policy Compliance

This security guide describes the requirements and on demand software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution called QualysGuard for effective vulnerability management and policy compliance. >>

TriGeo Security Information Management in the Payment Card Industry: Using TriGeo SIM To Meet PCI Requirements

Security Event and Information Management increases visibility, security and control over consolidated data to help meet PCI auditing requirements. >>

The Case for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) in Proactive Network Defense

Critical elements of effective SIEM systems including real-time analysis, in-memory correlation, automated notification and remediation explained. >>

Enterprise Password Management - A Guide for Best Practices

Learn how using RoboForm Enterprise is an easy, secure, and practical solution to common password management challenges. >>

Meeting Vulnerability Scanning Requirements for PCI

Learn the scanning requirements for PCI-DSS to achieve compliance. >>

The Benefits of CyberAngel Security Solutions: Protection, Detection and Recovery

Learn how 4 companies gained the best possible level of computer protection with the CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac. >>

Authentication, Encryption & Tracking Technologies: The benefits of Utilizing Hybrid Technologies for Asset Protection

Mitigate the risk associated with new Security Breach Notification Laws by deploying technology that uses "Smart Encryption" and provides a recovery mechanism to track and recover hardware. >>

Security Solutions: The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac 4.0

Learn how the right technology can provide Real-Time Security, Tracking and Recovery of your computer in the event of loss or theft. >>

What My CIO Needs to Know about Vulnerability Assessment

Do not wait until disaster strikes and you are forced to react! Learn the reality behind the common misconceptions about Vulnerability Assessment and its role in properly secure computing environments. >>

Best Practices for Security Remote and Mobile Devices

Discover the best practice approach to mobile and remote security designed to addresses a wide range of known and emerging security threats. >>

The Promise and Pitfalls of 802.11n

Explore the promise and pitfalls of next generation wireless LANs. >>

Phishing, Phaxing, Vishing and Other Identity Threats: The Evolution of Online Fraud

Examine how online fraud of phishing looks at other methods it has spawned, and gives advice on how organizations can prevent the theft of their identity. >>

10 Reasons Why Your Email is More Secure in a Hosted Environment versus an In-House

Take an in-depth look at the security risks associated with complex business email configurations and how hosted email solutions stack up. >>

Solving the Password Management Paradox: Defining the Problem and Reviewing the Four Best-Known Solutions

Discover how to solve the need for security without burdening the worker with oppressive requirements. >>

Sophos Security Threat Report: Mid-Year Update

Read this report and learn how leading-edge technology can provide the proactive protection and rapid response businesses need to safeguard their security and productivity. >>

Stopping Data Leakage: Exploiting Your Existing Security Investment

Data leakage prevention has moved to the forefront of enterprise security. Is your organization prepared? >>

Defending the Email Infrastructure: Why Email Requires Comprehensive Protection

Learn how deploying defenses against email threats at the gateway, the email server and the endpoint will close many security holes and minimize the impact on network and IT department resources. >>

Effective Email Policies: Why Enforcing Proper Use is Critical to Security

Learn how your organization can implement a comprehensive email acceptable use policy including enterprise-grade security solutions for the gateway, the email server and all endpoint computers. >>

Sustainable Compliance - How to Reconnect Compliance, Security and Business Goals

Learn strategic approaches to streamlining your compliance programs by making them both more scalable and repeatable, through automation and integration. >>

Top 5 Reasons Why Application Performance and Network Security Go Together

When looking for either a way to satisfy network security requirements, or to meet application performance demands across the WAN, don't settle for less than a complete solution. >>

Top 10 Ways to Protect Against Web Threats

Learn how web attacks can be prevented. >>

Protecting Enterprise Data on the Endpoint: A Strategic Approach

Ensure Data Protection on Laptops, Smartphones & Memory Sticks. >>

Achieving ROI from Your PCI Investment

Organizations invest considerable financial and technical resources obtaining PCI DSS Compliance. Why not leverage that investment for your future security needs? >>

NAC: Bridging the Network Security Gap

This paper examines technology and initiatives designed to capitalize on existing investments and prevent any gaps in security. >>

Assessing Endpoint Security Solutions: Why Detection Rates Aren't Enough

Explore the pitfalls of simply looking at virus detection rates and investigates the effect of the rapidly developing IT environment and fast-moving threat landscape on assessment criteria. >>

IronPort Provides Email Management and Analysis for a Premier Health Care Solutions Provider

Learn how IronPort provided spam, virus and data loss protection, combined with encryption technol-ogy that bestowed flexibility in order to handle protected health information. >>

Leading Airline Soars with IronPort's Email Security Appliances – JetBlue Case Study

IronPort provided JetBlue Airways with a multi-vendor, multi-layer email security solution that incorporates the industry's best solutions from the market's leading vendors of anti-spam, anti-virus, encryption, digital rights management and archiving technologies. >>

Full Data Encryption2

Full Disk without the Risk. >>

Advances in Endpoint Data Security: New Technology to Meet Security, Operations and Compliance Needs

Advances in Endpoint Data Security. Security has evolved beyond merely encrypting "bits on disks". The paradigm must shift from Full Disk Encryption. >>

10 Tips for Selecting the Best Digital Signature Solution

Digital Signatures - 10 things to know before choosing a digital signature solution. This document is vital for an organization evaluating digital signature solutions. >>

Safe and Productive Browsing in a Dangerous Web World: The Challenge for Business

Learn the three key pillars of modern web protection. >>

Open Source Security Myths Dispelled

Dispel the five major myths surrounding Open Source Security and gain the tools necessary to make a truly informed decision for your IT organization >>

IronPort's Multi-layer Spam Defense Architectural Overview

Learn how IronPort Anti-Spam™ eliminates the broadest range of known and emerging threats. >>

Cisco's IronPort Spam and Virus Blocker

The IronPort Spam & Virus Blocker scans email traffic coming into your organization and prevents spam and viruses from ever reaching your inbox. >>

Maximizing Security and Performance for Web Browsing: The Challenge for Business

Learn effective defense strategies in the fight against spyware, viruses and other malware. >>

Liberating the Inbox: How to Make Email Safe and Productive Again

Learn how to ensure an organization's system, and its users' inboxes, are freed from the tyranny of malware and spam. >>

Unauthorized Applications: Taking Back Control

Is your organization prepared to managing the real and growing threat of unauthorized software on business computers? >>

NAC: Managing Unauthorized Computers

Learn how your enterprise can combat today's threats and still remain nimble enough for tomorrow's potential threats. >>

An Architectural Framework for Enterprise Email Security

Learn why adopting a patchwork approach to messaging security can drain ROI—and put your enterprise at risk. >>

Protecting and Optimizing Exchange Environments

Learn how to address the most common security and stability issues for Exchange and groupware networks. >>

Combating Spam: Best Practices

Spam has increased more than 200% since 2005. Learn new prevention techniques for protecting your organization—in 2008 and beyond. >>

Key Trends Shaping the Future of Email

Email and other messaging technologies are evolving fast—and bringing new threats. Learn how you can head them off. >>

Open Source Security Myths Dispelled (Note: Spanish Title: Descubriendo la Verdad Detrás de los Mitos de la Seguridad del Código Abierto)

Dispel the five major myths surrounding Open Source Security and gain the tools necessary to make a truly informed decision for your IT organization. >>

Open Source Security Myths Dispelled (Note: Portuguese Title: Mitos da Segurança de Códigos Abertos Esclarecidos)

Dispel the five major myths surrounding Open Source Security and gain the tools necessary to make a truly informed decision for your IT organization. >>

Comfortable Remote-Access without Compromises: SSL-VPN in comparison with traditional VPN technologies

Discover why there are SSL VPNs, and why they are able to compete with other solutions in terms of security. >>

Data Replication and CDP for IBM AIX Environments

Learn the essentials of continuous data protection (CDP) and more. >>

Good Architecture and Security

The Good(TM) wireless handheld computing system provides end-to-end security across three critical links. >>

Vulnerability Management for HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has had substantial impact on the healthcare industry. >>

Mobile Data Security Essentials for Your Changing, Growing Workforce

Mobile data encryption should not stand-alone. Learn four essentials to effectively secure your mobile endpoints. >>

CREDANT® Mobile Guardian® External Media Shield

Discover how to access and update external media from any computer without compromising your data. >>

Survey on Portable Storage Devices: "iPods - What You Don't Secure Could Hurt You"

Survey Says: iPods and other Portable Storage Devices are a Growing Threat in the Workplace. >>

Software Security Survey: How Do You Compare?

Internally developed applications can be vulnerable to security breaches and lead to catastrophic events—a threat that can be mitigated during software development. >>

The Evolution of Application Security in Online Banking

The world's largest online-only banks have set the industry standard in application security. Find out what they're doing right. >>

Managed Appliances: Security Solutions That Do More

Learn how managed appliances enable efficient security management by reducing daily administration, enhancing the user experience, and offering proactive support. >>

Security and Control: The Smarter Approach to Malware and Compliance

Learn how your organization can benefit from a more integrated, policy-driven approach to protecting the network at all levels and controlling both user access and behavior. >>

Phishing, Phaxing, Vishing and Other Identity Threats: The Evolution of Online Fraud

Examine how online fraud of phishing looks at other methods it has spawned, and gives advice on how organizations can prevent the theft of their identity. >>

A Secure Access Landscape: Technology Backgrounder on SSL VPNs

Explains the benefits of SSL VPNs and examines the criteria to be considered when evaluating an SSL VPN solution. >>

Because Conventional UTM is Not Enough - Universal Threat Management

Learn to achieve complete security coverage to address today's increasingly complex network threats. >>

IPSec vs. SSL VPNs for Secure Remote Access

Learn how Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPNs are increasingly replacing IPSec >>

Achieving NAC Now and in the Future: The Role of SSL VPNs

Today, huge challenges exist to implementing as-yet immature NAC solutions: complex integration requirements, inadequate inspection capabilities, and weak policy management. >>

Secure Wireless Networking Using SSL VPNs

See how companies are using wireless technologies to increase productivity, and solving the security issues created by the complexity of WLAN infrastructure and proliferation of unmanaged end-point devices. >>

Lost Customer Information: What Does a Data Breach Cost Companies?

Organizations lose confidential customer information more frequently than you might think—and regulatory compliance requires that they be notified. In this Ponemon Institute study, learn the price 14 companies paid. >>

Enterprise Full Disk Encryption Buyer's Guide

Lock down all data on a computer using full disk encryption, rendering it unreadable on lost or stolen systems. This buyer's guide includes vital evaluation criteria for purchase decision makers. >>

Maximizing Security and Performance for Web Browsing: The Challenge for SMBs

Discover new ways to protect your company from spyware, viruses, adware and other unwanted applications. >>

Instant Messaging, VoIP, P2P, and Games in the Workplace: How to Take Back Control

Reduce the time technical support staff spends sorting out destabilized computers, caused by the installation of unauthorized applications. >>

Stopping Zombies, Botnets and Other Email and Web-Borne Threats

Protect yourself from computer hijackers and zombies by integrating gateway and endpoint solutions. >>

Spyware: Securing Gateway and Endpoint Against Data Theft

Learn to be proactive in the approach to spyware protection, through user education, policy enforcement and technology. >>

IT Audit Checklist: Information Security

Use this step-by-step guide to conduct a productive audit of your existing enterprise security. >>

Disaster Prevention: Preparing for the Worst

This backup and recovery guide offers best practice articles to help your system and organization survive. >>

The 7 Email Management Problems of 2007

Explores the requirements of an effective email archive system and suggests integral components of a solution. >>

Hosted Security for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Learn how SMBs can get enterprise-level benefits by using a hosted security service solution. >>

Authentication Solutions Through Keystroke Dynamics

Provides an in-depth study of keystroke dynamics and how it's used today to fully secure enterprises and prevent fraud. >>

HA Solutions for Windows, SQL, and Exchange Servers

How to protect your company's critical applications by minimizing risk to disasters with high availability solutions. >>

The Perfect Storm: Man in the Middle Security Attacks

Learn how to prevent Man in the Middle security attacks and protect your organization from online organized crime. >>

Dude! You Say I Need an Application Layer Firewall?!

Written by security expert Marcus J. Ranum, this paper includes fundamental lessons about building firewalls, technical examples, and future predictions. >>

Web 2.0 Security Risks: Are You Protected?

Outlines Web 2.0 security threats and the limited effectiveness of legacy Web security solutions against those threats. >>

Securing Your Network from the Inside

Outlines common causes of security threats and how adding a portable layer of protection can help to quickly identify those threats. >>

Security Source

This newly premiered publication is a one-stop source for security topics and strategies, offered exclusively by >>

Mobile Security: More than Just Encryption

Outlines four key requirements for implementing an effective and flexible enterprise-class mobile security solution to secure mobile data and devices. >>

Challenge of Securing Hard to Patch Servers in Healthcare Environments

Learn how a patch protection gateway protects organizations without compromising the availability of critical medical infrastructure. >>

Stopping the Targeted Attack: Why Comprehensive Malware Protection is Superior to Anti-Virus Signatures

Describes new malware solutions designed to be much more proactive and effective in protecting an organization's inbound and outbound traffic. >>

Image Spam: The Latest Attack on the Enterprise Inbox

Learn about different types of image spam, why its hard to stop, and how to effectively prevent it. >>

Eliminating Your SSL Blind Spot: Managing and Securing HTTPS Traffic

Learn how HTTPS filtering extends Internet usage policies to HTTPS traffic and closes a major network security hole. >>

Effective Corporate E-Mail Compliance

Informative overview of current regulations and how implementing a policy-based messaging security solution helps an organization's compliance efforts. >>

Fighting the Hidden Dangers of Internet Access

Presents growing threats and solutions to prevent downtime, productivity loss and other costly problems. >>

Secure Corporate Data with Policy-Based Intelligent Encryption

Hear about CREDANT's next-generation encryption solution, offering better flexibility and ease-of-use than first-generation products. >>

Secure and Control Data across All Mobile Endpoints

Learn how CREDANT's Mobile Guardian Enterprise solution delivers advanced mobile data security with innovative ease-of-use features. >>

Security Report: How Organizations are Managing Security

Network World presents a look at which security trends and challenges are worrying your peers and what they are doing about it. >>

The Starter PKI Program

An introduction on how to secure multiple domains or host names with a multiple digital certificate account. >>

Enterprise Full Disk Encryption Buyer's Guide

This security technology locks down all laptop and desktop data if a system is lost or stolen. Download now for five key evaluation points and a risks-vs.-benefits assessment. >>

ACS: Securing Sensitive Data in Business Process Outsourcing

Discover why this global Fortune® 500 company chose the PGP. Encryption Platform to protect corporate and customer information. Covers compliance, risk mitigation, solution requirements, and the successful results. >>

How to Stop the Latest Internet Email Traffic Emergency: Why Misdirected Bounce Messages Are Costly and Dangerous

Get up-to-date information on handling misdirected bounces—those countless spam emails claiming your company's message couldn't be delivered, when you didn't even send one in the first place! >>

5 Essential Steps to Safer Email: How to Protect Small and Medium Business from Virus and Spam Threats

Email is your business's lifeline—and its worst security nightmare. Learn the 5 critical steps you can take to stop spam and viruses, ensure compliance, and protect your corporate identity. >>

Stopping the Insider Threat with Network Access Control (NAC)

This paper discusses the Insider Threat that corporations face today, and how effective Network Access Control (NAC) provides corporations with increased security from insider threats and greater regulatory compliance. >>

15 Popular Windows Applications with Critical Vulnerabilities

Even the most common desktop applications have vulnerabilities. Bit9 has compiled a list of desktop applications with known vulnerabilities to help IT departments gain control over their desktops. Each application in this list has the following characteristics. >>

Graylists: A Powerful Way to Simplify Desktop Security

Tired of self-destructive desktop users downloading software? This whitepaper explains how to ensure only approved software is allowed to run and unwanted software is banned on all desktops. >>

Payment Card Industry Compliance and Primary Response

This white paper examines solutions to overcome Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements and protect your customer's valuable credit card information. Download this white paper and discover how to overcome PCI regulations and protect customer data. >>

Enterprise Security for Financial Services

As commerce moves online to realize cost-savings and efficiency gains, financial services become a target for attack. This paper discusses challenges your company is faced with due to federal regulations and how to protect customer data from theft. >>

Best Practices for Host-Based Intrusion (HIPS)

Find out about the demand for host intrusion prevention systems, what evaluation criteria to use when choosing a HIPS strategy and best practices for deployment in this special Yankee Group report. >>

Strengths and Weaknesses of Host-Based Intrusion Prevention Systems (HIPS)

Read about the strengths and weaknesses of each HIPS protection style and find out why a single style alone does not provide sufficient protection. >>

Protect your Servers from DDoS Attacks

Discusses defenses required for Service Providers and eBusinesses to learn how to protect their servers from DDoS attacks. >>

KVM over IP and Financial Data Security

Gain valuable insight into how to achieve information security in the advent of Sarbanes-Oxley Act. >>

BEST PRACTICES for Enterprise Network Security

Discusses Aligning security policies to correspond with the priorities of business assets... >>

Think Twice Before Upgrading to Microsoft® Exchange 2011

Learn how to surround existing email servers with cloud computing solutions to help increase security and reliability and how to help address compliance concerns with email archiving and search capabilities. >>

Accelerating Business with Automation and Workflow Efficiencies

How SunTrust Banks saved $2 million annually in operating costs, improved service levels and achieved capital ROI within six months. >>

Meeting Data Residency and Compliance Challenges in Global Enterprises

This paper examines information privacy and data residency solutions that can help multinational businesses meet their data protection goals. >>

Best Practices for PC Lockdown and Control Policies

Learn how to use the Best Practices for PC Lockdown and Control Policies for your Organization. >>

Fixing the Top 5 Compliance and Security Challenges in Hospitality

Best practices for hotels, restaurants and retail businesses. >>

Managing BitLocker with SafeGuard Enterprise

Full-disk encryption is rapidly becoming a standard security solution, like antivirus or spam filters--a trend further accelerated by widespread use of Microsoft BitLocker. >>

PasswordCourier Transparent Synchronization

Learn how to synchronize passwords using native password change tools in supported systems and applications. >>

Finding an Effective Antivirus Solution

Having unprotected endpoints vulnerable to viruses, worms and other forms of malware just isn't an option. >>

Camping World Increases Compliance and Reduces Cost with Google Message Discovery

Learn how Camping World increases compliance and reduces cost with Google Message Discovery. >>

Mobile Device Management Buyers Guide

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions allow IT organizations to centrally manage, monitor and support mobile devices from smartphones to tablets. >>

When Millions Need Access: Identity Management in an Increasingly Connected World

Learn how IBM Tivoli Identity Manager and IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager can help organizations automate and control access rights for millions of online users, while maintaining security and tracking user activity. >>

The Value of QRadar® QFlow and QRadar® VFlow for Security Intelligence

As the security threats facing organizations have grown exponentially, the need for greater visibility into network activity has become an imperative. >>

Password Reset for Remote Users

Learn about a password management solution that manages the local password cache in conjunction with self-service password reset activities. >>

How Lax Privacy Protection Trashes Business Reputations

A business guide probing the links between reputation management and information security. >>

A Manager's Guide to Unified Threat Management and Next-Gen Firewalls

Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems are among the most widely used tools in the information security arsenal. >>

Mobile Device Management Buyers Guide

IT Resource Management vs. User Empowerment. >>

Best Practices for Access Certification

Is your company using best practices to certify user access is in accordance with policy? >>

FFIEC Authentication Guidance: How to Conform to Combat Fraud

Fraud prevention best practices for IT professionals in banks and credit unions. >>

Demystifying the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard

Learn the 12 requirements for compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard. >>

Advanced Persistent Threats: Detection, Protection and Prevention

The threat landscape is changing, or is it? >>

Network Security Report: The State of Network Security in Schools

Discover what IT administrators find most challenging about securing their K-12 environments. >>

Ten Ways to Dodge CyberBullets: Reloaded

Criminals and security companies constantly introduce new techniques and countermeasures. >>

Sharp Healthcare Secures Access with Courion

How a healthcare provider streamlined access to patient information, met compliance requirements and increased security and efficiency. >>

An Overview of Okta's Multifactor Authentication Capability

Learn how Okta brings multifactor authentication to the cloud for both higher levels of security and ease of use for users and administrators. >>

Next Gen Firewall and UTM Buyers Guide

Implementing and managing a network protected by point solutions is far from simple. But complete protection doesn't have to be complicated. >>

Takes One to Know One: Think Like a Hacker for Better Security Awareness

52% of businesses experienced more malware infections as a result of employees on social media. >>

3 Key Benefits of Desktop Lockdown with Privilege Management

Learn about the advantages when end users are operating without local administrative rights. >>

Automating User Management and Single Sign-on for

Learn how to overcome the challenges of integrating logins for single sign-on and automating provisioning. >>

Online Enemy #1: Blackhole Exploit Kit

The Blackhole malware exploit kit has become the Internet's most prevalent threat. >>

Take Action: Best Practices to Protect Against Targeted Malware

Download these best practices to prevent targeted and persistent threats. >>

5 Strategies for Email Data Loss Prevention

The average employee sends and receives about 110 emails each day or 29,000 emails per year. >>

BYOD Risks and Rewards

How to keep employee smartphones, laptops and tablets secure. A must read for individuals in Government and Education. >>

Prevent Data Breaches with Stronger Email Security

Email remains the #1 threat vector for many organizations. >>

Using Oracle Identity Management: Midwest Healthcare Insurance Company Customer Solution Brief

Oracle Identity Management allows enterprises to manage end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across all enterprise resources both within and beyond the firewall. >>

Symantec DLP for Tablets: An Intelligent Security Decision

DLP solutions designed specifically for tablets and other tablets may provide the best initial protection. >>

Obtaining Fortune 500 Security without Busting Your Budget

Network security and regulatory compliance are expensive to do in-house for any size company, but if you are a small- or medium- sized business the burdens go beyond cost to staff bandwidth and security expertise. >>

Let Us Help You Help Your CIO

Why the manufacturing industry needs enterprise grade file sharing. >>

8 Elements of Complete Vulnerability Management

Threats to the security of your network will never completely go away, but the ability to prepare for, recognize and quickly remediate these threats should be a part of day-to-day company operations. >>

Are Your Employees Security Assets or Liabilities?

What every company needs to know to build a culture of security and avoid security breaches. >>

BYOD Risks and Rewards

Whether you're an end user or an IT administrator, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is becoming the rule rather than the exception in today's workplace. >>

Protecting Your Roaming Workforce With Cloud-Based Security

Remote and roaming workers are constantly checking email, downloading data, and staying productive. Results are their top priority--security is not. >>

Using Defense-in-Depth to Combat Endpoint Malware: A Technical Paper

The signature-based model of classic antivirus (AV) and the teams and infrastructure behind it are increasingly stretched to keep up with the pace and sophistication of today's financially motivated malware developers. >>

50 Minutes and 500 Dollars: Real World Solutions for PCI DSS

Don't be an easy cyber target - get started with security and compliance in under an hour. >>

Learn How To Save Money by Switching Antivirus Solutions

IT Professionals, learn what to ask when switching Antivirus Solutions and how this can save you money. >>

A Regional Hospital Stays HIPAA Compliant through On-Demand Vulnerability Assessments

Effingham Hospital, a critical access hospital and nursing home in Springfield, GA, may not be located in a congested, bustling city but the private health information contained within their network is just as valuable to a potential hacker. Not only did they have to remain compliant with HIPAA regulations, they knew it was their responsibility to patients, residents, employees, vendors and many other stakeholders to ensure that their network was properly secured and continuously tested. >>

Eight Trends That Are Changing Network Security

Technology in the network security space has been through many dramatic changes recently. >>

Ransomware: Hijacking Your Data

Since 2011, users have increasingly seen messages warning that their computer is locked and demanding money in exchange for access to their PCs, purportedly from the FBI and police agencies. >>

5 Design Principles for Advanced Malware Protection

The 5 Principles discusses in more depth the technological shortfalls of current protections when trying to stop advanced malware and proposes a framework to better mitigate the threat of advanced malware, zero-day and targeted APT attacks. >>

Security Intelligence for the Financial Industry

Financial services organizations are on the front lines in the battle against security threats. >>

A Multi-Level Approach to Addressing Targeted Attacks

88% of targeted malware is NOT detected by anti-virus according to research by Trustwave. >>

Google vs The World: The Battle of the Message Security Vendors

With such a powerful name behind it, Google Message Security stands out in a sea of products that do exactly the same thing - or so they say. So when it comes right down to it, how does the Google selection stack up against the rest of messaging security's big guns? >>

Global Financial Services Company Protects Their Email Infrastructure with Google Message Security

Learn more about how Standard Charter Bank protects over 70,000 users in 70 countries with Google Message Security solution. >>

Ensuring PCI Compliance with Identity and Access Management

Learn from an industry expert how to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and protect consumers' data. >>

Encryption Buyers Guide

How does Sophos SafeGuard Encryption meet your data protection requirements? How do we stack up against McAfee (Safeboot), Symantec (PGP), Checkpoint (Pointsec), Wave, WinMagic, and Microsoft MBAM? >>

Regulations and Standards: Where Encryption Applies

Organizations of all sizes face a number of industry and regulatory compliance mandates. Whether it's PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA or FISMA, these regulations are changing to accommodate the ever-growing threat to sensitive data. >>

Security Breach Risks: Look Inside for Top Threats

How to build policies to protect your business from security breaches caused by your employees. >>

A Primer On Electronic Document Security

How document control and digital signatures protect electronic documents in schools. >>

Business Justification for Privilege Management

Learn the benefits Enterprise IT Managers gain by deploying privilege management solutions for their organizations. >>

Ensuring Immediate and Appropriate User Access in the Healthcare Industry

Learn how Children's Hospital Boston used security management practices to help hospital staff do their jobs more effectively. >>

Comprehensive Review of Security and Vulnerability Protections for Google Apps

Find out how Google protects and secures your company's critical business information. >>

Endpoint Buyers Guide

Evaluating the many components that make up an endpoint security solution can be overwhelming. >>

Simplifying Branch Office Security

Securing your business network is more important than ever. >>

Get Started with GLBA and FFIEC Compliance

How to build effective risk assessment processes in banks and credit unions. >>

EMA Research: The Business Case for Striking an Optimal Balance of Endpoint Control

Tips for determining ROI related to locking down PCs. >>

Endpoint Buyers Guide

It takes more than antivirus to stop today's advanced threats. >>

Users Beware: 10 Security Tips to Share with Your Users

IT professionals know the damage that malware can cause, but everyday users are often unaware of the security threats lurking on the web, in their email and on their smartphones. >>

Key Website Security Facts to Know for Small Business

Website attacks are usually powered by spider-like automation technology that crawls the web looking for website vulnerabilities. >>

Brunswick Bowls a Perfect Game with Google Message Security

Brunswick reduced their annual spend by over 60% by deploying Google Message Security. Download this case study to learn more. >>

Five Stages of a Web Malware Attack

Today's web attacks are extremely sophisticated and multi-faceted, motivated by a massive underground economy that trades in compromised computers and user information. This paper shows you how modern web attacks work, broken down into five stages, from entry through execution. >>

VIPRE Case Study: Brevard Public Schools

VIPRE Business Premium gets top marks at Brevard Public Schools. >>

Top 3 Security Initiatives for Banks and Credit Unions

Steps financial institutions can take to protect data and customer trust. >>

PCI DSS Compliance for Restaurants

Learn about a PCI security and compliance solution that can help your restaurant become hack-proof. >>

Eliminating Administrator Rights Prevents Malware and Ensures Federal Desktop Core Compliance

By eliminating administrator rights (USGCB/FDCC mandate), you can prevent many forms of malware from completing their mission--all without ever needing to update an anti-virus signature. >>

Four Data Threats in a Post-PC World

Managing BYOD, mobile devices, cloud storage and social networks. >>

VIPRE Case Study: Mitsubishi Polysilicon

VIPRE Antivirus Business exceeds Mitsubishi Polysilicon's needs for malware protection. >>

PCI Compliance & Security in a Franchise Model

This white paper explores the dangers posed by non-compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements in a franchise environment, and how data security is extremely important throughout the franchise network for maintaining customer trust and loyalty, and protecting the brand image. >>

Keeping Secrets: Good Password Practice

The password remains one of the most susceptible components of even the most advanced security system. >>

IDC Spotlight: Access Control and Certification

Read this brief for best practices on managing user access compliance. >>

Beyond Compliance: Combating Threats with Endpoint Configuration Management

The evolution of threats and the accelerating arms-race between organizations and attackers has caused endpoint security to re-emerge as a critical security issue. >>

For Data Security Professionals - Smart Devices, Smart Security

Once mostly prohibited by IT, smartphones and tablets--such as Android-based phones and Apple iPads--are now being used by hundreds of millions of employees worldwide to access, transmit and store corporate information in today's 24x7 business environment. >>

It's Time Businesses Wake Up to Mobile Security Reality

Ready or not, you need an MDM solution. >>

Who's Snooping on Your Email?

Email poses the highest risk for accidental data exposure, breaches of privacy, or non-compliance with data protection regulations. >>

Advanced Malware Exposed

This eBook, Advanced Malware Exposed, is a must read for anyone who wants to understand and protect against advanced, persistent threats who are using this new generation of highly sophisticated advanced malware. >>

To Outsource or Not to Outsource: That is the Network Security Question

This paper discusses how to cost-effectively turn the tables on dedicated, well-armed cyber criminals, and ultimately win the battle for securing the network. >>

The Business Value of Managed Security Services

For many organizations, outsourcing network security services appears to be a logical choice. >>

Payment Card Trends and Risks for Small Merchants

Learn about the top data risks faced by smaller businesses, and why PCI compliance is important. >>

Microsoft & Viewfinity Present: Windows 7 Migration is the Opportunity to Lockdown Desktops & Manage Standard User Privileges

View this on-demand webinar to learn the benefits of a privilege management solution. >>

IT GRC Turning Operational Risks into Returns

Learn how to turn your company's IT GRC processes into strategic assets. >>

For Data Security Professionals - Adventures in Secure Mobile Email

Native iOS and Android email clients don't support much in the way of encryption outside of a SSL connection which only protects the data from the mobile to the server, not before or after. >>

Cisco Reputation Filtering: Providing New Levels of Network Security

Today's sophisticated, blended threats can exploit three or four different communications vehicles before they launch full-scale attacks on unprepared enterprise networks. >>

Malware B-Z: Inside the Threat From Blackhole to ZeroAccess

This paper provides insight into two of the most commonly used and technically capable pieces of crimeware, the Blackhole exploit kit and the ZeroAccess rootkit. >>