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IT - Data Management

10 do's and don'ts of data governance

Well-executed data governance programs are spread across the enterprise and have business stakeholders driving requirements. Are you implementing your own data governance program, or facing issues with your current program? >>

Five tips for successful data monitoring

Why it's important to identify data quality issues before they wreak havoc on your business. >>

2018 global data management benchmark report

Data is quickly becoming the currency of the emerging digital economy. >>

Microsoft SQL Server Notes for Professionals

Get the flexibility you need with Microsoft SQL Server. >>

A Blueprint for Digital Transformation: Readiness, Risk, and Resilience

Enterprises are facing critical business and technology decisions as they plan their digital transformation journeys. >>

Create your ideal data quality strategy

Better data insight is the key to becoming a more informed, profitable company. >>

A Secure Cloud for the Digital World

Securing data and protecting it at every level of the business is no longer just an IT responsibility. The job of keeping business data safe has spread across the organization to become an enterprise wide concern. >>

7 Data Predictions for 2018

A new year means new challenges and opportunities (& budgets!). Learn how you can get ready for the year ahead by downloading the Collibra eBook, 7 Data Predictions for 2018. >>

Top BI Analytics Tools 2018--Expert Ratings, Pricing & Recommendations--Free Analyst Report

Get comparison ratings, reviews and pricing based on actual software selection projects. >>

Save Server Management Time and Effort for IT Staff

Smartphones and tablets make our personal lives easier, and now datacenter managers can share that same convenience. >>

5 Super Powers to Help You Master the Data Governance Universe

Conquering data governance may seem like a superhuman task. But when you activate these five super powers, it gets a whole lot easier. >>

How your Data Can Change the World

5 Nonprofit Tips for Using Data to Do More Good >>

Top BI Tools for 2017--Get Expert Ratings, Recommendations and Price Comparisons

Zero in on the best BI solutions for your company. Get expert recommendations and cost comparisons based on your business needs. >>

VCP6-DCV Study Guide

VMware VCP exam is a gold standard of VMware certification exams. >>

Amazon DynamoDB Tutorial

Delve into the world of DynamoDB with this comprehensive guide that introduces you to the Amazon DynamoDB database service! >>

Top BI Analytics Tools--Definitive Pricing Guide 2018

Get an in-depth comparison of the costs and implementation models for the top-rated BI tools. This practical guide helps buyers compare the cost factors and product limitations of the most popular BI solutions. >>

Employees at the Frontline in the Battle Against Ransomware

The recent escalating ransomware attacks have shown that no organization is safe and the effects of those attacks can be devastating. >>

How to Transform Employee Worst Practices Into IT Security Best Practices

Get clear direction on how to improve your organization's security posture by “inoculating” employees who fall for social engineering attacks. >>

A Comprehensive Guide to the Data Catalog

What it is. Why you need it. And how to find the right one. >>

The CDO's Complete Guide to Data Governance

A blueprint for data governance, done the right way. >>

Transforming the Data Center with ARM

Maximizing Energy, Scalability, and Performance in the Modern Data Center. >>

Micron SolidScale Platform Architecture

Learn about Micron's SolidScale platform architecture data center solutions. >>

Advantages Micron SSDs Bring to Data Centers

Learn how Micron's broad portfolio of SSDs provides the right storage solutions to meet the diverse requirements of today's data centers and those of the future. >>

The Business Case for NVMe PCIe SSDs

If high IOPS performance with low average latency is a main driver for your storage upgrade path, NVMe SSDs may be a great option. >>

The Future of Data Center Storage is Today: Local and Shared Storage Benefits Finally Converge

Find out how the advent of low-latency SSDs and the means to share them via standard infrastructure, such as NVMe over Fabric (NVMeF), has created a new standard for data center environments. >>

2017 Supplier Information Management Report

The risks from poor quality supplier data expose your business to legal and tax penalties, slow internal AP processes, damage supplier relationships, and cause unnecessary expenditures. >>

Protect Your Data From Ransomware With These 5 Steps

By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf. >>

The Concentric Model: The Core of Concentric Market

Simulation is a methodology that enables comprehensive business analytics. >>

Redefining Data Governance

Think you know data governance? Think again. Download the white paper to see why. >>

The Forrester Wave™: Data Governance Stewardship and Discovery Providers

Download your complimentary copy for an assessment of the 12 providers that matter most and how they stack up. >>

The Unrealized Promise of Analytics (and How Data Governance Can Help)

Explore the link between data governance and analytics, and discover why good data governance is essential to analytics success. >>

How to Become a Data Governance Expert

Download the eBook to learn everything you need to know to master the “must-have” skill of 2017. >>

The Role of Big Data in Creating Data Science-Driven Enterprises

26 insights for CxO's considering transforming their company to a 'predictive enterprise' >>

Open Source Big Data Projects - Emergence of the Converged Data Platform

Discover the business value of a converged data platform >>

Simply SQL ($29 Value FREE For a Limited Time)

This resource is a practical step-by-step guide to writing SQL. >>

Shopping For A Business Intelligence Tool in 2017

Once you decide to purchase a business intelligence solution, you are ushered down a deep rabbit hole that can be dizzying. It's a crowded market with many participants, and one can easily become overwhelmed with the number and variety of choices. >>

Security, ASAP! Toward an Actionable Situational Awareness Platform

Learn about ASAP, a new concept for cyber defense, and how it could shape the evolution of information security. >>

5 Data Center Facts Driving Up Costs That You Need to Recognize

The high cost of running a data center goes well beyond just power and cooling. It often extends to areas that are hard to see, but easy to mitigate. Our latest eBook, “Hiding in Plain Sight,” sheds light on 5 facts you may not realize are driving up your data center costs. >>

The Differences Between MDM & True Data Governance

Separate fact from fiction: data governance and master data management are not the same thing. >>

Ensuring Data Center Continuity

How real-time data center visibility drives savings and efficiency. >>

5 Ways RTOI Increases Data Center Value & Return

Enterprise data centers are engines of growth, providing the flexibility and horsepower needed to support cloud systems, mobile applications, big data, and the Internet of Things. >>

An Innovative Approach to All-Flash Storage

Learn how Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) with Hitachi Accelerated Flash (HAF) eliminates performance and efficiency issues in enterprise workloads and large-scale transaction processing. >>

Jump Start MYSQL (FREE For A Limited Time) $30 Value

Both within and outside the world of web development individuals should master the database that powers the web. >>

3 Ways to Improve Document Productivity

In partnership with the PDF Association, Nitro surveyed 1,200+ knowledge workers to gain insight into the document usage habits of the modern workforce. >>

How People-Based Marketing Better Targets Customers with Personalized Ads For Higher Conversion Rates

Learn how to take the guesswork out of targeting, eliminate wasted ad spend and ultimately increase conversions. >>

Arbor Networks Adds Big Data Analytics to Its SP Portfolio

All organizations want better network data and threat intelligence. >>

Better Data Drives Growth

Seven Ways Your Distribution Business Can Grow with a Modern BI System. >>

7 Terms You Need to Know When Buying a New SSD

By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf. >>

Database Administrators - Occupational Outlook

Database administrators (DBAs) use specialized software to store and organize data, such as financial information and customer shipping records. >>

Securing Big Data: Hadoop Performance with Vormetric Transparent Encryption

Data processed by Hadoop systems must be secured in order to avoid data breaches as well as to comply with several regulations. >>

Securosis: Cracking the Confusion: Encryption and Tokenization for Data Centers, Servers, and Applications

This report from Securosis cuts through the confusion to help you pick the best encryption and tokenization options for your projects. >>

Bloor: For the EU's New Data Protection Regulation, Encryption Should be the Default

Bloor: EU data regulation, encryption should be the default. >>

Vormetric Data Security Platform Architecture

As security teams struggle to contend with more frequent, costly, and sophisticated attacks, data-at-rest encryption becomes an increasingly critical safeguard. >>

Quantifying the Risk of a Data Breach: Top Six Industries

Aberdeen Group's Computer Intelligence Technology Data Set analyzes the risk of a single data breach. >>

IHS Technology DDoS Prevention Appliances

Biannual market tracker: regional, H1 2016 excerpts. >>

Does Your Data Reduction Strategy Optimize Storage Performance?

Read our infographic about how data reduction strategy optimizes storage performance. >>

Blue Medora Changes Tack With New SELECTStar Performance Management for the Data Tier

SELECTStar will support more databases than any other data monitoring tool on the market. >>

Take the Fast Lane to SDDC

Read this eBook to understand how you can accelerate your journey to a software-defined data center. >>

5 Easy Ways to Convert Websites to PDFs in Chrome

There are a number of ways you can accomplish this conversion in Chrome, both with built-in features and extensions. >>

Five Reasons You Need User Activity Monitoring Right Now

There as so many reasons why you need User Activity Monitoring from securing core applications, to compliance, to priviledged user monitoring. >>

Visibility in the Modern Data Center with Brocade SLX Insight Architecture

Embedded network visibility for pervasive real-time monitoring. >>

How to Set Up RAID in macOS Sierra

Learn more about RAID 0 and RAID 1. >>

8 of the Best Firefox Add-ons for Web Development

You don't want to miss out on these add-ons! >>

Building Agile Data Centers

Learn the importance of planning current data center build-outs with future business and technology scalability in mind. >>

The Beginners Guide to NoSQL

Take advantage of noSQL by learning the basics and more with this FREE eBook. >>

PostgreSQL Database Handbook

Delve into the world of the PostgreSQL Database with this compact handbook that introduces common recipes for the PostgreSQL DB server! >>

How Hybrid Cloud Options Complement the On Premises Data Warehouse

Learn how two companies cut costs, gain flexibility and ease administration by adding cloud data warehouse capacity. >>

Data Lakes and Why Business Might Want One

In this white paper, Dr. Barry Devlin of 9sight Consulting dives into the business value of designing and implementing a data lake, and offers real examples of different industry applications of data lake solutions. >>

Securosis: Cracking the Confusion: Encryption and Tokenization

This report from Securosis cuts through the confusion to help you pick the best encryption and tokenization options for your projects. >>

3 Building Blocks of a Data Governance Business Case

Download our eBook to learn three steps to creating a convincing business case for data governance. >>

Will Self-Service Analytics Make IT Irrelevant?

With the help of cloud software, Merck Animal Health's Dave Williams is striving for self-service supply chain analytics. >>

VCP6-DTM Study Guide (VMware Certified Professional -- Desktop and Mobility)

This study guide helps IT administrators to prepare for VMware Desktop and mobility certification exam. >>

How Business Analytics Has Evolved Over Time [Trend Analysis]

How have businesses used big data analytics in the last decade? This infographic explores how analytics have been reported by industry research over time. >>

How to Maximize the Business Value of Data with PCIe Flash Array Architecture

Help customers prioritize data based on their unique priorities and the value of their data. >>

Transforming Business Decision Making with a Cloud-Native Data Warehouse

The challenge: data solutions can't keep pace with data needs. >>

Inside the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse™

Learn about the first analytic database that really leverages the power of the cloud. >>

Zero to Insight with the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse™

Getting started with tomorrow's data warehouse today. >>

Hyperconvergence: The Stepping-Stone to the Software-Defined Data Center

Learn how hyperconvergence provides flexible, agile and dynamic infrastructure to uniquely process business- and mission-critical applications to improve business results. >>

Windows 10 Migration Guide: Reduce Complexity, Streamline Process

How to leverage endpoint data protection to ease OS migrations. >>

Insider's Guide To Minimizing The Impact of Ransomware: 6 Step Plan for Comprehensive Data Protection

Ransomware attacks have become commonplace and affect all kinds of organizations and industries nationwide. >>

5-Step Guide For GDPR Compliance: A Guide For Constructing Your Planning Timeline

Use this 5-point plan to prepare your own systems to meet the new needs of these data protection regulations before 2018. >>

2016 Global Encryption Trends Study

This report, published in February 2016, provides in-depth information about the evolving role of encryption as a part of an overall data protection strategy, and how its use results in an improved security posture for today's organizations. >>

Key Management for Dummies

Read this complimentary guide to managing the widespread use of encryption to secure valuable and sensitive data. >>

Apache Hadoop Cookbook

Delve into the world of Spring Data Programming with this compact cookbook that introduces common recipes for the Spring Data framework! >>

Task Automation Guide

In this guide, you’ll learn why a task runner is useful, how to install Gulp, and how to create several tasks of varying complexity to automate building your project. >>

2016 Data Threat Report

Learn trends in Encryption & Data Security. >>

Encryption as an Enterprise Strategy

In the last 10 years, the number of data breaches has grown dramatically. >>

Selecting Encryption for 'Data at Rest' in Back-End Systems

Learn why decisions about security solutions need to be made in a specific business context. >>

Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway: A Technical Overview

This paper provides a technical overview of the product, detailing the most significant components and describing operational aspects. >>

The Wire-Free Advantage: Six Leading Benefits of Sensor Networks in Data Centers

Too hot. Too cold. Too remote. Too complex. Too costly. >>

Understanding Hadoop Backup and Recovery Needs

A journey through the Hadoop backup and recovery philosophy. >>

The State of the Data and the Future of Technology

TSO Logic talks with Intel's Data Center Architect and IT utilization expert on achieving transformation. >>

Big Data Analytics

Learn how to extract Hunk to VM to set up a connection with Hadoop to create Dashboards. >>

Analytics for Enterprise Data Warehouse Management and Optimization

Most BI and data warehousing inefficiencies arise from a lack of understanding about how applications and data are used across organizations. >>

Reduce Your Breach Risk with File Integrity Monitoring

Learn how to reduce your risk with file integrity monitoring for PCI DSS compliance and data security. >>

5 Ways of Reporting Your BI Insights

Download our eBook to learn how you can best report your BI insights. >>

Bring Your Own Data

Download our eBook to learn how you can take advantage of external data to contextualize your analysis. >>

Is It Time to Shift Your Enterprise to an All-Flash, Software-Defined Infrastructure?

All-flash, software-defined infrastructure is becoming the “new normal” of enterprise IT. Learn how your company can get there fast. >>

7 Steps for Applying Big Data Patterns to Decision Making

Learn to apply big data patterns to decision-making in order to make better decision, design a new business model, or redesign current business processes. >>

Why One Company Abandoned The Public Cloud

Take an in-depth look at how one platform architecture solution can deliver results. >>

IT Guide to Mac Backup for Business

How to Include Macs in Your Laptop Backup and Data Protection Plans. >>

The Ever Changing World of HPC

High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters have been making supercomputing possible for organizations everywhere for many years now. >>

Preparing for The New World of Data Privacy

In today's changing global landscape of data privacy, it's important to know the key issues to consider for complying with data privacy laws as well as how to manage and protect sensitive corporate and employee information. >>

Fujitsu Helps Increase Productivity in Healthcare

Learn about mobility solutions that provide exceptional usability, excellent performance, and maximum durability all from a single vendor. >>

Vormetric Encryption Gateway and Platform Strategy

This report offers analysis of the Vormetric Data Security Platform strategy. >>

Citrix Troubleshooting Guide: How to Stop the Blame Game

When applications and desktops are delivered over Citrix, the Citrix administration team becomes the front-line for responding to complaints about slow performance. But more than 60 percent of the time, the root cause of the problem lies outside of the Citrix environment. >>

Internal Controls in an FCPA Compliance Program

Learn why you should take the results of your risk assessment tools and design a robust internal controls system based on your highest-risk factors. >>

Forbes Insights Research: Betting on Big Data

How the right culture, strategy and investments can help you leapfrog the competition. >>

Needham & Company Explains Pivot3's Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Needham & company recently reported on how Pivot3's technology upgraded the data center for over 1,600 customers with more than 13,000 appliances installed. >>

Simplify Your Data Center with Hyper-Convergence

Learn how Pivot3 transforms IT and business by enabling much simpler, more easily expandable, software‐controlled data centers. >>


When it comes to hosting your technical operations, there's a lot to consider...and a lot that can go wrong. >>

Breaking Through the Analytic Limitations of Access and Excel

Access and Excel might be hindering your analytic capabilities. Find out by reading this essential report. >>

Data Science & Business Intelligence - Salary & Skills Report

What you need to know to earn more in data science and business intelligence. >>

5 Critical Considerations for Enterprise Cloud Backup

Framework for evaluating cloud backup solutions to ensure adequate security. >>

17 Business Benefits of Endpoint Backup

Real-world benefits from endpoint backup for your end-users, execs and more. >>

10 Ways Cloud is Changing the World

Cloud computing is constantly reshaping the way we work, learn and play. Let's look at 10 ways the cloud will and (to a large degree already) has changed the world. >>

IT Executive's Guide to Big Data and Hadoop

What you need to know to start understanding how to put the infrastructure in place to successfully deliver business insights in real-time. >>

SQL-on-Hadoop Engines Explained

How to enable non-technical users to leverage big data on Hadoop. >>

A Brief Update on Hadoop

A look at how Hadoop is finding a place in data centers around the world, and changing the way enterprises handle business intelligence. >>

Big Data's Biggest Role: Aligning the CMO & CIO

Better understand the key challenges, opportunities, and requirements that both CMOs and CIOs were facing in their journey to develop a more customer-centric enterprise. >>

The Rise of the Disruptive Data Warehouse

The data warehouse, as most people think of it, is passé. >>

Data is Just Data- The Unified Data Difference

Read this white paper to learn how to gain a unified, 360-degree view of your company's data. >>

The Definitive Guide to the Data Lake

Learn the critical areas of importance to bring data lake organization, governance, and security to the forefront. >>

Backing Up Servers to the Microsoft Cloud

Discover how Microsoft Azure Backup is well suited for both small and large organizations. >>

An Introduction to AWS Security

Learn the most important aspects of AWS security and what that means to the enterprise. >>

Driving a Data-centric Culture: The Leadership Challenge

Embrace data as a corporate asset and source of competitive advantage. >>

Building a Big Data Strategy in Five Easy Steps

Drive business transformation by unleashing your big data. >>

Web Intelligence to the Rescue

Learn how SAP BusinessObjects can help you overcome numerous reporting requirements to produce useful documents that meet and exceed expectations. >>

Data Security for Retail Customers – Perceptions, Expectations and Potential Impacts

Over the past few years, the personal information of millions of credit and debit card users has been jeopardized through data breaches at major retail stores, causing heightened concern and loss of sales. This situation is a uniquely challenging one for retailers, as they struggle to ensure that all customer data is fully secure and protected from any future breaches. >>

Google Apps Advanced Security Configuration & Compliance - The Complete Guide

Security configuration & compliance beyond the basics. >>

5 Common Types of Enterprise Data

A Free Guide By AAJ Technologies >>

Human-Readable Reports and the Data Trapped Within

Learn how ReportMiner can solve a myriad of problems that can be encountered when trying to extract and integrate data from report documents. >>

How Government IT Can Counter Security Threats By Analyzing Big Data

How Can Your Organization's Data Help Improve Cyber Security? Read the report to find out. >>

Beginners Guide to Data Integration

data integration, data, etl, software integration >>

6 Critical Steps to a Successful Engineering Data Management Implementation

While there are many steps to implementing a data management solution, this eBook identifies the top six. >>

Taneja Group Report: VVOL Competitive Landscape

Free analysis of 11 companies supplying arrays with VVOL. >>

An Intro to Data Management: How to Use Data to Succeed at Your Job

Learn how to take advantage of big data to excel at your job. >>

Backing Up Servers to the Microsoft Cloud

Discover how Microsoft Azure Backup is well suited for both small and large organizations. >>

An Introduction to AWS Security

Learn the most important aspects of AWS security and what that means to the enterprise. >>

Transform your membership association with analytics

Use analytics to reduce membership turnover, enhance your brand positions and understand what truly drives your business through analytics. >>

Tapping the True Value of Data

Is your enterprise's data treated equal instead of based upon its business value? Concerned over time it takes to get business critical systems live after downtime? >>

Maximize Your Business Value of Data with NexGen Architecture

94% of IT professionals consider it valuable to manage data based upon the business value of it. Yet only 32% are doing it - because it's hard. Are you looking to be a part of the 32% without the difficulties? >>

How Data Integration Drives Business Agility

Here's how data integration for business users can benefit key departments in your company. >>

Digital Media and Gaming Company Protects Cloud-based Apps and Services on AWS

In anticipation of a major product launch, this online gaming company decided to host its e-commerce applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS), rather than invest significant time and money upgrading physical data centers. >>

IaaS Reference Architectures: for AWS

Data center, IT and Operations Architects can now secure their web applications whether they are on-premise, in a virtual environment or in the most popular public cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS). >>

Top 10 Database Threats

The most significant risks and how to mitigate them. >>

Data-Aware Storage: The Answer to the Corporate Hoarding Conundrum

It's a fact that these days companies are experiencing a mounting storage problem. >>

Ten Reasons to Choose Centerprise Over SSIS

Here is why Centerprise is a better choice for data migration and ETL tasks even though SSIS is free. >>

Data Integration for Business Users

Data integration is no longer exclusively for IT--business users can take the lead. >>

Solving Complex Hierarchical Data Integration Issues

Few data integration solutions adequately address issues associated with complex hierarchical data. >>

Get Your Data Under Control in 5 Steps

Take five steps to tame the data beast and get your data quality and consistency firmly in hand. >>

5 Data Visualization Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them)

Charts and graphs are an incredibly powerful way to present your data, but even minor mistakes can bury your insights in clutter and confusion. >>

10 Secrets to Winning with Analytics

Nearly every organization uses analytics, but many are not realizing the full potential they can deliver to their organization. >>

Big Data for Big Industries

Regardless of industry, organizations are starting to recognize the value of big data and how they can use it to gain new insights about their business. >>

From Information to Insights: Understanding Big Data Online

Never before have marketers been blessed with such immense quantities of digital customer data, yet so incapacitated by how to use it. >>

Face Future Technology Challenges Head On with a Strategic Data Center

More than a data center, you need a strategic center. >>

Meeting the Big Data Challenge: Get Close, Get Connected

This paper outlines the challenges related to Big Data and how to manage and overcome them, so you can derive value faster. >>

How a Strategic Data Center Helps You Face Future Technology Challenges Head-On

This eBook from Equinix outlines the five key trends affecting data center networks, and why a strategic data center is key to not only surviving, but thriving. >>

A Solid Data Center Strategy Starts With Interconnectivity

In today's landscape, business is more virtual, geographically dispersed and mobile than ever, with companies building new data centers and clustering servers in separate locations. >>

Quality in The Cloud: Best Practices For ISVs

This report is intended to provide ISVs with guidance on partnering with hosting companies, establishing criteria for selecting a hosting service, metrics for measuring hosting performance as it relates to cloud services delivered and an understanding of the responsibilities they retain even when outsourcing a large part of their services functions to a third party. >>

Prevent Data Loss with Remote Online Backup Service

In the event of a disaster, whether due to human error, theft, fire, defective components, or a system crash, having a remote online backup of all of your important information ensures that it is always safe, secure and easily accessible. >>

The 9 Elements of Digital Transformation

Learn how to find digital transformation opportunities. >>

Deep Visibility into Storage Systems with 1 Monitoring Tool

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance uses Splunk to significantly reduce troubleshooting times. >>

Cloud-Based Enterprise Backup

Full-System Backup for All of Your Corporate Data. >>

Database 101

For the computer novice who is trying to understand how a database works and what can be done with one. >>

Implementing Quality of Service (QoS) in Cisco Nexus Data Center Switches

Learn the ways in which Quality of Service (QoS) is relevant in networks within an organization and for service providers. >>

Implementing Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) on Cisco Nexus Data Center Switches

This white paper addresses Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF), which is a Layer 3 isolation mechanism for routing protocols. >>

Unlock the Power of Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Examine three key new features that show how SQL Server 2012 provides enterprise-level, high-availability, powerful self-service business analytics and ETL for data in the cloud. >>

8 Critical App Engagement Metrics

Learn & apply the 8 key metrics to engaging your app users. >>

9 (+1) Ways IT Automation Will Make Your Organization More Successful

With the right automation in place, your IT infrastructure can become a strategic asset to get your company out ahead of competitors. Thoughtfully chosen automation tools can enable IT operations to manage IT infrastructure for: higher availability and reliability; faster recovery from outages; better scalability; better auditability; more frequent delivery of better-quality code; and for more business intelligence to inform business strategy. >>

Characteristics of a Successful DevOps Team

No matter how you're using DevOps practices -- whether your company has a DevOps department or cross-functional teams that share DevOps tools and practices -- there are distinct characteristics of DevOps teams that align with high IT performance. >>

Automated Configuration Management: Why it Matters and How to Get Started

Are you spending more time fighting fires than adding functionality? Managing too many tasks with ad-hoc manual changes and handwritten scripts? It's time to automate your configuration management. >>

Osterman Research Explains Need for Managed File Transfer

Learn how MFT can help you reduce corporate risk and regain control over content. >>

The Secret to Business Results: How Network Connections Drive Web Application Performance

This CITO Research white paper from Equinix discusses the challenges of delivering applications effectively when your users and applications are global in scope and how you can meet those challenges and the expectations of your users. >>

The Benefits of Effective Process Distribution

Applied Systems comes up with a productive WCF-WPF solution to distributed control and visualization. >>

Store You Shop At Get Hacked? Here's What To Do

By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf. >>

The IDC Market Spotlight on Network Automation and Agility

The arrival of virtualization, cloud computing, and mobility has strained data center networks--and IT staff--like never before. >>

Is Your Data Center Ready for SDN?

Critical data center considerations for software-defined networking. >>

Survey Highlights: Data Backup and Recovery Benchmark Report

Take a fresh look at your organization's data management strategy. >>

Records Management Best Practices Guide

A practical approach to building a comprehensive and compliant records management program. >>

When Time Isn't on Your Side: Options for Tackling Event Based Retention Rules

Recent statistics show that 67% of organizations agree that their Records and Information Management (RIM) program would benefit from fewer event-caused retention periods. >>

Information Governance Benchmark Survey Report

Information is your advantage. Where do you stack up? >>

Uninterrupted Internet: Maximizing Revenue and Minimizing Business Risk with 3G/4G Failover

Whether your businesses are connected to the Internet via T1/T3, DSL or Cable, incorporating a mobile broadband backup solution adds uptime whenever there is a loss in connectivity via a failure in your wired line. >>

How Concur Monitors Billions of Database Transactions

This case study details how ExtraHop can provide deep, application-level visibility through wire data analytics. >>

How Electronic Document Management Systems Can Increase Business Productivity By 20%

Businesses waste an enormous amount of time handling, processing, and searching for documents, and 50% of the time, a manual search will fail to turn up the needed document. >>

Online Data Backup an Essential and Efficient Solution to Any Business

Many small and medium sized businesses either do not backup their data or they do it infrequently and on-site. Either way, you risk losing important data that could pose a financial or security liability to your business. >>

Lost Data Can Cost You Money - Remote Online Backup Can Save It

Remote online backup services have become more affordable and service providers are abundant. Many online backup vendors offer similar functionality but there are a number of variables, which can make selecting the right provider for your company a challenging task. >>

Newspaper 2.0: Your Guide to RSS

By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf. >>

Hadoop For Dummies -- Free Sample Chapter

Let Hadoop For Dummies help harness the power of your data and rein in the information overload >>

Wiley's Hadoop Book Bundle -- A Free 113 Page Sampler

A diverse collection of Hadoop tips, tricks, and information from some of today?s leading authors >>

Google BigQuery Analytics -- Free Sample Chapter

How to effectively use BigQuery, avoid common mistakes, and execute sophisticated queries against large datasets >>

Wiley's Virtualization Book Bundle -- A Free 175 Page Sampler

A diverse collection of Virtualization tips, tricks, and information from some of today’s leading authors >>

Wiley's Information Security Book Bundle -- A Free 228 Page Sampler

A diverse collection of Information Security tips, tricks, and insights from some of today’s leading authors >>

Files and Tribulations – The Importance of Managed File Transfer

Get free insights, stats, and stories from the real-world of MFT. >>

Professional Hadoop Solutions--Free Sample Chapter

The go-to guidebook for deploying Big Data solutions with Hadoop >>

Big Data Basics

An Introduction to Big Data and How It Is Changing Business >>

Shortcuts to Speed Your vCloud Deployment

VMware vCloud Director fashions the provisioning of the software-defined datacenter layer to allow for a full virtual datacenter deployment within a short period of time. >>

Wiley's Windows 8 Book Bundle -- A Free 189 Page Sampler

A diverse collection of Windows 8 tips, tricks, and insights from some of today’s leading authors >>

Wiley's Cloud Computing Book Bundle -- A Free 200 Page Sampler

A diverse collection of Cloud Computing tips, tricks, and insights from some of today’s leading authors >>

WordPress Security Checklist

With this cheatsheet you will receive daily updates in your email for free, courtesy of Make Tech Easier. >>

Microsoft Office SharePoint Foundation 2013-- Free Reference Card

This Microsoft Office SharePoint 2013 Reference provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the program. >>

Backup and Recovery Best Practices for the Oracle Database Appliance

The Oracle Database Appliance is an engineered systems offering that saves time and money by simplifying the deployment, maintenance, and support of a high availability database solution - all supported by a single vendor - Oracle. It is a fully integrated system with software, servers, storage and networking in a single box capable of supporting a wide range of home grown, packaged Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Data Warehousing applications. >>

Microsoft SQL Server 2012: What to Expect

Explore some of the impressive new features of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 so you can start planning your upgrade strategy. >>

Top 10 Things System Administrators Need to Know About Virtualization

This white paper offers a high-level description of the top 10 things about virtualization every system administrator needs to know; whether you're just starting out or are already in the deep end. >>

Your Guide to Google Analytics

By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf. >>

Cost-Effective Business Intelligence as a Service

Read this white paper to learn about the keys for successfully building and deploying SaaS-based BI applications for external users, all while keeping costs at a minimum. >>

Five Things You Need to Know About Your Users Before You Deploy Business Intelligence

This paper lists 5 things you need to know before you begin planning your BI application, so you can better understand the blend of capabilities needed to address end user requirements. >>

When Mobile Device Management Isn't Enough

Explore common methods of data loss that cannot be prevented through MDM alone. >>

Microsoft Access 2010 - Free Quick Reference Card

This Microsoft Access 2010 Reference provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the popular database management system. Use this reference to brush up on the basics and to find alternative methods to your favorite commands. >>

Benefits of Electronic Invoicing

Learn how to make e-invoicing (EIPP) an integral part of your AP solution to recruit and enable suppliers. >>

Access 2010 -- Free Quick Reference Card

This Access 2010 Quick Reference provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the popular database management system. Use it to brush up on the basics and to find alternate methods to your favorite commands. >>

Getting Started with SQL Server 2008 R2 - Free Chapter Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Administration Cookbook

Getting Started with SQL Server 2008 R2, begins with SQL Server 2008 R2 version's new features and enhancements such as master data services, data-tier applications, and adding the service pack features using Slipstream technology. >>

The High-Tech Knowledge Experience: How and Why to Make Knowledge Management Easier

Learn the 3 knowledge experience "moments of truth" to capture the high-tech user. >>

Power and Cooling Capacity Management for Data Centers

Learn how capacity management can provide critical information about the state of your data center. >>

Implementing Energy Efficient Data Centers

What is the Cost of Electrical Power Consumption? >>

Allocating Data Center Energy Costs and Carbon to IT Users

Discover how simple an energy management process can be and how few measurements are needed to successfully manage infrastructure use and allocate energy costs and carbon to IT users. >>

A Quantitative Comparison of High Efficiency AC vs. DC Power Distribution for Data Centers

Learn how improvements in electrical power distribution efficiency quantitatively translates into reductions in total electrical consumption. >>

'Think Lean' When Developing Management System Documentation

Learn how to efficiently and effectively implement a document management system for your organization. >>

Rethinking Data Integration in the Cloud: A Revolutionary Approach

Kapow changes the game, giving you unprecedented data integration flexibility in the cloud. >>

Spazio File Governance - Modernization and Cost Reduction of File Transfer

This white paper looks at what can be done to put file transfer under 'control' without needing to make changes to the existing file transfers, whilst at the same reducing costs. >>

Debatching Bulk Data – Free 33 Page Chapter

A free sample chapter from Packt Enterprise's book: Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform. >>

Understanding and Selecting a Database Assessment Solution

Learn the value of database assessments and how to evaluate database assessment solutions. >>

7 Questions You Should Ask Before Deploying Deduplication

Deduplication has been one of the hottest technologies in the storage industry and has generated marketing wars, industry consolidation, and comments and controversy from vendors. >>

Breaking the Bottleneck

Learn how to solve the storage challenges of next generation data centers. >>

Integrating Silverlight 4 with SharePoint 2010 -- Free 42 Page Sample Chapter

A free sample chapter from Packt Enterprise's book: Microsoft Silverlight 4 and SharePoint 2010 Integration. >>

Five Secrets to SQL Server Availability

Implement a SQL environment with little or no downtime, zero data loss, and no added IT complexity. >>

A Prescription for Healthcare: Optimize Performance and Quality Now

Learn how to make strategic management goals a reality through real-time information sharing, collaboration, alerts and analysis. >>

Performance Management Without Biases

Learn what to look for in performance management technologies. >>

Enabling Rapid ROI: With Java™ - Based Business Intelligence Applications

Learn how to leverage the processing efficiencies of Java-based application servers to deploy business intelligence applications to more people at a lower per user cost. >>

Worst Practices in Business Intelligence: Why BI Applications Succeed Where BI Tools Fail

Learn to identify and combat the four worst practices in Business Intelligence before they take root in your organization. >>

Comply With XBRL: Automate Compliance With U.S. and European Financial-Reporting Standards

Compliance is mandatory, but the process of preparing compliant documents is not. Doing the right thing wrong, can result in the very same deficiencies that XBRL intends to eliminate. >>

Everyone Sells: The Value of Business Intelligence in Retail

Learn how BI can impact all areas of your business, helping drive growth through a thorough understanding of all the factors influencing your business – including customer demand. >>

Achieving Rapid Data Recovery for IBM AIX Environments

Read how EchoStream for AIX leverages CDP technology to support instantaneous recoveries from disk, resulting in minimal data loss and rapid recovery all while not imposing any downtime on production applications. >>

Top Five Recommendations for Encrypting Laptop Data

Learn how to protect laptop data from loss or theft, and save on storage and IT resources with this best practices guide. >>

The Next Generation in Data Deduplication - Deduplication Across Encrypted Data

Learn how massive storage economies can be achieved without sacrificing security, even in a multi-tenant environment. >>

Keeping Your Laptop Users Up & Running

How to address business continuity, information security, policy enforcement, and regulatory compliance challenges for your laptop users. >>

Data Center Physical Infrastructure: Optimizing Business Value

Learn how to optimize DCPI to improve its business value. >>

Software Developers Guide to Loading and Analyzing Web Data

If you are responsible for developing your company's online analytics, this white paper provides the technical considerations and solutions you'll need to gain business insight. >>

Achieving Virtualization Control with Workload Automation

Do all your vendors, platforms, and virtual machines add up to a manual scripting nightmare? Not if you have the know-how and technology to integrate it all. >>

Three Must Haves for the Virtual Data Center

Server virtualization is only the first step towards the virtualized environment. >>

More Data Doesn't Always Mean More Cost

Key considerations for sustainable storage savings beyond the purchase price. >>

The Trend from UNIX to Linux in SAP® Data Centers

Linux has arrived in large SAP data centers, and the SAP customer base shows significant momentum in migrating from UNIX to Linux. To explain this development, the following white paper will provide information about which customers are migrating from UNIX to Linux, in terms of size and industrial sector, and why they are migrating. >>

Simplify the Complexity of your Data Center

This Data Center Survival Guide will illustrate key areas to navigate your data center through the complexity to the simplicity. >>

Implementing Energy Efficient Data Centers

Discover the magnitude of the data center electrical consumption problem and the most effective strategies to reduce consumption. >>

Energy Efficient Cooling for Data Centers: A Close-Coupled Row Solution

Learn the common misconceptions that cause significant errors in data center efficiency models. >>

Electrical Efficiency Modeling for Data Centers

Learn how to put it all together and create an improved model for data center efficiency. >>

What's Good for Security is Good for Operations

This white paper discusses a configuration audit and control solution that assesses the data center against trusted industry standards and internal operational policy, informing IT of security issues detected in both physical and virtual environments and providing details so they can modify files and configurations to get the data center into a trusted state. >>

Email Archiving: A Business-Critical Application

Discover how hosted email archiving cuts risk and improves employee productivity. >>

The Executive Guide to Data Loss Prevention

Reported data breaches increased by nearly 50 percent in 2008 and industry and regulatory requirements are continually being added to stem the tide of data leaks. >>

Mastering New Challenges in Text Analytics

Learn how text analytics can help your organization gain significant, measurable benefits from textual data. >>

10 Really Good Reasons To Use Predictive Analytics

Here are 10 really good reasons predictive analytics can help your business. >>

Benefits of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Discover the benefits of VDI and how it can benefit your company and save you money. >>

Choosing the Right Email Archiving Solution for your Enterprise

Address email problems with full mailboxes, lost backup tapes, IT audits, records requests, and employee turnover. >>

A Superior Hardware Platform for Server Virtualization: Improving Data Center Flexibility, Performance and TCO with the Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 Series

Discover the Intel Xeon processor 5500 series, a better physical platform for virtualization, with unique hardware-assist features to enhance the virtual data center and help tame server sprawl. >>

Microsoft Exchange Best Practices

The most critical component of an Exchange deployment is the storage subsystem where the data is held. Download now to learn best practices in storage sizing and deployment. >>

Thin Provisioning: The Secret to Achieving Operational Efficiency in the Data Center

Thin provisioning is now recognized as a critical approach to simplifying storage management while drastically improving capacity utilization. Download this white paper to learn how. >>

The State of Resilience & Optimization on IBM Power Systems (System i and System p)

Read this review to learn the data protection, recovery technologies and strategies that IBM i and AIX customers have adopted. >>

The Benefits of AIX Data Replication in IBM HACMP Cluster Management Implementations

Learn how technological advances in AIX high availability, clustering disaster recovery and continuous operations are ensuring that both planned and unplanned outages result in minimal data loss. >>

The System i Challenge

If you're in charge of your company's System i platform, then this white paper is for you! >>

Get the Facts: Real-Time, On-Demand Information for Business Intelligence and Data Integration

Learn how to simplify data integration strategies in order to achieve faster, better, more scalable performance with less administration, cost and specialized expertise. >>

10 Really Good Reasons To Use Predictive Analytics

Here are 10 really good reasons predictive analytics can help your business. >>

Vulnerability Management for Dummies

Get all the Facts and See How to Implement a Successful Vulnerability Management Program. >>

Equifax Master Data Management Case Study

Master Data Management initiative at Equifax integrates 2.1 million customer records, enabling more accurate customer visibility. >>

An Improved Architecture for High-Efficiency, High-Density Data Centers

Learn how APC's Data Center architecture can be implemented to dramatically improve the electrical efficiency of data centers. >>

Data Governance Strategies Helping your Organization Comply, Transform, and Integrate

Learn how to successfully navigate the unknown waters of Data Governance with these the best practice techniques. >>

An Architecture for Data Quality

Download this white paper now to learn how to address your data quality issues. >>

Migrating Exchange To Collaboration

Learn how consolidating email and attachments into a Single Interactive Repository (SIR) saves time and money and avoids risk. >>

SGI® Adaptive Data Warehouse: Building a High-End Oracle Data Warehouse Using Industry-Standard Technologies

Data sets are growing ever larger. Queries are becoming increasingly complex. So SGI and Oracle are teaming up with innovative, standards-based configurations to meet the urgent need for scalable, powerful data warehouse solutions. >>

Making Open Source BI Viable for the Enterprise

In this free white paper, learn how to choose the right open source BI solution for your company. >>

Open Source Database Checklist: 5 Key Attributes for the Enterprise

What is Enterprise Open Source? In this free white paper, learn 5 key criteria to look for in an open source database for the enterprise. >>

Enterprise Backup and Recovery Methodologies for Oracle

Evaluate the pros and cons of Oracle's own backup and recovery applications and compare a number of third-party enterprise backup and recovery solutions for Oracle-based environments. >>

Leading Gaming & Entertainment Company Increases Loyalty with Equifax Database Solutions

Learn how this leading gaming and entertainment company experienced greater success in marketing across all segments of their business. >>

The Instantly Responsive Enterprise: The Marriage of Business Process Management and Complex Event Processing

Learn how Business Process Management (BPM) and Complex Event Processing (CEP) can work together to keep pace with changing conditions. >>

Disk-based Backup & Recovery: Making Sense of Your Options

Learn about several methods for incorporating disk into your backup and recovery environment. >>

Get Serious About SOA Governance: A 5-Step Action Plan for Architects

Build an airtight yet flexible governance plan to avoid risk and get the most out of SOA investment. >>

Innovate Over ERP with Service-Oriented Architecture, Business Process Management, and Enterprise Social Computing

Don't replace SAP, supercharge it. Leverage your legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for dramatically improved agility and visibility. >>

Pre-Testing Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plans: The Network Simulation Solution

Learn how to safeguard your business and ensure business continuity through disaster recovery planning. >>

High Availability on IBM System i (AS/400) - An Introduction

Get more value out of your business-critical AS/400 and iSeries systems! >>

Green Computing Beyond The Datacenter

Discover how to lower computer energy costs by reducing workstation power consumption without impacting user productivity. >>

The PCI DSS: Get Compliant. Stay Compliant.

Learn more about the leading configuration audit and control solution, enabling companies to improve data protection. >>

Complying with FISMA

Find out what the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requires of federal agencies and how configuration audit and control solutions can help automate compliance. >>

Configuration Audit and Control: 10 Critical Factors for CCM Success

Find out how Configuration Audit and Control solution can provide a single, valuable, independent source for enforcing and reporting on change policy across an IT organization. >>

Department of Defense Information Assurance Briefs

This information helps you satisfy the information assurance requirements of many regulations. >>

Revinetix backup and recovery solutions make protecting city data simple and affordable for Overland Park, Kansas

Learn how Overland Park, Kansas used low cost and easy to use Revinetix Data Protection solutions to protect their mission-critical information systems and get their backup strategies in place. >>

Improving Application Performance from Within the Data Center

Explore the challenges of web application delivery and learn how to choose the best web application optimization products and solutions that will provide your users with a consistent, high-performance, reliable and secure application experience. >>

Enterprise Backup and Recovery Methodologies for Oracle

Overcome the unique back up and recovering challenges Oracle environments can present. >>

Managing Your Oracle Analytics

Oracle Users: Simplify the way analytics are developed, used, managed and deployed, while leveraging your existing information technology infrastructure. >>

PCI Compliance: Are You Onboard?

Comply with requirements by enabling configuration audit and control. >>

Reduce the Headache of Infrastructure Change in Five Steps

Learn how to maximize the success of a planned infrastructure change. >>

Sarbanes-Oxley Simplified

Learn how to remove weakness in asset and inventory control required by SOX. >>

The Consequential Risk Of Weak Internal Controls: Fraud and Accounting Irregularities

Useful real-world case studies demonstrate how workflow and imaging strengthen internal controls and reduce operating costs. >>

Embracing the Seven Pillars of Strong Internal Controls

Explore how business process automation and imaging software integrated with ERP can optimize a variety of financial processes. >>

Accountable Data Protection: An IT Imperative

Prepare for enterprise compliance and data availability requirements of the future by implementing a holistic and heterogeneous data protection management solution. >>

Data Quality, Compliance, and Risk for Financial Institutions

Details recent regulations and how improving data quality is central to these initiatives and the success of today's financial institutions. >>

Data Quality Business Case: Projecting Return on Investment with David Loshin

Key business dimensions impacted and how to tackle and develop a business case justifying investment in data quality improvement. >>

The Challenge of Global Data Synchronization

How CPG enterprises can empower themselves to improve and maintain critical master data in the era of global data standards. >>

Data Quality: Driving Single View of Customer

Outlines data quality importance with reference to SVC and how poor data quality can hamper, delay and defeat organizations in implementing CRM and SVC. >>

Build the Path to Better Profits: Implementing ERP Technology Successfully

Nine steps to easier ERP implementations and profits for small and medium-sized businesses. >>

Breakthrough Data Recovery for IBM AIX Environments

How new technologies are making data protection, recovery and high availability easier and more affordable. >>

Address Privacy Compliance by Tracking Personally Identifiable Information

Do you know where your sensitive information is? Since 2005 over 1 million records have been exposed outside of corporate networks. In a free white paper, learn how you can address this growing threat. >>

How to Migrate Off the Mainframe

Approaches, techniques, and tools needed to successfully migrate data to open standard regional database management systems. >>

Taneja Group Technology in Depth: Information Management Solutions

Learn how a powerful new solutions category has emerged, providing new intelligence and control over server and storage resident data. >>

How an Integrated System Boosted a Distributor's Revenue, Productivity, and Data Access

Find out how one company increased revenue by 200 percent using an ERP, Web-enabled workflow, and reporting solution. >>

Achieving Configuration Compliance in a Regulatory Framework

Find out how to achieve automated configuration compliance with an appliance that delivers comprehensive assistance. >>

Data Quality, Compliance, and Risk for Financial Institutions

Learn about an end-to-end data quality framework solution that will improve data quality for effective risk management and compliance in your organization. >>

How to Launch a Data Governance Program

Key information and practical guidelines including a checklist to evaluate your technology infrastructure to support a data governance program. >>

Migration Readiness Assessment

Covers challenges and risks of data migration, plus a detailed look at how to do a Migration Readiness Assessment for your organization. >>

Calculating ROI for Data Migration and Data Integration Projects

Data profiling is a critical step in the lifecycle. Learn how to reduce time to plan and excute data integration strategies. >>

Open Source Business Intelligence: Ready to Play in the Big Leagues

Real-world deployments and best practices for a less costly, flexible alternative to BI proprietary technologies. >>

Do's and Don'ts: Embedding Open Source BI in Mission Critical Applications

Insider tips to evaluate Open Source Business Intelligence and more easily find a solution to meet your needs. >>

Beyond High Availability: “Always-On” Applications for Financial Services

Learn how the combination of business-focused processes and plans for DR and HA initiatives can benefit your organization or financial services firm. >>

Implementing High Availability for Virtual Servers: What You Need to Know

Introduction to virtual machine technology and a detailed look at a range of potential high availability configurations using virtual machines. >>

Best Practices: Implementing Disaster Recovery Protection for Microsoft Exchange Server

Review of eight best practices to help you understand what you need to consider during Exchange disaster recovery design and deployment. >>

Expect the Unexpected: High Availability and Disaster Recovery for Windows Applications

How to protect your company's critical applications by minimizing your risk to disasters with high availability solutions. >>

Essential Guide to User Continuity

Learn how IT professionals can keep users working and productive throughout any type of network computing failure. >>

Reducing the Cost of IT Compliance: Streamlining the IT Compliance Life Cycle

Learn how to streamline the IT compliance life cycle and free up resources for other business priorities. >>

How to Build Interactive Scorecards, Dashboards and Business Reports with MicroStrategy

Learn about this revolutionary business intelligence platform solution for reaching all business users with the information they need. >>

Migrating Off the Mainframe

Regardless of the reasons why your business has elected to move off mainframe, once the decision has been made, your IT organization needs to know about the approaches, techniques, and tools to successfully migrate to a more modern application landscape or open standard RDBMS like Oracle. This is where this white paper can help. >>

Data Governance, Why It Matters to the Business

Companies and government organizations of all sizes are striving to manage data as an enterprise asset, to be shared and reused across multiple software applications and systems, business processes, and users throughout the organization. >>

The Data Quality Business Case: Projecting Return on Investment

The purpose of this White Paper is to outline the importance of data quality in today's business environment. It describes how an organization should tackle a data quality improvement process and where Informatica data quality software solutions fit into that process. >>

Cost Effective Scalability with Informatica PowerCenter8 on HP Grid on Linux

This white paper details benchmark tests measuring the performance and scalability of Informatica. PowerCenter. 8 Enterprise Grid Option in a 64-bit grid system based on HP servers and RedHat Linux. >>

Best Practices and Case Studies for Standardizing on Business Intelligence Software

Explore the real-world selection criteria for business intelligence (BI) standardization as employed by leading companies. This paper benchmarks enterprise data environments, providing quantitative and qualitative assessments of BI requirements useful for your organization's own standardization efforts. >>

Comprehensive Business Intelligence Market Study - Summary Results from The OLAP Survey 5

Gain real-world insight into actual BI implementations, product selection, and challenges faced. >>

Improving Corporate Performance with Business Intelligence Software

Learn how business intelligence (BI) can improve corporate performance through integrated reporting, analysis, and monitoring. >>

7 Major Leading Applications of Business Intelligence Software

Discover the depth and breadth of business intelligence applications across seven major categories. >>

Enterprise Data Integration in Financial Services: Leveraging the Value of Your Data Assets

Discusses common barriers to integrating data in financial services, the shift towards >>

Addressing Data Quality at the Enterprise Level: Six Questions to Ensure Enterprise High-Quality Data

Data quality encompasses more than finding and fixing missing or inaccurate data. It means delivering comprehensive, consistent, relevant, and timely data to the business regardless of its application, use, or origin. >>

Putting Metadata to Work to Achieve the Goals of Data Governance

Examines the business advantages of effectively managing metadata to achieve the goals of data governance across a full spectrum of IT initiatives. >>

Implementing or Upgrading SAP? Don't Forget the Data: Addressing the Challenges and Risks of Data Migration

The successful implementation of mission-critical SAP enterprise applications requires a mission-critical approach to data migration. Data migration is not just about moving the data into SAP; it's about making the data work once within SAP. >>

A Strategic Foundation to Maximizing the Value of Enterprise Data

Examines how an enterprise data integration platform enriches a service oriented architecture-and how an SOA provides an ideal framework for data integration technology. >>

Data Migration Solution Brief

Outlines the key role of data migration in ERP instance consolidations, new packages, or custom applications implementations, and the upgrade process for existing application installations. >>

A Winning Formula: Achieving Top Performance In Records Management

Learn how large enterprises are gaining an advantage in records management! >>

Agile Data Management: Enabling Agile Development Through Database Virtualization

Agile development techniques are on the rise as corporate app dev teams look to roll out more functionality, faster. However, data infrastructure is often a significant roadblock to greater development agility. >>

Actionable Information Governance: Immediate Value and ROI from Data Governance

Information governance doesn't have to be a boil-the-ocean effort. ROI can even be attained through existing IT and compliance initiatives or trigger events like e-discovery or regulatory response. >>

Memcached Technology Brief - Accelerating Web 2.0 Application Performance

Learn how to dramatically improve response times for SQL, mySQL and no-SQL databases with 10G Ethernet technology. >>

Active Management for Active Data

As today's enterprises scramble to redefine their information management roadmaps to deal with Big Data, vendors have begun to pursue a new vision of what an Enterprise Information Management ‘stack’ should contain. Gone are the old school strategies - adding storage and building mega-repositories. >>

How to Sell Storage Virtualization to Your CIO

Learn the 5 key ways to sell storage virtualization to your company's CIO. >>

Ensuring the Quality of 'Data in Motion': The Missing Link in Data Governance

Discover why Infogix's solutions for data governance have helped many organizations manage their data successfully. >>

Oracle Product Brief: Oracle Identity & Access Management Suite & Oracle Database Security

Why your organization needs identity and access management along with data security. >>

Oracle Database Appliance

The Oracle Database Appliance is a new engineered system consisting of hardware and software that saves customers time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of high availability database solutions. >>

How Organizations are Implementing Document Management Strategies to Help Drive Business in a Tough Economy

Discover how organizations are leveraging specific document management practices to help meet the business challenges ahead. >>

Generating New Revenue and Driving Growth: Eight Defining Technology Choices for Business Leaders

Today's media outlets and professional prognosticators are all a-twitter about how predictive analytics, SoLoMo (Social, Location, and Mobile), big data, unstructured data, cloud computing, and other innovative concepts are changing business. >>

Options for Backing Up Your Computer

You can always replace your computer, but not your personal data. Learn more about options for backup. >>

10 Signs You Have Outgrown Your Home Grown Content Management System

Is it time to finally move past your “home grown” system for managing your web content? >>

Rethinking Server Virtualization: Breaking Performance & Manageability Barriers

Server virtualization reduces costs and enhances business agility. But for many companies, a focus only on cost reduction can become a problem if the company loses the ability to respond to new economic changes. >>

Large Bank Eliminates ETL Errors with Infogix Controls

Find out how Infogix Controls helped eliminate ETL errors that were causing many manual processes, increased risk, and hindering effective testing processes in the organization. >>

Document Process Management: The Case for an Integrated Lifecycle Approach

How outsourcing DPM maximizes the utility of documents as critical business assets and minimizes document related risks. >>

Exposing and Taming Costs of Office Document-Handling

Learn how the systematic design of document workflow can generate significant savings. >>

Document Process Management: The Case for an Integrated Lifecycle Approach

Learn how you can manage enterprise information and evidentiary records in a well documented and consistent manner, while reducing costs and increasing productivity. >>

The 'ABCs' of DaaS

Enabling Data as a Service for Application Delivery, Business Intelligence, and Compliance Reporting. >>

Exposing and Taming Costs of Office Document-Handling

Discover how systematic design of document workflow can generate significant savings. >>

Case Study: Turn Big Data into Big Money

How one company earned $3.7 million from Big Data in 60 days. >>

Testing and Monitoring Data Warehouse: The Critical Role of Information Controls

Find out how Infogix Information Solutions address Information Risk successfully! >>

Informatica Drives MDM with Oracle Database Cloud

Learn how Delphix helped Informatica accelerate its internal Master Data Management initiative as well as reduce costs and complexity. >>

Can't We Just Use SharePoint? A Knowledge Manager's Guide to Productive Conversations with IT

Service and support require true knowledge management tools to create a superior customer experience. >>

The Evolution of Document Process Outsourcing

Discover how DPO continues to be a high-growth segment and a significant opportunity for document outsourcing vendors worldwide. >>

Desktop Virtualization: A Cost-Effective First Step For Creating a Virtualized Desktop Experience Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Learn how CIOs and IT managers can use a virtual desktop to reduce budgets for desktop hardware, software and rising IT costs associated with managing them. >>

Can Your Business Intelligence Environment Handle Data Growth?

As companies experience rapid growth in the volume of data they maintain, many are finding that their Business Intelligence (BI) environments are struggling to keep pace. >>

What Companies Need to Look for in Cloud-based Email

This white paper includes a comprehensive list of things to consider in evaluating cloud-based email solutions, from the hidden costs of hosting your own to additional services you might need as well as what questions to ask your provider. >>

A Guide to Messaging Archiving

Why should you implement an email archiving system? Learn why organizations like yours are increasingly using this solution and what vendors focus on this area. >>