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Cloud Connected Content Makes Making Easier

Cloud manufacturing is enabling small and midsized companies to build profitable, growing businesses by making better products than their global competitors. >>

Manufacturing Outsourcing

Are You Making the Right Decisions? >>

Email Security As A Service

Secure Communications that meet your compliance needs. >>

New Ways to Achieve Accountability and Prevent Waste Using Fleet and Asset Management

Companies that manage mobile resources (vehicles, assets and mobile workers) face considerable challenges to their operational efficiency, both at the home office and in the field. >>

The New Model for Safety Success

Download this white paper to learn about modern processes for safety inspection success. >>

6 Steps to Cutting High Fuels Costs on Your Company Vehicles

You can do something about the high price of fuel by using a GPS fleet tracking system. >>

What is the True Cost of Not Having an eQMS?

In this white paper, you will learn the most common “quality pains” seen among regulated companies and some strategies on choosing and executing an eQMS. But first, let's ask the questions that you and your team should address when you evaluate the true cost of not having an automated QMS. >>

Getting Ahead of the Compliance Curve

Adopting a Managed Approach to Web Security and Regulatory Compliance. >>

ERP in Discrete Manufacturing: It's Not What You Have, It's How You Use It

When it comes to discrete manufacturing, ERP enables visibility into the supply chain, helps to promote standards, and improves agility. >>

Impact of Data Effectiveness on Business Outcomes at Medium-Sized Businesses in North America and Europe

Do companies with more user-friendly and accessible Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems enjoy more positive business outcomes? >>

Seven Laptop Components That Can Improve Your Battery Life

By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf. >>

The MagPi Magazine: Picademy Training

This month’s issue is packed cover to cover with something for just about everyone! >>

eBook: 4 Tools for Managing Shortened Customer Lead Times and Demand Volatility

This eBook provides tools to help manufacturing supply chains manage the pressure to decrease lead times in an era of empowered customers, volatile demand and complex supply networks. >>

Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP)

What it is, why you need it, & how it works. >>

Requirements for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Professionals

In this guide, we’ll talk about what you need to know to keep your workers safe. >>

How to Build a Safety Program

In this white paper, we’ll take a look at these general principles, so you have an idea where to begin. >>

The Essentials of Manufacturing - Free Kit

Download this kit to learn everything you need to know about Manufacturing. >>

Testing the Reliability and Safety of Photovoltaic Modules: Failure Rates and Temperature Effects

This white paper reveals the results of failure rates in the qualification of flat-plate modules and the temperature test results on over 140 modules compared to data obtained on actual rooftop Photovoltaic modules. >>

The Top 10 Mobile Solutions for Lean Manufacturing

Learn how to eliminate waste in ten areas of your manufacturing operation. >>

Enterprise Mobility Barometer - State of Mobility in Manufacturing

Find out why 7 in 10 manufacturers see mobility as key to productivity. >>

Mobility in Manufacturing: Achieve a New Level of Lean – and a New Level of Profitability

Get this 150+ page guide to improving productivity and profitability. >>

Eliminate Seven Wastes from Quality Processes with Mobility

Amplify lean principles in your quality function with hand-held computers. Download this white paper, Eliminate Seven Wastes from Quality Processes with Mobility, now! >>

Traceability in Discrete Manufacturing

Traceability benefits your brand—and your bottom line—by lowering risks and costs and improving quality. Get free details here in this Quick Reference Guide: Traceability in Discrete Manufacturing. >>

Recalibrating Lean: Enterprise Mobility and Manufacturing Improvement

Go to the next level in lean manufacturing by integrating enterprise mobility. Download Recalibrating Lean: Enterprise Mobility and Manufacturing Improvement to learn how mobility can error-proof your assembly line, dramatically boost accuracy of data, and root out potential process problems. >>

Elevate Inventory Accuracy for Perfect Orders

Learn how mobility can automate, speed and error-proof order picking to help you achieve perfect order performance. >>

The Adaptive Supply Chain: Increase Supply Chain Visibility and Meet Customer Demands with Mobile Technologies

A flexible supply chain is essential to your success. Mobile technologies give you the visibility you need to quickly respond to constantly changing demand anywhere from the production line to the point of sale. >>

Dynamic Scheduling in Enterprise Workload Automation

This white paper describes how you can get the most value out of your existing infrastructure with just-in-time processing and dynamic scheduling. >>

The Top 10 Mobile Solutions for Lean Manufacturing

Learn how to eliminate waste in ten areas of your manufacturing operation. >>

Enterprise Mobility Barometer State of Mobility in Manufacturing

Find out why 7 in 10 manufacturers see mobility as key to productivity. >>

Mobility in Manufacturing: Achieve a New Level of Lean – and a New Level of Profitability

Get this 150+ page guide to improving productivity and profitability. >>

2D Imaging Technology Reinvented

2D or not 2D? A new category of 2D imagers – bringing laser-like performance to all 1D/2D symbologies. >>

Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Options

Fluorescent bulbs are one of those wastes that the government has allowed some specific reliefs based on the degree of the hazard and the volume that needs to be managed. >>

Manufacturing Executive Kit

Learn how to drive multi-channel original and aftermarket sales, create a lean, intelligent supply chain and outpace your competitors in business model agility. >>

The Synchronized Distribution Supply Chain: Best Practices in Warehouse Management

Companies all over the world are using mobile devices to keep their supply chain operations running at peak productivity and profitability. >>

PLM in Electronics Report; Turning Products into Profits

Aberdeen PLM Benchmark Report: Learn Best in Class Product Development Processes for Electronics Manufacturers. >>

ERP and PLM; Defining Their Roles and Creating a Collaborative Environment for Success

Should you invest in ERP, PLM or both? Learn the differences between ERP and PLM systems, how both help manufacturers, and how integration between ERP and PLM is key to successful product development. >>

Synchronizing the Distribution Supply Chain with Mobility

Mobile technologies give you the visibility you need to improve the velocity and value of your entire supply chain. >>

The Adaptive Supply Chain: Increase Supply Chain Visibility and Meet Customer Demands

Mobile technologies give you the visibility you need to quickly respond to constantly changing demand. >>

B2B: Get the Most Out of Your Business Relationships While Maximizing the ROI of Your Existing B2B Investment

Learn the proven strategies that can optimize your cost savings, revenue potential, and visibility while maximizing your B2B infrastructure ROI. >>

Five Keys for Driving Organic Growth through Innovation

Learn how to make Innovation predictable, reliable and sustainable in your organization. >>

Beyond Job Scheduling: The Road to Enterprise Process Automation

Learn how your organization can maximize ROI and build in a comprehensive automation philosophy from the ground up with UC4 Workload Automation Suite. >>

SAP Landscapes on Autopilot with Workload Automation

Discover how introducing an enterprise-wide automation strategy will lead to significant increases in productivity. >>

ISO 14001:2004 Road Map

This road map can be used as a resource for your company as you travel down the road to ISO 14001:2004 certification. >>

10 Defects That Can Damage Your Lean Six Sigma Initiative

Uncover the fatal flaws that could be jeopardizing your Lean Six Sigma or other process improvement initiative. >>

What Is GFSI And Why Are Major U.S. Retailers Making Food Suppliers Comply With It's Standards?

Learn how valuable the Global Food Safety Initiative is to the food supply chain. >>

DEX – The EDI Standard for Direct Store Delivery

DEX is the EDI standard for the grocery industry. All vendors involved in Direct Store Delivery need to know the ins and outs of this powerful tool. >>

9 Ways to Recharge Your Six Sigma Program

Explore proven methods that will reform and revitalize your process improvement initiative. >>

What Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001) and Should I Care?

Many organizations are implementing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) as part of their risk management strategy to address changing legislation and protect their workforces. >>

What Is ISO 9000 And Should I Care?

A certified quality management system promotes, facilitates and enables consistency and improvements in a process or product. >>

What Is ISO 14001 And Should I Care?

ISO 14001 Certification is not only about the environment it's about profits, risk management, public perception and corporate responsibility. >>

Legal Aspects of Incident Investigation

Explore the world of legality and how to avoid serious errors that impairs an organization's ability to defend its position when incidents lead to legal action. >>

Extending Lean Initiatives Across the Organization

This White Paper will address the importance of optimizing front-office initiatives, in the way that back-office initiatives are made lean, in order to help your company stay competitive and improve the bottom line. >>

Software Evaluation Guide for Small to Midsized Wholesaler/Distributors

Includes growth considerations, industry requirements, RFP components, project budget, and ROI evaluation. >>

What Is ISO 14001 And Should I Care?

ISO 14001 Certification is not only about the environment it's about profits, risk management, public perception and corporate responsibility. >>

Keys to Success for Industrial Equipment Suppliers to Meet Today's Top 3 Issues

Learn how to embrace the changes in your business through today's industrial equipment and supplies landscape, as well as.. >>

The When, Why, and How of ERP support for LEAN

Discover the situations where ERP supports LEAN, the benefits of this support and why it only applies to some situations. >>

HACCP Regulations: How does your company comply?

Learn how Adonix X3 Process Manufacturing ERP offers food processors the capabilities they need to be HACCP compliant. >>

ROI Study in Distribution Companies

Objective study by the Gantry Group quantifying the net business impact of Sage MAS 90, 200, and 500 solutions. >>

Manufacturing - Realizing Enterprise ROI through Sage MAS 90, 200 and 500

An objective ROI study by the Gantry Group on behalf of Sage Software quantifies the net business impact of Sage MAS 90, 200, or 500 solutions. Gantry Group developed definitive ROI tools that address unique business benefits of software to manufacturers. Learn experiences of Sage MAS 90, 200, and 500 manufacturing customers. >>

Choosing a Software Management System

Critical information on how to choose the right warehouse management system and the benefits of an integrated system. >>

How to Choose a Manufacturing System

Find out how to simplify buying the right manufacturing solution? Simple test to find out if you should buy information to guide you through the selection process for manufacturing and business management software. >>

Workforce Scheduling: Managerial Strategies for Driving Down Costs While Escalating Customer Satisfaction

Learn the strategic approach to scheduling which enables Best-in-Class organizations to achieve greater operational efficiencies as well as ensure higher satisfaction levels among their employees and customers. >>

The 2007 ERP in Manufacturing Benchmark Report

Do you fall within Aberdeen's assessment of a 'Best in Class' Manufacturer? If not - but you want to get there - you should read the 2007 ERP in Manufacturing Benchmark Report to know your 3 steps to success. >>

Power Plant Safety

Learn about power plant safety hazards & risks with Zurich's FREE guide! >>

Leaner, Faster, Better -- Cost-Effective Die Cast Components and Complete Manufacturing Solutions

Discover how the right die casting partner can deliver superior products cost-effectively. >>

How do Enterprising Manufacturers Stay Ahead of the Compliance Game?

Read these Best Practices and learn how to turn risk-based product compliance into a proactive process. >>

DCS White Paper: You're Agile or You're Dead

Market activity shows that manufacturing in North America and Western Europe won't die anytime soon, but some manufacturers will. The future belongs to the agile, and this White Paper is your survival guide. >>

Lean Maintenance: Best Practices to Turn Asset Management Into a Profit-Center

Experience low-fat, lean enterprise maintenance and increase efficiency for higher profits. >>

How do Enterprising Manufacturers Stay Ahead of the Compliance Game?

How do enterprising manufacturers stay ahead of the compliance game? Read the White Paper now to find out! >>

Ten Pitfalls to Avoid When Selecting a CMMS/EAM

If you are looking for a new or replacing solution to track, manage and maintain your critical assets, you should read his report. >>

Planning and Scheduling in the 21st Century

Learn the Top 7 New Planning & Scheduling Approaches to Support Modern Manufacturing. >>

Lean Maintenance: Best Practices to Turn Asset Management Into a Profit-Center

Experience low-fat, lean enterprise maintenance and increase efficiency for higher profits. >>

Extending the Lean Enterprise

Learn what the Aberdeen Group has identified as the key strategies to extend the Lean enterprise, manage performance and leverage technology. >>

Chemical Supply Chain Management - Improving Warehouse Productivity

World-class supply chain management is the backbone of safe, profitable chemical manufacturing. >>

Technology Strategies for Closed Loop Inventory Management

Find out how best-in-class companies are using closed loop inventory management techniques to improve performance, processes and metrics. >>

OEM Quick Guide to Surface Finishing

Download your free condensed resource on die cast part surface finishing for OEM design engineers & specifiers. >>

Lean Maintenance: Best Practices to Turn Asset Management Into a Profit-Center

Experience low-fat, lean enterprise maintenance and increase efficiency for higher profits. >>

Champion Plastics Reduces Production Scheduling Hours by 50%

ERP from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud enables a plastics supplier to improve efficiency, quality, scheduling and parts tracking -- meeting demands of a new customer segment. >>

The Supply Chain Innovator's Technology Footprint 2007

Review the benchmark data that acts as a directional guide and reality check for your company's technology footprint. >>

Take an Optimized Approach to Inventory Management

Transform inventory from a cost into a real service opportunity, allowing you to continuously optimize inventory at every level of your supply chain. >>

New Dimensions in Supply Chain Management: 8 Strategies to Optimize the Performance of your Supply Chain

Learn key strategies for leveraging concept-to-customer supply chain management. >>

Lean Labor: A Survival Guide for Companies Facing Global Competition

Learn how labor can improve throughput, quality, and performance to control costs and gain a competitive advantage. >>

Ground Up Strategies for Asset Performance Management

The productivity of assets is essential to an organization's success. Maintenance of your company's assets can dramatically impact the overall performance of your operations. >>

The Seven Keys to World Class Manufacturing

Become as good as any competitor in the world, and just a little bit better, quicker, smarter, and more responsive than the rest. >>

New Dimensions in Growth and Profitability: Eight Steps from Customer to Cash

Learn how 3PLs can derive tangible business benefit from the Customer to Cash approach. >>

Business Performance Management for Document Processes: Cut Costs, Meet Strategic Goals and Manage Document Processes with Confidence

Learn how organizations can make surprising advances in meeting strategic business goals by driving continuous improvement in their document processes. >>

12 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Custom Die Cast Components

Discover how upfront planning for manufacturing and production can lower your overall costs. >>

Strategies for Being Demand Driven in a Globalized Economy

Uncover how technology can play a vital role for Best-in-Class manufacturers by allowing companies to leverage tools, improve forecasting and foster collaboration. >>

Moving From Reactive to Transformative: The Value of Integrated Contracting

This informative guide will help you to evaluate which type of solution is best for your organization and the impact it will have moving forward. >>

Building Productivity: Automating Time and Attendance in Manufacturing

Discover how automation of processes like time and attendance can improve efficiency and productivity, reduce compliance risk, and help you better manage spend. >>

2007 Manufacturing Executive Summary by MPI - Findings and Perspectives

Read the 2007 Manufacturing Executive Summary Report for manufacturing metrics, perspectives and best practices. >>

Warehouse Management Software: Five Key Capabilities for Every Distribution Center

Learn the key performance criteria to distinguish Best-in-Class companies. >>

Solving the 5 Biggest Challenges of Field Service Delivery

Learn how on-demand technology will help you conquer the headaches of field service delivery! >>

Is Your Industrial / Manufacturing Website Really Winning You Business?

Learn how to turn visitors to your industrial/manufacturing website into customers! >>

Big Data Turns Labor Information into Gold

Transform the vast amounts of your existing labor information into important business value with these big data strategies. >>

Is Your ERP Killing Your Manufacturing Business? The 10 Warning Signs

Look for these 10 signs that the end is near for your manufacturing business - and your ERP is the culprit. >>

Upgrading Your DCS: Why You May Need to Do It Sooner Than You Think

Learn the benefits of upgrading your DCS to maximize efficiency. >>

The Importance of Going Agile

A how-to guide of landing on your feet in sales and operations planning. >>

Inventory Management Technology Strategies for Distribution

Learn the key research findings for distribution companies to consider while making inventory management technology decisions. >>

Enterprise Asset Management: Maximizing Return on Assets (RoA) and Emerging Trends

Read this Aberdeen Group report which surveyed more than 160 manufacturing executives to understand the strategies and business capabilities adopted to maximize Return on Assets and reduce risk from failure of critical assets. >>

It Pays to Be a Know-It-All in Manufacturing: Use Cloud ERP

Learn how to apply the same lean improvements to data as you apply to your products. >>

3D Scanners: Selection Criteria for Product Design Applications

3D Scanning is emerging as a viable tool for design, reverse engineering, and manufacturing applications. >>

Unlock the Cash in Your Supply Chain with Inventory Optimization

Learn how Inventory Optimization gives you a competitive advantage and a stronger cash position. >>

The Hidden Costs of Un-Adaptable Mobile Technology

Thanks to an increasing focus on efficient operation, greater accuracy and more nimble service, mobile computing technology is becoming a must-have for many businesses. >>

Manufacturing Growth Study - Strategies for Recovery and Renewal in 2010 and Beyond

Find out what manufacturing strategies and investments you should be planning to capture more business opportunities. >>

Industrial SMBs Investing in the Internet, Experience Growth

76% of survey respondents cite their website as a major contributor. >>

Best Practices in Condition Monitoring

Discover best practices in effective condition monitoring >>

Turn Inventory Optimization into a Powerful Strategic Advantage

Discover the tools, resources and best practices to turn Inventory Optimization into a powerful strategic advantage for your business. >>

The Five Strategies Used by Successful Small Midsized Manufacturers

Learn how manufacturers can position themselves for more predictable success and business growth, without increasing staff by considering five strategies. >>

Improve Service Levels and Grow Your Business with Optimized Inventory Management

Texas Instruments can attest to the real results achieved through strategic Inventory Optimization, which has allowed the company to improve service levels and grow its business. >>

Best Practices in Asset Management for Process Manufacturers

Discover best practices in Asset Management for Process Manufacturers. >>

Aberdeen ERP in Manufacturing 2010: Measuring Business Benefit and Time to Value

Assessing, evaluating, or upgrading ERP Systems? Learn the process, organization and technology strategies that boost business benefits and reduce time to value. >>

Transform Inventory into a Strategic Weapon

Learn how to Transform Inventory into a Strategic Weapon and discover the real results your company can achieve from innovative inventory management. >>

The Five Keys to World-Class Distribution

Learn the five keys to becoming a world-class distributor. >>

Improve Business Performance and Customer Loyalty in 5 Steps

Learn how to adopt and rethink your key business metrics, focus on continual innovation and improve quality and delivery performance. >>

Achieving Operational Excellence: How to Become the Best-in-Class

Learn how Best-in-Class companies connect manufacturing and business systems together to drive better performance. >>

The Five (5) Potential Quality Compromises in Coding Technology & How to Avoid Them

Avoid speed and quality issues using laser technology. >>

Managing Change Effectively with ERP: The Impact on 5 Key Business Functions

Change is inevitable...get ahead of the curve with flexible ERP. >>

Asset Performance Management: Driving Excellence through a Reliability Strategy in Real-Time

Discover how to proactively monitor and manage assets – in real-time. >>

Put Your Money Where Your Cloud Is

Read how cloud ERP boosts profitability with real-time monitoring of financial conditions. >>

Achieving Order-to-Delivery Excellence: Demand Management in Discrete Industries

Find out why discrete manufacturers need to refocus their attention towards order-to-delivery excellence as a driver for demand management rather than just concentrating on traditional statistical forecasting. >>

Top 7 New Planning & Scheduling Approaches to Support Modern Manufacturing

If you're wondering what Planning & Scheduling choices you have as a business executive and how it fits in with the drive to be demand-driven and lean... then you should read this White Paper. >>

Reliance on Search Engine Optimization for Industrial SMBs is a Slippery Slope

What do Google's ever-changing search results algorithms mean for your industrial business? >>

Made2Manage Advanced Functionality

Made2Manage ERP capabilities reach far beyond the shop floor, delivering advanced functionality that seamlessly integrates the entire order-to-cash business flow. >>

How to Use Measurement to Manage Your Industrial/Manufacturing Website as an Effective Sales Channel

As an Industrial/Manufacturing Marketer, do you really know what's working in your online marketing strategy? >>

Going Green: How Environmentally Conscious Practices and Products Present a Profitable Future Today

Learn how your enterprise can improve its efficiency and reduce costs, through strategic business planning within its supply chain and asset management. >>

Support Sustainability with Fax Over IP Solution

Discover how integrated fax over IP solution can enhance scalability and reduce paper. >>

Advanced Planning & Scheduling in the 21st Century

Do you know the 7 telltale signs that you need a new approach to production planning and scheduling? Read this white paper to discover new technologies that you can apply to meet today's complex production and supply chain challenges. >>

Top 5 Ways Mobile Apps Can Improve Field Services Businesses

Turn your field services employees' mobile phones into productivity tools. >>

Lifecycle Management Strategies: Designing Products for Sustainability and Profitability

Learn how Going Green is the answer for your company's future profitability and efficiency. >>

Global Asset Sustainability: Breakthrough Lean Best Practice Counters Rising Energy Costs

In this white paper get an insightful look at how companies that establish a strategy and global approach with a new lean practice improve operating, financial, and environmental performance. >>

Dealing with Chaos: 4 Steps to Manufacturing Success

Find out how to balance your Lean manufacturing initiatives with the supply chain flexibility you'll need to succeed. >>

Aligning Your Industrial / Manufacturing Internet Marketing with Your Business Plan

Are you responsible for your manufacturing company’s website? >>

Three Secrets to Bridging the Lean Performance Gap

New eBook – 12 strategic actions manufacturers can take to bridge the Lean performance gap. >>

The 8 Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

Learn How SYSPRO Leverages a Lean Manufacturing Model to Enhance Profitability. >>

Dealing with Chaos: 4 Steps to Manufacturing Success

Find out how to balance your Lean manufacturing initiatives with the supply chain flexibility you'll need to succeed. Get the white paper now! >>