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The HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Compliance with HIPAA can be complex & time-intensive - it doesn't have to be. We've created this helpful HIPAA compliance checklist to save you time & help you cover your bases navigating compliance. >>

The HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Compliance with HIPAA can be complex & time-intensive - it doesn't have to be. We've created this helpful HIPAA compliance checklist to save you time & help you cover your bases navigating compliance. >>

Machine Learning: What It Is and Why Your Healthcare Organization Should Care

Learn about the challenges and opportunities associated with machine learning in healthcare, and how you can prepare your organization to embrace - or tippy toe toward - this emerging technology. >>


Today’s medical practices face a dilemma: The amount of manual office tasks is growing, but the number of staff isn’t. >>


Medical Release of Information (ROI) requests pose a variety of challenges including deciphering between Right to Access requests and Authorizations. >>

Employee Access to Primary Care Matters More Than You Think

Your employees are overusing ER and urgent care for basic needs because they can't easily access their primary care doctor. >>

Better Care with Big Data

The future of health is all about data--and the analytics that can transform care. >>

Pharmacy Benefit Management: Hospitals and Health Systems in the Center of the Storm

If your benefits aren’t built on a sound strategy, your results won’t be either. >>

Acute Care - Workflow Solutions

General Care Challenges Facing Healthcare Providers Today >>

Best Practices for Behavioral Health Safety & Security

Important considerations to address the safety risk of patients and staff in behavioral health care facilities >>

Fund Health Care Product Innovation with Revenue from the Right Customers

Are you tired of weathering the storm when it comes to pricing and being at the mercy of tough procurement departments and GPOs when it comes to negotiations? >>

Diagnose Your Readiness for the New Era of Digital Business

The cutting edge of modern commerce in healthcare starts with dynamic pricing. >>

Behavioral Science for Healthcare Marketers

A tool kit of pharma case studies and advice for healthcare brands in making behavioral science a foundational part of a marketing strategy >>

The 2018 Electronic Medical Records System Pricing Guide for Medical Professionals

Simplify your electronic medical records software evaluation process with this free download! >>

Electronic Medical Records Software Pricing Guide: Key Aspects of System Pricing in 2018

Don't overpay for electronic medical records software. Save time and money with this free download! >>

Personalized Healthcare Calls for Innovative Wearables and Medical Devices

Because the world population is aging, chronic diseases are on the rise and healthcare costs are reaching unsustainable heights, it is essential to detect pathologies early. >>

6 Tech-Savvy Ideas that will Enhance & Simplify Client Care

Give your clients the level of care they deserve with these tech-savvy ideas >>

Software Needs Cycle for Medical

Must-Have Functionality for Small Practices. >>

Interview Guide for Direct Support Professionals

It takes a lot to be a great DSP, it also takes a lot to hire one. We're here to help. >>

Best Practices in Marketing a Medical Practice

Grow Your Medical Practice Smarter, More Effectively >>

MasterControl Registrations for Medical Device

Registering new products in different countries is a time-consuming and nerve-wracking process. >>

Debunking 5 Common Assumptions About Quality in Business and Life in General

The term “quality” can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. In its simplest form, it means following and maintaining a certain level of quality standard. In this sense, all of us practice quality principles in our personal lives. >>

Top 5 Trends in the Medical Device Industry in 2017

The pace of change in the medical device industry is unprecedented. Under the new administration, the fate of the medical device excise tax and the FDA remains unclear. Merger mania shows no signs of abating--nor does the steady stream of tech and other non-traditional health care companies entering the space. Big data and increased cybersecurity risks remain top of mind for device makers, as well as patients and providers. What's more, these challenges are just the tip of a very big iceberg. >>

FDA Readiness Toolkit for Medical Device Companies

Quality standards are defined by governing entities like the FDA in order to promote and sustain the quality of medical devices manufactured throughout the world. >>

Curing Compliance on Social: Employee Advocacy in Healthcare

Overcome industry-specific roadblocks and build an advocacy program that works for Healthcare. >>

Free 2017 Medical Billing Software Pricing Guide

Simplify your software evaluation process with this free medical billing software pricing guide! >>

Find the Best 2018 Practice Management Software - Get FREE Customized Recommendations

Save time and money selecting the software system that is the best fit for your practice! >>

The Top 5 EHR/EMR Software - Get Unbiased Reviews & Price Quotes

Simplify your software selection with our free customized recommendations. >>

The Top 5 Practice Management Software - Get Unbiased Reviews & Price Quotes

Simplify your software selection with our free customized recommendations. >>

Find the Best 2018 Medical Billing Software - Get FREE Customized Recommendations

Save time and money selecting the software system that is the best fit for your practice! >>

Spotlight on Medical Device Manufacturing: 6 Ways to Justify Prices and Rein in Costs with Enterprise Software

Medical device manufacturers have long marketed their products with limited concern for costs. But today, an aging population and skyrocketing medical costs are prompting private insurers and government payers worldwide to limit reimbursements for medical devices. >>

What You Need to Know About Health Savings Accounts

By downloading this free guide, you agree to receive regular updates on the latest cool apps, product reviews, and giveaways from MakeUseOf. >>

Patients Versus Consumers: How UX Will Revolutionize Healthcare

User experience becomes a key driver of the healthcare revolution. >>

Dentists - Occupational Outlook

Dentists diagnose and treat problems with a patient's teeth, gums, and related parts of the mouth. >>

Psychologists - Occupational Outlook

Psychologists study cognitive, emotional, and social processes and behavior by observing, interpreting, and recording how people relate to one another and their environments. >>

Employment in the Healthcare Industry - Occupational Outlook Summary

Healthcare professions are in high demand, make no mistake about it. Careers abound in medicine, dentistry, diet planning, health and fitness and more. >>

Employment And Wages In Healthcare Occupations

Of the 12 percent of registered nurses employed in industries other than healthcare and social assistance, most worked in federal, state, and local government, or educational services. >>

5 Imperatives for Real Consumer Health Engagement

Learn the 5 secrets to better health engagement. >>

How to Stop Confusion from Fueling Healthcare Costs

What's the secret to balancing healthcare costs and outcomes? >>

How to Reduce Regulatory Delays by Formalizing Design Control Processes

Discover how a validated, patented cloud PLM solution with document management capabilities expedites faster compliance approval by formalizing Design History Files (DHF) and Device Master Records (DMR) design processes. >>

The Trick to Facilitating Discussion of Sensitive Topics

Collect Real-Time Anonymous Feedback. >>

5 Trends Medical Device Companies Can't Afford to Ignore in 2016

2016 is shaping up to be another year of highs and lows for the medical device industry. >>

7 Steps to Developing a Cloud Security Plan for Healthcare

Information security has become a major concern for healthcare institutions as a result of a steady increase in data breaches and hacking incidents and a rise in the level of government oversight and auditing. >>

Tyco Integrated Security Hosted Video Healthcare Applications

A cost-effective way to expand your current video capabilities without major capital expenditures. >>

Tyco Integrated Security RTLS Asset Tracking

A Real-Time Location System (RTLS) that helps monitor equipment, medications, temperature-sensitive products and staff. >>

The Ultimate Commercial Treadmill Buying Guide

Here is a list of features you should look for as you invest in your next treadmill. >>

Combat Rising Healthcare Costs by Increasing Productivity

Use this infographic to learn how Fujitsu can help you increase productivity to combat rising healthcare costs. >>

SNHMC Deploys VDI Platform to Provide High-Quality Healthcare

As director of Information Technology at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, Larry Moore is always looking for new solutions to boost operational efficiencies and service delivery, and lower overall costs in his organization. >>

Security, Compliance, and Cost: A Productive Balancing Act

Learn why moving to the cloud could be the best prescription for Healthcare Email Management. >>

The Future of Vision Benefits for Insurance Brokers

6 innovations that will transform the future of vision benefits. >>

State of Cybersecurity in Health Care Organizations

Learn why new internet security threats drive improved practices for the Health Care industry. >>

Five Trends Transforming the Medical Device Industry in 2015

Brace yourself for another year of opportunities and challenges in the medical device industry. >>

Top 5 Trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry in 2015

Lane Hirning, MasterControl's product management director, discusses five trends that are likely to affect the pharmaceutical industry from consumers and patients to health-care providers in the near term. >>

Building and Sustaining a Blood Management Program

Implementing standards for blood transfusions results in better clinical outcomes and cost savings. >>

Reducing Human Error in the Operating Room

Leverage this proven communication methodology to transform patient care in your hospital. >>

Lean Process Improvement in Hospitals: How to Do the Impossible

Discover how your hospital can transform patient care and improve metrics across any department. >>

How to Address the Top 6 Pains in DHF Management

Noncompliance among medical device developers typically falls under two areas: design control and document management. These two critical elements intersect in one place: the Design History File (DHF). >>

How to Use Risk-Based Monitoring and Clinical CAPA to Ensure Compliance

If your company is a sponsor or a CRO that conducts clinical research for a sponsor, how effective are your risk management and clinical CAPA processes? Are you using a risk-based approach to monitoring and CAPA to mitigate the risks during clinical research and ensure compliance? >>

How to Market to Medical Group Professionals

Get inside marketing tips on how to tap into $100 billion in annual purchasing power medical practice leaders currently possess. >>

Duo Security's Guide to Securing Patient Data: Breach Prevention Doesn't Have to Be Brain Surgery

Learn more about how to prevent a potential attack on patient data. >>

How Healthcare Organizations Can Launch a Successful IT Automation Initiative

Learn why taking a step back to assess your current IT environment is necessary before launching an IT automation initiative. >>

Optimize Workflow in Your Practice with Medical Management Software

If you want to invest in Medical Management Software, you are on the right track. >>

How Practices Save an Average $7.5M Per Year with Medical Management Software

To keep the administrative side of their practice up to date and effective, medical professionals are increasingly turning to medical practice management software systems. >>

Preparing for future patient care delivery models

What every practice professional should know to prepare for the future of patient care. >>

A Buyer's Guide: Stock Inventory Management and Asset Tracking for Healthcare Organizations

This eBook helps healthcare organizations through key issues and questions that should be asked prior to purchasing a barcode inventory system. >>

Five Trends Transforming the Medical Device Industry in 2014

Because the term “medical device” covers a vast range of equipment, from simple tongue depressors to the most sophisticated life-supporting products, the medical device industry is constantly evolving. >>

Leveraging Cloud Financials to Support Growing Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations are growing both organically and through acquisition, and this expansion is happening against the backdrop of exceptional technological and regulatory change. >>

Using Medical Billing Services To Streamline Your Practice

Building and managing a successful practice can be a time-consuming challenge in itself, leaving some practices with little time to adequately handle billing procedures. >>

How to Streamline Your Practice with Medical Management Software

To keep the administrative side of their practice up to date and effective, medical professionals are increasingly turning to medical practice management software systems. These solutions are designed to organize the administrative and billing functions of your practice, so you can be assured of the most accurate and efficient data management. >>

Stressaholic: 5 Steps to Transform Your Relationship with Stress--Free Sample Chapter

A guidebook for the journey from exhaustion to enlightenment >>

Security and HIPAA Compliance: Meeting the Challenge of Securing Protected Health Information

Providing greater risk visibility, NetIQ enables more streamlined compliance with HIPAA. >>

The Essentials of Healthcare IT

Download this kit to learn everything you need to know about Healthcare IT. >>

Integration, Data Quality, and the Patient Journey

How do today's frontline clinicians and managers overcome the demanding challenges they face each day? Interoperability is not the answer; it is simply a buzzword that has been used too often, and for too long. What healthcare facilities truly need is realistic integration and sustainable data quality throughout their entire health information system. >>

App-Centric Healthcare - And Why mHealth 2.0 May Obsolete The Web

This paper provides insights into the emerging app-centric world, how it will influence and integrate with mobile healthcare, and why the Web may soon be obsolete. >>

Mobile Computers Give Healthcare Professionals What They Need Now

With easy access to information and each other, healthcare workers can raise their quality of care. >>

Define Success in the Field by Choosing the Right Handheld Device for Mobile Healthcare Workers

Get clear on the competitive differentiation offered by devices designed for doing business. >>

Choosing the Right Mobile Device for the Healthcare Industry from a Sea of Handhelds

Start with the right device and end up with increased quality of care and productivity you didn't even know existed. >>

How Different Is Life with an Enterprise Digital Assistant for Mobile Healthcare Workers?

Read about the device designed to empower mobile healthcare workers to act on real-time information. >>

Accelerate Medical Device Sales with Interactive Marketing Solutions

Learn how successful marketers in the medical device space develop key, unique, benefits and hands-on experiences for each person involved in the purchasing process. >>

Finding a Cure for Downtime

7 Tips for Reducing Downtime in Healthcare Information Systems >>

Mobile Computers Give Healthcare Professionals What They Need Now

With easy access to information and each other, healthcare workers can raise their quality of care. >>

How to Ensure EMR Can Co-Exist in Your Doctor's Office/Clinic

Learn how a few smart steps in planning your EMR implementation will go a long way in helping you maximize cost-saving benefits without disrupting your office's workflow. >>

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Solutions: How Incentives and Efficiencies Are Driving Increased Use

Learn how the proper planning and assessment of IT infrastructure will help you maximize the myriad benefits an EMR solution can bring to your organization. >>

14 Required Bloodborne Pathogens Training Topics for Your Private Practice

Learn how focused OSHA training can better protect your employees and prevent non-compliance fines at your private practice. >>

Digital Signage Solutions-One Size Does Not Fit All

Learn how tailored signage solutions deliver superior results and lower total cost of ownership for the healthcare, education, hospitality and entertainment markets. >>

Case Study: Managing Image Consistency in an Expanding Healthcare Enterprise

Learn how a medical center was able to efficiently and effectively test and calibrate diagnostic and PACS imaging workstations in multiple locations. >>

Improving Medical Imaging Display Performance

Learn the issues faced and best practices used by professionals responsible for medical imaging. >>

Medical Device Case Study: Ensure Successful FDA/ISO Audits with PLM Software

Learn how to get glowing remarks at YOUR next FDA/ISO audit. >>

Six Sigma and Redesigning Patient Flow

Learn how hospital emergency rooms prove to be fast-paced and efficient, meeting the ever-demanding needs of patients. >>

Medical Grade Mobility

Learn how to deliver uninterrupted wireless at every point of care. >>

Gauging Green Opportunities: Taking Sustainable Building to a New Level

Learn how your organization can maximize operational efficiency while promoting a sustainable built environment. >>

Enabling Translational Medicine with Business Intelligence

Learn about technology solutions for translational research and the requirements for a collaborative platform that leverages in-house expertise, speaks to both scientists and IT staff and links all end users across departments. >>

Translational Medicine: Drug Development Transformed?

Demystify the technology challenges associated with translational research. >>

High Throughput GWAS Analysis - A Challenge for Scientific Researchers

Learn how to meet the data handling challenges that Genome Wide association studies can create. Assure the quality of your data in an easy and automated way. >>

Sentara Healthcare Leverages SiteScape Forum for Mini-Application Development

Find out how Sentara Healthcare realized dramatic time and cost savings by using its SiteScape collaboration platform to build mini-applications, including medical records reporting, PC inventory tracking, and digital asset management. >>

Enabling Translational Research From Bench to Bedside and Back

Discover how to translate basic research into clinical utility via a unifying IT platform. >>

Integrative Analytics for Life Science R&D

Life Science R&D Professionals: Improve the way in which IT systems and processes drive innovation. >>

Using Web Portals for Research

Add analysis capabilities and new functionality to an existing portal. >>

Enabling Data as a Service for Healthcare Providers

Read this white paper to learn how to enable data as a service for healthcare providers! >>

Tracking and Reporting Health Care Professional Spend

Companies operating within the healthcare industry must begin to strategically look at their expense management system and adopt tools and processes that offer attendee spend tracking and reporting. >>

The Physician Payment Sunshine Act: How It Affects Your Organization

Learn how the Sunshine Act applies to your company's T&E management practices. >>

Healthcare and Social Media: What Works, What Doesn't, and What You Can Do about It

A study of the 25 largest U.S. health systems shows how to obtain social media success. >>

Ensuring HIPAA and HITECH Compliance with Identity and Access Management

View this on-demand webinar to learn how leading healthcare organizations are dealing with industry compliance requirements for personal health information. >>