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BizReport | Internet March 15, 2012

Study: 31% of your website traffic is non-human, potentially malicious

Masses of information passes through the Internet every second of every day but, according to a new study from cloud-based security firm Incapsula, over half of that traffic is not generated by humans. ... >>

BizReport | Internet September 14, 2009

Spammers turn to socnets to proliferate porn spam

As Internet users increasingly turn to social networking sites and micro-blogging platforms to keep in touch with others, they are using email less. The adult industry has taken note and is now plying porn spam via the likes of Twitter,... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing July 08, 2009

Short URLs the latest spam trend

The latest trend for spammers may not be botnets or faked domains. According to a new report from Symantec's MessageLabs, in the past week short URL spam has skyrocketed to account for 2% of all spam messages. While this may... >>

BizReport | Internet April 01, 2009

MessageLabs: March sees big rise in malicious websites

Almost 3,000 potentially malicious websites were blocked each day by MessageLabs during March this year. That's almost three times the number blocked during February. ... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing December 17, 2008

Cisco: Majority of email is spam

Spam accounts for nearly 200 billion messages each day, approximately 90% of global email, according to the recently released 2008 edition of the Cisco annual security report. ... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing November 12, 2008

Researchers turn spammers to investigate economies of spam

Researchers at the University of California hijacked an infamous botnet to ascertain the success of spam and recorded a much lower success rate than anticipated.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing March 11, 2008

Spammers crack Gmail CAPTCHA

Mechanisms put in place by Gmail to prevent bots creating new accounts being opened and used by spammers have been cracked, leading to a surge in spam.... >>

BizReport | Research archives July 02, 2007

Spammers employ psychological tactics to fool users

A study by McAfee, called “Mind Games”, tells how spammers are using psychological games and other tactics to give them apparent legitimacy.... >>