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BizReport | Social Marketing July 23, 2013

Tumblr, Instagram analysis now available through Piqora

Add two more visual social networks - and all the data they hold for brands - to the Piqora platform. Through Piqora brands can track imaging trends as well as hashtags, folowers and influencers on the three biggest visual socnets:... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing January 04, 2013

Union Metrics CEO on importance of social measurement

As more businesses hit the online and mobile spaces to connect with consumers, consumers are becoming more blinded to traditional advertising formats. Social platforms have helped to put a 'face' on many brands, but the social space is also crowded.... >>

BizReport | Research archives July 04, 2012

General Sentiment: What people really think about the Affordable Care Act

Judging from social media, most Americans (54.2%) within the social space are supportive of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - affectionately or non-affectionately, depending on your viewpoint, called ObamaCare. The data is part of a new report from General Sentiment.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives July 02, 2012

New tools offer additional reporting features for online, social

With moves into the online space, brands are looking for more information about how campaigns are faring. Optify's new Digital Marketing Software Suite may help, offering reporting features which can be used by agencies to offer more insights to clients.... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing November 09, 2011

New platform holds mirror to marketing efforts

Do you ever wonder how your campaign is doing compared to a direct competitor? Wonder no more. Releasing this week, Polygraph Media is set up to help brands see how their campaigns are actually faring in the social space.... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing August 12, 2011

4 Questions with Fizziology's Jen Handley

As the social media space matures, many are looking into social as a way to better engage with and understand consumers. Fizziology is one platform helping social media make more sense to brands by analyzing and then explaining what posts,... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives June 24, 2011

How social insights are changing social marketing

Being is the social space is no longer enough. Although having a social profile is important for brands, the real value of social networking is in the analysis of social conversation, and many brands aren't getting enough analysis. Rather than... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing May 06, 2011

Platform helps brands analyze passion through socnets

Brands are flocking to the social space, but without a bit of guidance many are left floundering. NetBase is a relatively new analytics hub which helps brands decipher what social conversations mean - that knowledge can then help brands staunch... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing September 22, 2010

comScore launches social monitoring tool

It seems every marketer is getting involved in social media. The truth is, though, that although most brands and marketers are interested in social, many are standing back because of the measurement tools. Specifically the lack of measurement available in... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing September 03, 2010

2 social tools tell brands worth of shared content

The social space is exploding, but many brands are still unsure how to harness the power of social marketing. Enter two new tools from ShareThis, which should help brands figure out how their content is being shared and which consumers... >>