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BizReport | Ecommerce April 01, 2019

Report: US SMB owners worry about another recession

While the US economy seems to be in good shape, at least according to the stock market, some small businesses aren't so sure. According to a new confidence index, a growing number of SMB owners are worried that a recession... >>

BizReport | Research August 26, 2014

Poll: SMB owners voting out incumbents

If small business owners have their way the US Congress will look different after the November mid-term elections. That, because many say they'll vote out incumbents and look for new blood in Washington. ... >>

BizReport | Research November 11, 2013

Vets credit service with SMB success

It is Veterans Day in the US, a day when current and former service members are celebrated. Some vets are crediting their time in the service with helping them reach success outside the Armed Forces.... >>

BizReport | Research June 24, 2010

Study: Small biz is figuring out the Web

Big brands and companies may have higher profiles when it comes to online thinking, but a new study says small businesses are catching up quickly. Although most small- to mid-sized businesses don't have the additional staff to dedicate workers to... >>

BizReport | Research February 27, 2009

Survey: Small biz owners don't approve of US stimulus package

News headlines may be touting the latest US stimulus package as a great deal but small business owners aren't saying the same thing. According to a new survey from MerchantCircle only about 22% of small business owners like the plan... >>