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BizReport | Search Marketing June 06, 2007

E-commerce sites heavy users of paid search advertising

Retail and comparison shopping sites are the heaviest users of paid search advertising, according to a new report from comScore.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing June 06, 2007

Search engines boost retail site traffic

Paid search and search engine optimization may be the best options for driving traffic to e-tail websites. According to a recent Hitwise study, nearly one-quarter of the traffic to retail websites in May was driven by search engines. ... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing June 06, 2007

Marketers may need to rethink SEO

Traditional search engine optimization methods may have worked to increase website traffic in 2005 or 2006, but users' search habits are changing and marketers may need to change how they target the market through search. ... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing May 17, 2007

How social media can help organic search results

Creating interesting content and dispersing SEO keywords through marketing content pages are the first steps in increasing organic search results. No one is disputing that fact, but simply creating good content alone will not create the kind of search traffic... >>

BizReport | Research archives May 16, 2007

Microsoft to turn search ads into display ads

Marketers wondering if paid search ads are "inventive" enough will likely be intrigued by a new offering that Microsoft is beginning to test. The new platform is said to turn standard search ads into full-blown display ads.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives May 10, 2007

Local online auto advertising set to rise

Auto advertisers are set to continue to increase local online ad spending, to the detriment of print media and direct mail, says a new report.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing May 10, 2007

Google leads April search share

It seems no matter how hard they try, other search engines simply cannot catch up with Google's brand. According to the most recent research from Hitwise, Google accounted for more than 65% of all April searches.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing May 01, 2007

Google pulls phishing ads

A few unsavory ads made it through Google's defense when phishers posted their ads within searches for the Better Business Bureau. Those ads have since been removed from the system, but questions remain about the company's reach. ... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing April 30, 2007

Get in front of local search results for a price

Advertisers wanting to get the most bang for their paid search buck might want to check out a new placement program from The new placement platform guarantees ad placement above the placement of organic search results. ... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing April 12, 2007

PPC a favorite for e-tailers

Online retailers are finding that pay-per-click (PPC)and SEO programs are the best way to maximize their return on investment for advertising. According to a new study, e-tailers are pushing more of their advertising budgets into PPC advertising. They are also... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing April 11, 2007

Search spend to increase 25% in 2007

New research indicates a large growth spurt for search engine marketing throughout 2007. More than 25% of companies with annual revenues over $50 million say they plan to increase their search spend by 25% or more this year. ... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing April 10, 2007

Google, AOL launch new search advertising solution

Advertisers will be able to use Google's advertising system to buy ads targeted specifically to AOL sites such as MapQuest, Moviefone and the portal under a program AOL launched on Monday this week.... >>

BizReport | Research archives March 22, 2007

Online lead generation effective but overlooked

The most effective methods of generating leads are all online, according to a new survey of internet marketers conducted by e-consultancy and Clash-Media, but marketers aren’t taking advantage of them.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing March 19, 2007

Brand names outperform non-branded terms for PPC advertising

Brand names as keywords are more effective in paid search advertising than non-branded terms and phrases, says Travelocity's chief marketing officer.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing March 13, 2007

Microsoft's adCenter content ads expanded

Advertisers looking for a better way to control and influence their online advertising efforts are going to get some help from Microsoft. Looking to increase how online marketers interact with their ad serving software, the company is expanding their adCenter... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing March 07, 2007

Panama boosts big brands names

A new report from SearchIgnite and RBC Capital Markets indicates that Panama, Yahoo's new search platform, is working as predicted to boost revenue for brands. That is, if the brand is already a big brand name.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing March 05, 2007

Ogilvy Group buys GSI to improve search

[email protected], the digital and direct marketing sector of the Ogilvy Group, is moving farther into the search realm. The group has purchased Global Strategies International (GSI), a search marketing firm.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing March 01, 2007

Is Microsoft developing a new paid search platform?

A new patent application from Microsoft could change the way organic search results are tabulated. An organic result is an unpaid search listing that shows up in a search listing as opposed to paid search or pay-per-click search results. The... >>

BizReport | Research archives February 23, 2007

Forecast: Panama to boost Yahoo revenue 45%

Financial services and research firm UBS is predicting exciting growth in 2007 for Yahoo, thanks in part to their new search offering Panama. ... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing February 16, 2007

Google to change AdWords formulas

Online marketers will need to brace for a change next week, when Google changes their quality score algorithm. The search giant will also add a column for AdWords advertisers to see their own quality score for keywords.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing February 08, 2007

Paid search keyword prices raise 2% in Q4

The price of paid search keywords rose slightly in Q4, 2006 to $1.51, according to a report from Fathom Online. The increase in price indicates a growing interest in paid search advertising.... >>

BizReport | Research archives February 08, 2007

Report: Paid search tops $9B

Paid search companies hit a milestone in 2006 according to a new report from the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO). In North America, companies spent nearly $9.5 billion for paid search campaigns last year.... >>

BizReport | Research archives February 06, 2007

Super Bowl ads fall short of expectations

Advertisers spent huge amounts of money to be "in the Super Bowl" this year, but fell short of that winning touchdown. That's the word from Reprise Media's yearly ad study. There are some bright spots, however. First, that more Super... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing February 02, 2007

Coremetrics launches search ad "one-stop-shop"

Search marketers looking for an easier way to manage campaigns may find it with a new product from Coremetrics. The company has launched Coremetrics Search 2007, a "one-stop" product to create, manage and complete search marketing campaigns.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing February 01, 2007

Google's Q4 earnings top expectations

Search giant Google hit the earnings ball out of the park in Q4, 2006, increasing revenue by 67%. The revenue boost was led by Google's always profitable paid search platform.... >>

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