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BizReport | Search Marketing August 12, 2008

How to boost landing page response

Ask any experienced marketer and they will tell you - a landing page can make or break an online business. However, even though marketers know how important the landing page is, many still aren't sure how to optimize their landing... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing August 05, 2008

Cobalt adds search tools to auto ad platform

Automotive advertisers have a few new tools with which to tweak their online advertising campaigns. Just in time for the fall buying season, Cobalt has rolled out a new set of tools for their PowerSearch platform to help auto marketers... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives July 23, 2008

GroupM: Interactive media spend to reach 15%

According to a recent report from WPP’s Group M, interactive media will account for about 15% of the worldwide advertising spend by 2009. This is a nearly 50% increase over 2004. Interactive advertising is expected to remain the biggest source... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing July 21, 2008

Twitter, Summarize deal could give Social Marketers more push

Social website Twitter has announced a deal to purchase Summarize, a search engine which specializes in indexing social networking site posts. This is an interesting step forward for the newbie on the social networking front because it further sets them... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing July 14, 2008

Report: Search terms should be diversified

Paid search, one of the oldest forms of online advertising, has evolved quite a bit but it seems that paid search advertisers aren’t evolving at the same rate. For many, buying mainstream terms seems to be the norm.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing July 03, 2008

7Search upgrades PPC offerings

New tools have been released by pay per click advertising network 7Search. The new upgrades give marketers more control over PPC ad campaigns.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing July 02, 2008

Covario: Paid search increases 52% for Tech Brands

Paid search may be one of the oldest forms of online advertising but it isn't losing steam. According to new research from Covario, paid search revenue has increased 52% year over year. The study focused on technology brands.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives June 27, 2008

Lyris HQ combines 5 platforms into 1 advertising space

Small and mid-sized marketers now have a new platform for nearly every advertising need. Lyris HQ is a new platform which incorporates the five Lyris platforms many marketers are already familiar with: Hot Banana, Bid Hero, Click Tracks, Email Labs... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing June 09, 2008

Why an online search doesn't mean an online purchase

For years, marketers have thought that if a consumer searched for and found a product they would buy it. New research indicates that an online search doesn't necessarily mean an online or offline purchase. ... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing April 25, 2008

Is search a good way to gauge the economy?

An interesting report was posted to the Hitwise blog this week, claiming that the decline of search is coinciding with the decline in the housing market. One researcher compared the two and found that the search share for the query... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing April 16, 2008

comScore: Consumers are researching health terms

Consumers are increasingly worried about health conditions and are turning to the Internet for initial advice. According to a recent comScore report, pregnancy and cancer search queries were the most-searched health terms in February. ... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing April 09, 2008

comScore: Search pushes auto insurance quotes

Auto insurers should pay special attention to their paid search campaigns. And, if they aren't running with paid search this may be the time to get involved. According to a new study from comScore, auto insurance quotes referred by search... >>

BizReport | Research archives March 20, 2008

comScore: Emerging markets key to online growth

In 1996, US users accounted for 66% of the world's Internet population. That is only one of many things that have changed in the past twelve years. According to a recent comScore report, only 22% of the world's online population... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives March 07, 2008

Sponsored links influence online shoppers

The latest results from BIGresearch's Simultaneous Media Survey indicate that paid search may be more beneficial than etailers think. According to the survey about 90% of online shoppers are influenced to buy because of sponsored search links. ... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing February 25, 2008

Search shows early rebound in January

Never far from the headlines, paid search has seen a small decline in recent months, however, that decline appears to be over. At least for now. According to the latest search metrix from comScore, paid search showed a slight increase... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing February 08, 2008

Googles search percentage remains strong

At more than 65% of searches originated from the Google engine, it appears that there is not stopping the search giant. The latest numbers from online metrics firm Hitwise show Google firmly in the search driver's seat with 66% of... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing February 04, 2008

Click Forensics: Click Fraud up 16%

According to the latest report from Click Forensics, click fraud rose more than 16% in Q4 2007; that is an increase of more than 2% from Q4 2006 and a 0.4% increase of Q3 2007. Fraudulent traffic from botnets increased... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing January 30, 2008

Search growth to slow through 2008

Search marketing is by no means dead - or even dying - but according to a recent report from RBC Capital Markets and SearchIgnite, search will begin to slow as we move into 2008. ... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives January 28, 2008

Google allows marketers to bid demographically

A new targeting option is available to marketers using Google's Adwords marketing - geographical targeting. The upgrade in the system allows businesses to advertise to consumers based on age or gender.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing January 21, 2008

How long can Google stay on top?

-- according to the latest search share rankings from Nielsen//Netratings - a long, long time. That is because Google once again leads the search engine pack by more than 20 percentage points. For the month of December, Nielsen researchers found... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing January 11, 2008

Search pushes more users to travel sectors

A recent survey from Google and online analytics firm comScore sheds light on the relationship between search and travel. According to the survey results users in the UK are using search in very unique way in order to get the... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing January 09, 2008

Hitwise: Google has 65% of search queries

Researching holiday purchases brought an influx of customer to the web in December. According to the latest research from Hitwise, more than half of those consumers chose to use Google's search engine.... >>

BizReport | Trends & Ideas archives January 03, 2008

JPMorgan: Search could reach $30 billion in 2008

One of the first forecasts for the new year is out and it reports that online advertising will begin to see a decrease in revenues but online companies will continue to see higher profits than their offline counterparts. Analysts from... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing December 27, 2007

Searchers turn to Google for holiday finds

As the holiday shopping season ramped up in November, more users continued to turn to Google to find holiday deals and gift ideas. The latest research from comScore finds that Google accounted for 58% of November searches. ... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing December 13, 2007

Google continues to dominate search

With the holiday shopping season in full swing across the United States, more and more consumers are conducting searches to find those last few gifts. And most of them are turning to Google for their information.... >>

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