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BizReport | Ecommerce archives May 21, 2019

Study: Page and content loads key to experience

New data out this month may seem like it's from 1999 because it's all about page and content load times. According to researchers, three keys to creating a positive customer experience online continue to be page load times, image/content load... >>

BizReport | Internet April 05, 2011

Google launches page speed analyzer for PC and mobile websites

Not even the most beautifully designed website will attract an online consumer if that website takes too long to load. Enter Google's new Labs feature which allows accurate analysis of the speed a website, on PC or mobile, takes to... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives September 17, 2009

Online shoppers expect speedy webpage loading times

Consumers are quick to judge an ecommerce website by the speed at which pages load, according to a new study from Akamai and Forrester Research. ... >>

BizReport | Research archives June 04, 2008

Does your landing page take too long to load?

If you answered either "Yes" or "I don't know" to that question, take a look at AlertSite's new offering. The platform allows marketers and online publishers to gauge how long it takes a landing page to load.... >>

BizReport | March 10, 2008

AdWords: Load time metric confirmed, exclusion tool expanded

After much online chat about Google’s addition of page load time to Quality Score metrics, the search engine confirms and explains its moves, while also making another change to their services.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing March 06, 2008

AdWords updates Quality Score metric factors

Google AdWords has added a new quality score metric, but it took an observant user to bring it to the attention of the Internet community.... >>