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BizReport | Advertising archives September 18, 2012

SalesForce taps Demandbase for real time ID

Businesses using the SalesForce platform to reach consumers have a new tool beginning today: SalesForce has tapped Demandbase to provide a real time identification solution. The integration will help businesses using SalesForce to more quickly identify prospects, helping to improve... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives March 30, 2012

Yahoo's implementation of Do Not Track begins

Yahoo has announced it will soon complete deployment of a "Do Not Track" solution across its entire network to allow visitors to choose if they want their online activity tracked for ad targeting purposes.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives September 30, 2011

Brands: Are you targeting safely?

Advertisers looking for more from holiday advertising campaigns may turn to targeting to increase ROI, but the wrong type of targeting could land brands in stick situations where consumers are concerned. Although many people have noted they want more relevant... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives May 06, 2011

What Do Not Track may mean for advertisers

Privacy advocates continue to fight advertising targeting methods, even if the push isn't daily headline fodder. Data breaches, behavioral targeting methods and the potential for loss of privacy have many, both advertisers and consumers, afraid of what is happening on... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives May 17, 2010

With mid-term elections up soon, Goodway Group layers targeting program

In the US one of the big spending areas expected to help bring the online ad market back up to pre-recession speed is the upcoming mid-term slate of elections across the country. Although many forecasts expect the bulk of advertising... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives October 17, 2008

Nielsen: Target power moms for powerful results

Moms are powerful creatures. They feed us, change us and influence all of our decisions as children. New research from The Nielsen Company shows that 'power moms' are even more important, especially to other women. These women are twice as... >>

BizReport | Research archives August 05, 2008

Gartner: Marketers must acknowledge Gen V

Marketers have another demographic to monitor and target thanks to the Internet. The new group defies all other traditional demographics with a unique blending of attitudes, interests and general behavior. ... >>

BizReport | Research archives June 13, 2008

comScore ads more targeting segments for marketers

If you want a little more information about online traffic, comScore has one solution. This week, the online metrix firm added Acxiom's PersonicX segmentation to their existing Segment Metrix. The addition will provide marketers with more information with which to... >>

BizReport | Research archives December 13, 2007

Why marketers should target newspaper readers

Marketers who want to tap in to the vast resources of a group of online users called Influencers may want to pay more attention to newspapers. That is because, according to a recent study from Millward Brown, readers of online... >>

BizReport | Trends & Ideas archives November 23, 2007

Q4 Sales offers transition information on consumers

Can past consumer behavior predict future consumer behavior? The short answer is yes and it seems to have been proven with the increasing number of targeting methods based on prior actions taken online. ... >>

BizReport | Research archives November 02, 2007

Group calls behavioral profiling "invasive"

In an effort to change the way some advertisers obtain information about users, the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) and the US Public Interest Research Group (US PRIG) have sent a supplemental filing to the Federal Trade Commission citing privacy... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives October 17, 2007

Hitwise launches an online targeting tool

Online marketers may get a better glimpse of the consumers logging on to their website with a new tool from Hitwise. The metrics firm has launched a new targeting tool which is said to give marketers behavioral and attitudinal information... >>

BizReport | Research archives October 17, 2007

Acxiom launches behavioral targeting platform

Chalk up another solution for advertisers interested in better targeting methods. Acxiom this week has launched a new behavioral targeting platform that goes beyond typical past behaviors. The suite also gives context to user clicks.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives August 27, 2007

Is Facebook working on a new targeting system?

There is no word from Facebook, but a recent article in the Wall Street Journal says the social networking space could be revolutionizing the online ad market - by creating a platform that predicts how receptive users are to online... >>

BizReport | Research archives June 07, 2007

Microsoft could "unlock" user identity

Just how anonymous are users online habits? Maybe not as anonymous as they once thought. The question is, is this good for online marketers or not? ... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives April 03, 2007

Survey: Merchants to focus on targeting

The E-Tailing Group has released the results of their 6th Annual Merchant Survey. According to the survey, better targeting is the key to improved conversion rates and Return on Investment (ROI).... >>

BizReport | Research archives March 01, 2007

Study shows targeting 18-34 year olds can pay off

In a surprising turn, a new study indicates that there are more young adults (under 35) with six-figure incomes than there are older adults (over 54) with six-figure incomes. The younger demographic is also spending more money, meaning that marketers... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing February 27, 2007

MilkPEP introduces world's first branded emoticon

The world’s first branded emoticon has made its debut in the online lexicon in an attempt to connect with teen audiences.... >>

BizReport | Research archives February 20, 2007

The best financial sites on the web

Financial sites are a great place to find upwardly mobile consumers in search of the next big thing. But is it just upwardly mobile consumers who are likely to visit these sites? And which sites will help advertisers garner the... >>

BizReport | Research archives October 03, 2006

Research Shows Different “Boomer” Groups

Consumers 42 and older shouldn’t be placed in the same subgroups, according to a new study by Focalyst. It’s a joint venture between AARP and research firm Kandar.... >>