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BizReport | Research March 21, 2011

Online population up 15% in Latin America

When it comes to staying connected, Latin American's want connections. That according to new release from metrics firm comScore, which found that the online population increased 15% in 2010 for the region. The highest growth rates included Colombia and Venezuela.... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing March 19, 2008

Internet radio: 33M U.S. listeners each week

The number of Americans listening to a radio station online increased during the twelve months to January 2008, according to an annual report from Edison Media Research.... >>

BizReport | Research March 11, 2008

Digital magazine readers pay ads more attention

Consumers pay more attention to ads in digital magazines than they do their print counterparts, according to recent research, and most are very or extremely happy with their digital magazine experiences.... >>

BizReport | Research February 27, 2008

Visits to magazine websites on the rise

Earlier this month, Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) released data that showed overall traffic to magazine websites grew at over three times that of the rate of growth for overall U.S. Internet traffic.... >>

BizReport | Research September 05, 2007

Sports fans could be the most engaged consumer

A recent study from Solutions Research Group indicates that marketers should perhaps spend more time cultivating a relationship with sports fans. That is because, according to their research, sports fans are great multi-taskers.... >>

BizReport | Research March 12, 2007

Report: Global Internet audience grew 10% in January

With the Internet more than 10 years old, many may think that the audience is more or less tapped out. That finding new online users is impossible. Not so, according to a study from comScore. According to the online measurement... >>