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BizReport | Blogs & Content archives February 16, 2016

Top 4 tips to implement AMP

With Google's AMP release, many businesses are asking if AMP is right for their business. One expert weighs in on how businesses can know if upgrading their sites to AMP is the right decision. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing February 15, 2016

Top 3 differences between HTML and AMP

Late in 2015 Google announced the released of AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages. The AMP rollout underlines the importance of mobile to Google, and by extension businesses in the mobile space. Here is what businesses need to know about the... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing June 24, 2014

BrightEdge: One-quarter websites not mobile friendly

Nearly 70% of the US population is using some kind of smartphone, and many are using their phones for everything from taking phone calls to checking email, shopping or watching television programming. But, according to new data out from BrightEdge,... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing October 10, 2013

Study: Best practices missing from Fortune 100 mobile strategy

Some of the biggest brands in the US aren't doing mobile as well as they might. That's the takeaway from The Mobile Experience Scorecard, out this week from The Search Agency. Based on page load times, download times, app presence... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing September 30, 2013

Post-Newsweek taps Marketron for mobile sites

Underlining the importance of a mobile presence for broadcast brands, in a new agreement between Post-NewsWeek and Marketron. According to the deal Marketron will power all Post-Newsweek mobile websites; Post-Newsweek is the broadcasting division of The Washington Post Company.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing December 06, 2011

Brands: What you need to understand about m:commerce leading up to 2012

According to comScore three days in the first full week of holiday shopping hit the $1 billion sales mark; meanwhile data from Tealeaf shows that while mobiles are shopping they're also frustrated with some mobile processes. Here are Tealeaf's top... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing June 06, 2011

How mobiles are changing the face of commerce

Consumers are becoming more comfortable with their smartphones according to new research from Compete and comScore; both studies find that American consumers are using smartphones for more than talking and texting, with some now using hand-helds to pay for things.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing February 23, 2011

To app or not to app, one expert's opinion

Mobile and mobile commerce (m-commerce) are set to soar in 2011. The question many businesses are trying to answer is how to take advantage of m-commerce. Apps? Mobile websites? A combination? One expert insists that mobile websites are the better... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing August 17, 2010

Mobile marketers prefer mobile websites to apps

Despite the hype surrounding mobile apps, the vast majority of businesses in North America view mobile-optimized websites as the way forward, according to a new survey from Adobe.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives March 10, 2010

ImpulsePay offers mobile payment solution

A new payment is available for app developers, content producers, publishers and even etailers in the mobile space. ImpulsePay has created a system which directly collects payments from a consumer mobile phone bill or available credit information, making it simpler... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing March 09, 2010

Mobile websites not the same as traditional websites

It is 2010, people, but still many marketers are treating the Internet as a one-size-fits all marketplace to connect with consumers. The fact is, the Internet isn't one-size-fits all, consumers are overloaded with content and ads and now the mobile... >>