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BizReport | Mobile Marketing March 29, 2016

Mobile games dominate U.S. iPhone users' app spend

U.S. iPhone users spent an average of $35 on app downloads and purchases last year, with more being spent on games than any other category, according to new data released by app marketing firm Sensor Tower. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing October 15, 2014

Mobile gamers' spending and behavior highlighted in new study

A new study from Everyplay, the mobile-sharing division of game engine marker Unity, reveals who spends the most on mobile games and how they find new games to play.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives July 03, 2014

ASA upholds complaint about 'misleading' free-to-play mobile game ad

When is a free-to-play mobile game not a free-to-play mobile game? Electronic Arts recently found out, courtesy of the UK independent regulator the Advertising Standards Authority.... >>

BizReport | Trends & Ideas archives April 28, 2014

Nearly half of gamers are women

The image of gaming is changing when it comes to gender. Long gone is the stereotypical image of a teenage boy holed up in a darkened bedroom as the number of women increases to almost half of all U.S. gamers.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing March 14, 2014

Company data shows how mobiles are engaging with original content

Rovio is likely one of those developers that you know about but don't realize you know about. They are the people behind Angry Birds and a slew of original, mobile content as well a ad-based content. And new data they... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing February 27, 2014

Miniscule number of mobile gamers contribute to in-game revenues

The vast majority of mobile gamers playing freemium games never contribute to revenue through in-game purchases, according to new research from mobile app analytics platform Swrve. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing July 17, 2013

appnext platform offers native content through mobile, apps

Native advertising is pushing into the mobile gaming space with a new platform called appnext. The platform is a social games network which helps users find new games, serving recommendations in 'natural' breaks. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing April 19, 2013

Monetization an uphill struggle for mobile game developers

Despite the huge rise in the number of gamers playing on a mobile device, mobile game developers face huge challenges when it comes to monetization, as a report from market research firm Interpret reveals. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing February 22, 2013

Consumers spent more on mobile games than portable consoles in Q4 2012

New figures released by IDC and App Annie reveal the enormous popularity of iOS and Android games. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing February 21, 2013

In-app game purchases on tablets to exceed $3 billion by 2016

Juniper Research has released new figures showing explosive growth in spending on in-app purchases by tablet gamers by 2016.... >>

BizReport | Internet September 07, 2012

U.S.: Mobile, digital gamers outnumber video-console gamers

The number of gamers playing on smartphones and tablets now outnumber "hardcore" video-console gamers, according to new figures released this week by The NPD Group.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing July 25, 2012

More gamers favoring mobile device for at-home gaming

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets along with the increase in availability of games developed specifically for these platforms, are having an impact on gamer habits.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing May 08, 2012

Zynga sneaks brands into Draw Something game

Users of the Pictionary-style mobile game may soon be drawing their own advertisements, as Zynga inserts brands into the list of words to draw. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing May 07, 2012

Over 90% of mobile game revenues generated by in-app purchases

A new study from market research company Newzoo reveals that the vast majority of revenues from mobile games are generated by in-game purchases. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing April 11, 2012

Report: Angry Birds players more likely to be Republican?

From playing games to surfing the web, more consumers are doing so from a mobile device. New data from both comScore and Jumptap finds an increasing number of consumers engaging with the Internet from smart devices.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing January 09, 2012

Report: Gamers playing more on mobiles

When it comes to playing games, more people are pulling out mobile devices than ever before. And we aren't just talking about traditional favorites like Bejewelled or Tetris - although those are still getting heavy play. Games like 'Street Wars'... >>

BizReport | Trends & Ideas archives July 06, 2011

Gartner: Gaming spending to move up a level

Spending on games is set to move up a level, predicts Gartner, as consumers splash out on titles to keep them entertained on their mobile devices. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing June 24, 2011

20M mobile gamers and climbing, says MocoSpace

Mobile gaming continues to push the limits, especially via browser. MocoSpace says their platform has surpassed the 20 million member mark. That number may not seem huge, but nearly accounts for one-third of the smartphone user base as defined by... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing March 14, 2011

3 tools that may ease mobile integration

Mobile needs to be integrated into brands' marketing strategy according to most marketing experts. Some brands are reluctant to jump into mobile because of the unknown factors. Here are three options that may make that integration simpler - for everyone... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing January 05, 2011

New Christmas pastime: mobile gaming

Forget re-runs on the TV and charades, a new Christmas tradition is emerging in Britain. New data from Adfonic's shows that many satiated revelers sat back and played games on their mobile phones while digesting their Christmas dinner.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing November 30, 2010

In-app game purchase soon to exceed one-off download model

A new report from Juniper Research claims revenues from mobile games will almost double by 2015, with in-app game purchases leading the way.... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives November 10, 2010

MocoSpace: Gamers spending more outside socnets

When it comes to online gaming, the big money as of late is in virtual goods purchasing. Because of that many game publishers and even advertisers have gone into the social space as well, but they may be in the... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives August 27, 2010

Verizon, Exent partner for on-demand games

A revamp of Verizon's gaming portal will likely give gamers more options when they play. Verizon has partnered with Exent to launch an on-demand gaming app for players across the gaming board. Verizon Games Service offers more than 1,500 gaming... >>

BizReport | Research archives June 02, 2010

Half-mil sign on for GamePoints in 30 days

Just one more sign that today's online consumer is gaming: in its first month, has signed up more than a half a million users. The platform beta-launched in May, offering consumers more options to accrue and use online gaming... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing December 09, 2009

Greystripe launches full-screen mobile ad units for Android

A new release from Greystripe may help mobile marketers better engage the rapidly expanding mobile marketplace. This morning the mobile brand advertising network released its first full-screen mobile advertising units, which can be used with Google's Android platform.... >>

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