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BizReport | Mobile Marketing September 24, 2014

Survey reveals when it is not okay to use your smartphone

The proliferation of smartphones, coupled with social media, has led to mobile use in many places both in the home, at work and in public places. But not everyone agrees on where and when it's appropriate to use a smartphone.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing February 26, 2014

Consumers equate mobile with smartphones, not tablets

New research provides some unique and interesting insights into the role of mobile in the lives of consumers and their thoughts on opting in to mobile communications from brands. ... >>

BizReport | October 25, 2013

Americans obsessively check smartphones blissfully unaware of privacy issues

Americans are obsessed with checking their smartphones, according to a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of mobile security company Lookout and Sprint, but they are worryingly unaware of their risky mobile behavior. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing July 17, 2012

IAB reveals ad receptiveness by tablet, smartphone users

Research shows that users of tablets and smartphones are tolerate of mobile advertising. New research by the Interactive Advertising Bureau digs deeper to reveal how receptiveness to advertising varies by device. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing July 04, 2012

Talking on a mobile phone? How quaint.

Mobile phones were once purely a way to stay in touch when out and about. Today they are a digital "Swiss Army Knife" used as much, if not more, for web browsing and social networking than for talking to others.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing February 26, 2009

comScore: 'Light' users of PC Internet access mobile web more than 'heavy' users

Had someone asked me whether I thought 'heavy' or 'light' PC Internet users would be the most likely to access online content via the mobile web, I'd have gone with heavy, assuming that while not at their PCs they would... >>