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BizReport | Ecommerce archives August 12, 2010

Experian: Mobile will impact holiday season

Experian Marketing Services has released the 2010 Holiday Marketer Report; within, an interesting forecast for e- and m-commerce. According to the report consumers are adapting to the mobile marketplace very quickly for both purchases and product research. Because of that,... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing August 12, 2010

Is mobile ousting paper-based catalogs?

Are paper-based catalogs becoming a thing of the past? According to new research from U.K.-based m-commerce implementation consultancy Portaltech, the sometimes hefty and expensive to produce tomes aren't being used as much as their mobile counterparts.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives July 26, 2010

Mobile coupon use set to soar

Earlier this month announced it had passed a mobile milestone with over 1 million downloads of its iPhone and Android coupon apps. Now the decade-old e-coupon firm is about to release data showing significant growth in digital coupon use.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing July 07, 2010

M-commerce: Are we there yet? Not by a long shot.

While mobile marketers boast the channel is the future of shopping, a recent report from Brandbank shows that there are a few hurdles to overcome before consumers are convinced.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives June 25, 2010

Taleee launches app for consumer opinions

A new iPhone app from consumer opinion hub Taleee has benefits for both consumers and etailers. How? Because the opinions offered by consumers can be matched to etailer or branded offerings throughout the mobile web.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing March 17, 2010

Price comparison website launches iPhone app

Mobile devices are changing the way consumers shop and price comparison website,, is right there with them enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions while on the move.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing March 16, 2010

BuzzCity: Mobiles becoming virtual wallets

Mobile users are increasingly seeing their devices as a way to conduct financial transactions, according to a recent survey from BuzzCity and, with a bit more consumer awareness and education, the trend could really take off.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing February 19, 2010

ABI Research: Mobile shopping worth $119 billion in 2015

A new report from ABI Research predicts that by 2015, shoppers are expected to spend over $100 billion on goods and services from their mobile phones. ... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives February 11, 2010

Free mobile coupon creation/distribution service launched for retailers

You can't escape the stats and facts currently being reported about mobile marketing and, in particular, mobile coupons. A U.S.-based firm has announced a "first of its kind" service that allows retailers to easily create and distribute mobile and digital... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing February 09, 2010

MMA: Good news for m-commerce, consumer comfort with mobile banking on increase

Consumers appear to be becoming more comfortable with the idea of mobile banking, according to a new survey by Luth Research on behalf of the Mobile Marketing Association. Online marketers should take note as the findings bode well for the... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives February 04, 2010

Mobile websites dawdling compared to wired web counterparts

While mobile Internet users want information on-the-go, it seems mobile websites are dawdling and have quite some way to go before their performance catches up with that expected from users of the wired web. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing November 25, 2009

Google takes coupons mobile

This week Google announced they are enabling small businesses and other retailers that use their Local Business Center to take their coupons mobile. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing November 17, 2008

Just one-fifth of marketers use mobile for m-commerce

The mobile channel is increasingly being used by retailers, but not to its fullest extent, according to a recent study by mobile marketing agency Sponge. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing August 05, 2008

Demand for mobile payments to rise

Over 38% of respondents to a global IDC survey said they would rather leave their house for a day without their wallet and keys than their mobile phones. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing June 17, 2008

M-commerce the next big thing?

M-commerce, or commerce that takes place via a mobile device, is a nascent shopping channel, but it is one that is worth monitoring over the coming months.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing March 17, 2008

Security concerns hamper m-banking, m-commerce

Security and scam concerns are just a couple of the reasons that consumers aren’t embracing mobile banking and shopping, finds an Harris Interactive survey.... >>

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