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BizReport | Search Marketing June 08, 2015

Have you logged into your Google My Business account recently?

Those local businesses who have a Google My Business account should know that accounts may be unverified if they have not been active in the past six months. ... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives March 14, 2014

Forecast: Local Media to push $53b by 2017

Franchises are nothing new, but the channels local franchises have to connect with their national partners - and local consumers - have changed. Mobile and online avenues make it simpler for many to connect. In fact 2 in 5 channels... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives February 18, 2014

Lack of website optimization for mobile losing UK SMEs billions in revenue

New research in the UK reveals that mobile-optimized websites among SMEs are rare and this means billions in annual revenue is not being realized.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives May 30, 2013

How local shoppers are completing the buy cycle

When it comes to engaging local shoppers, it isn't enough just to have a website or a physical store location. New data out from Local Market Launch shows how these shoppers are engaging, researching and buying products - which should... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing October 08, 2012

More than 4 in 10 Google search queries are local

New data released by ad network Chitika reveals the massive rise of local search volumes across search engines.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing December 17, 2011

Search, not social, key to local business promotion

When looking for information about local businesses do you head to a social network to find the answers? If you do you're in the minority, according to new research from The Pew Internet and American Life Project. ... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives August 04, 2011

RatePoint: First impressions formed online, before visiting in-store

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, but in the case of businesses, that first impression may be made before the customer sets foot in a store. According to new research from RatePoint, a... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing July 22, 2011

Many Places remain unclaimed on Facebook

Have you claimed your Place on Facebook yet? Many local business owners haven't which is why Facebook has started asking users who stumble across unclaimed Places Pages "Do you know the owner?"... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing July 05, 2011

SMBs say social media more effective than paid search

Social media is becoming an increasingly important marketing tool for local businesses, found a recent survey by small business social marketing platform Roost, thanks to its low cost and fun factor.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing October 07, 2010

Study: Consumers finding local businesses by accident?

Turns out consumers performing local search queries aren't necessarily looking for a specific local business. Instead, the 2010 15miles Fourth Annual comScore Local Search Usage Study, consumers have an idea of the products they want and are using generic terms... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing August 03, 2010

Hey marketers, consumers are moving to mobile, are you?

If you've been toying with the idea of moving some of your local search budget to mobile then perhaps the findings of recent research by comScore, for the Yellow Pages Association, will help make up your mind. ... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives February 12, 2010

Google enables businesses to enhance map presence

Google's experimentation with ad formats that use enhanced imagery along with their mapping program has resulted in a new paid, enhanced feature that allows small businesses to greatly bolster the content of their listings.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing November 25, 2009

Google takes coupons mobile

This week Google announced they are enabling small businesses and other retailers that use their Local Business Center to take their coupons mobile. ... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing June 09, 2009

Google Local woos offline local businesses with analytics

Google is encouraging offline small businesses to claim their listing profiles on Google Local by giving them access to a free Google Analytics-esque dashboard.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives January 23, 2009

Nearly half of small businesses have no website

It's 2009, yet many small businesses haven't made their presence felt on the Internet, and even those that have aren't putting enough time and effort into making online marketing work for them. Such are the results of a Webvisible/Nielsen Online... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives October 23, 2008

MerchantCircle brings sales feet to merchants streets

If you think you can't have a greater sales ROI because you can't afford more salespeople, think again. A new offering from MerchantCircle, an online network for local merchants, gives local merchants access to advisors who can help local merchants... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing October 10, 2008

More ad opportunities via Google

First came click-to-buy on YouTube, then AdSense for Games and now Google has been spotted placing text ads on Google Maps.... >>