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BizReport | Trends & Ideas archives September 19, 2016

Egifts no longer viewed as impersonal, lazy

The rise in the use of technology to store personal data has, in turn, driven the egifts market, according to new research.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives July 22, 2016

Study: Most consumers satisfied with e-gift card buys

When it comes to buying items with online/e-gift cards, the vast majority of consumers rate their experience satisfactory. That's the word from new CashStar and Libran Research which found 91% of online gift card purchasers are satisfied with the experience.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives December 22, 2015

Survey: Gift cards liked but purchased late

When it comes to buying gift cards for people on holiday lists, many shoppers like them, but expect the cards to be purchased late in the season. That's the takeaway from new CashStar data which indicates nearly 70% of shoppers... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives October 21, 2015

Millennials most likely to prefer digital gift cards

Physical gift cards remain the most popular in the U.S. but digital cards are slowly gaining acceptance, more so among Millennials than any other age group, according to new research from United Online.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives May 26, 2015

Study: Look for more gift cards this summer

Gift cards continue to show their popularity. That is the takeaway from a new report out from The Retail Gift Card Association (RCGA). According to the report retailers will see more gift card buying and redemption through the remainder of... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing June 20, 2013

Amazon facilitates social gifting on Facebook

This week, Amazon has launched a new social gifting feature for Facebook that allows groups of friends to club together to send an Amazon Gift Card. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing February 01, 2013

Facebook launches gift card that can't be used on Facebook

The latest 'new thing' on Facebook isn't really very new at all. In fact, it's a rehash of the everyday gift card but with a slightly more convoluted loading and redemption process. ... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives November 20, 2012

80% plan to purchase gift cards this season

For the fifth year running gift cards will be the number one present this Christmas, according to new figures released by the National Retail Federation, with over 80% of shoppers buying at least one.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives December 09, 2011

Elastic Path: 27% of holiday shoppers to buy virtual gifts

Recent consumer research from Elastic Patch reveals that over a quarter of holiday shoppers plan to purchase digital goods as gifts and will up their spend from 2010.... >>

BizReport | Loyalty Marketing March 21, 2011

Are gift cards right for your loyalty program?

As gift cards become more popular with consumers, brands are also looking into the cards for different programs. From loyalty rewards to in-store rewards, gift cards are becoming an integral part of loyalty marketing, but is this solution right for... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives December 09, 2010

Survey: eGift card buyers aren't brand loyal

Shoppers may have favorite brands, but when it comes to buying giftcards they aren't brand loyal. That is the take-away from a new survey from CashStar, which found that70% of eGift Card buyers will buy a competitor's card if their... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives October 06, 2010

Practical items top of gift lists this holiday season

Necessity trumps luxury this year, according to new research from SymphonyIRI, as both givers and receivers of Christmas gifts look for cash, gift cards and other practical items.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives September 27, 2010

RSR Research: Few retailers offering digital gift card options

Looking ahead to the holiday shopping season, a new report indicates that few retailers are offering digital gift card options. Why is this important? In 2009 many consumers logged on to retail websites between December 21 and 24; with so... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing September 01, 2010

Facebook - coming to a store near you

Facebook is making its first foray into bricks and mortar establishments with the sale of Facebook Credits gift cards in a variety of stores across the U.S. - starting with Target.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives June 28, 2010

Report: eGift Cards pushing consumer interest

When it comes to moms and dads, it seems more and more kids are taking the easy - meaning gift card - way out. Why? Most will say it is because their parents are very hard to buy for, but... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives May 20, 2010

Mother's Day is in the books, are you ready for a Father's Day boom?

Unlike the Christmas holidays when consumers plan months in advance for gifts, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and the upcoming Father's Day holidays have the tendency to sneak up on consumers. The sneaking up factor is the key takeaway from CashStar's... >>

BizReport | Research archives April 06, 2010

Forecast: Gift cards to see turnaround in 2010

When it comes to gift giving, etiquette instructors may say gift cards are impersonal and improper. Consumers aren't listening, however, and increasingly turn to gift cards for those hard-to-buy-for friends or family members. Those etiquette instructors were probably glad to... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives December 02, 2009

Cyber Monday sees more traffic, more conversions

With both Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the past, the holiday shopping season is officially here. And, surprisingly, it is looking brighter than many analysts believed as summer turned to autumn. According to reports from both Hitwise and comScore... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives October 22, 2009

Consumers want gift cards for practical, not frivolous, items

Gift cards will continue to be popular with consumers this year, according to new research from Archstone Consulting, but card values will be smaller and their use more practical. ... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives October 13, 2008

Report: Gift card buying, usage will change in 2008

Merchants can expect gift cards to help bolster the holiday shopping season, but according to a recent surve from Archstone Consulting merchants shouldn't count on those gift cards to be used on frivolous purchases. The survey found that consumers, who... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives October 06, 2008

62 million U.S. consumers start holiday shop early

Black Friday, traditionally the day when Americans begin their holiday shopping, is also known for being the day that retailer's balance sheets (hopefully) go in the black. But recent research shows that savvy shoppers are planning to do their holiday... >>

BizReport | Research archives December 20, 2007

Rise in search for gift cards

Gift cards are becoming increasingly popular and acceptable which is just as well because, according to recent Hitwise figures, there are a lot of people searching for them online.... >>

BizReport | Research archives December 01, 2007

More evidence of gift card popularity

U.S. consumers would rather give than receive, and if a present must be bought for them they’d prefer it to be a gift card or cash, according to BIGresearch’s recent American Pulse Survey.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives November 14, 2007

Gift cards are increasingly popular among Hispanics

E-tailers offering gift cards will likely see strong business this holiday season. According to recent reports, consumers expect to spend more on gift cards over the 2007 holiday season than in 2006. One report suggests that Hispanic consumers spend the... >>

BizReport | Research archives November 05, 2007

Surveys put gift cards top of gift lists

A couple of recent surveys indicate that gift cards will be the favorite choice for consumers and retailers alike. ... >>