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BizReport | Internet September 02, 2015

Google pauses Flash and signals new ad age of HTML5

Google now hits pause on Flash ads and auto-playing videos not related to content and, while users celebrate the decline of the annoying, intrusive ads that disrupt their viewing, the industry needs to look to the future of online advertising.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives April 30, 2014

Eye-tracking study reveals negative brand opinion generated by animated ads

An eye-tracking study conducted by Sticky for Adblock Plus has shown that flashy, animated advertising units result in lower ad recall and decreased brand opinion compared to static ads. ... >>

BizReport | Research archives August 06, 2010

Flash vs. HTML5: What you need to know

Website coding is a language that every online marketer needs to know, but you don't need to know specifics. You simply need to know what works for your site, your content and your overall goals. Which do you need? ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing April 12, 2010

Greystripe: Over half of advertisers want Flash ad units for iPad, iPhone

Mobile in-game ad network, Greystripe, asked their advertisers what kind of ad units and formats they would most prefer for the new iPad. The result? Half want what they can't have - Flash.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing March 04, 2009

Emailvision: Email marketers' top 5 blunders

Email has been around for quite some time, yet email marketers continue to make simple, yet costly, mistakes according to a new survey from Emailvision.... >>

BizReport | Research archives January 09, 2007

Phishers Get Flash

As online phishing detection evolves, so do the phishers.... >>