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BizReport | Loyalty Marketing June 28, 2011

Consumers want quick answers from customer service

Avaya's recent global Contact Center Consumer Preference Study reveals that, in order to provide the most comprehensive customer service, businesses must ensure they're not only quick off the mark but that they make as many contact methods available to consumers... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing June 24, 2011

1 in 5 emails read on mobile - are your comms compatible?

Back in 2009, when the mobile market looked very different from today, mobile email clients accounted for just 4.16% of activity tracked by Sydney-based email marketing firm Campaign Monitor most of which (95%) was iPhone-based. Boy have times changed.... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing June 08, 2011

Silverpop: Marketers missing opportunity to grow email database via Facebook Page

Brands on Facebook are missing out on the opportunity to grow their email database because they are not providing an opt-in mechanism on their Pages, according to a new survey from email marketing firm Silverpop. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing June 08, 2011

Pitney Bowes: Cost, ease of use attracts marketers to social media

It's cheap and it's easy to use. These are the main reasons that small businesses choose to use social media marketing according to new research released by Pitney Bowes.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing May 30, 2011

Mobile workers sleeping with their smartphones

Mobile technology is taking over some mobile workers' lives, according to a new report from enterprise mobility services provider iPass, with the vast majority using their downtime to check their smartphones.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing May 06, 2011

Microsoft: Email use continues to rise

New research from MarketTools, commissioned by Microsoft, found that good old email remains as popular as ever as a communication tool and will remain the dominant channel into the foreseeable future, despite the growth of social and mobile. ... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives May 04, 2011

Costs and timing issues main causes of shopping cart abandonment

Consumers today are comfortable making purchases online, and website design and usability have improved over the last few years, yet shopping cart abandonment rates remain the same as five years ago. Have marketers been fixated on the wrong reasons consumers... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing April 25, 2011

Smartphone users constantly checking web email

Despite the advent of smartphone and tablet technology, and social media, email remains a prime communication channel, with many consumers constantly checking their inboxes online while on the move.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing March 09, 2011

Is dismissal via email okay? Brit bosses say no.

Earlier this year, in the UK, anger erupted over the dismissal of 38 British soldiers due to Government cutbacks. But the anger wasn't due to the decrease of British military resources; it was centered on the manner in which those... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing March 02, 2011

Emailed malware increasing

A few new trends in phishing and malware will likely hurt legitimate email marketers. How? Because some of the new trends are making it difficult for spam filters to detect fraudulent emails; if a consumer clicks on one of these... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing February 10, 2011

Email: Why are people disconnecting from you?

Over 90% of consumers have unsubscribed from permission-based emails because they are too frequent, irrelevant or uninteresting, according to a new study released this week by ExactTarget and CoTweet. ... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing February 09, 2011

Email - a life-stage choice?

Industry commentators often jump on reports of the decline of email use among today's youth and ring the death knell for the communication tool. But is email really on its last legs or is it just that teens find other... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing January 20, 2011

Email's role as comm tool fading as texting rules

Email is slowly fading away as a communication tool, according to a new survey by youth insight service YouthBeat. Instead, texting is how tweens and teens prefer to stay in touch.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing January 10, 2011

Email drives more shoppers to retail websites than social

Social media might be sexy but it's not the best tactic for driving shoppers to your retail website, according to a survey by ForeSee Results.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives December 21, 2010

Online retailers in U.K. failing to follow up cart abandonment

The latest Email Benchmark Report from RedEye found that the U.K.'s top online retailers are particularly lax when it comes to following up on abandoned shopping carts. ... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing December 12, 2010

MessageLabs: What to expect from email in 2011

Email marketers needs to remain vigilant heading in the New Year according to a recent MessageLabs report. Spammers, botnets and phishers won't be turning over a new leaf when 2011 rolls around, in fact, experts with MessageLabs believes botnets, in... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing November 15, 2010

Is Facebook about to take on email giants Gmail and Hotmail?

The Internet is awash with stories that social networking giant Facebook is about to unveil some major changes to its messaging system that could see it challenge current big web email services.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing November 02, 2010

1 in 5 U.K. firms fail to respond to online brochure requests

E-commerce is now a $160 billion per year business in the U.K., as more consumers head online to research suppliers and make purchases. But some businesses are missing out thanks to sloppy customer service. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing October 05, 2010

Social channels not primary way to share content

Think of online sharing and social channels immediately spring to mind. However, new research has shown that the preferred method of sharing content with others isn't Facebook or any other social media - it's email.... >>

BizReport | Internet September 23, 2010

Gen Y moms talk to family via technology

A recent poll of mothers with at least one child at home has found that less than half of communication with other household members is in person. This is due, in part, to their busy schedules but also demonstrates that... >>

BizReport | Research archives September 22, 2010

Report: At-work consumers likely to fall victim to malware

When it comes to surfing at work, consumers aren't paying much attention. Whether they believe their IT department will fix any malware downloads or simply aren't up-to-date on the issues surrounding SPAM, viruses and malware, new data from MessageLabs indicates... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing August 30, 2010

Top 3 ways to build your email list

In the email realm, list building is a huge time commitment. Each month marketers need to cull lists, add more consumers and take care of existing list members. The problem? Most small businesses don't have four or five hours each... >>

BizReport | Internet August 03, 2010

Email overtaken by gaming as 2nd most-popular online pastime

A recent snapshot of online life in the U.S. finds Americans spend their time socializing and gaming. In fact, gaming has overtaken email to become the second most popular way to wile away the hours on the Internet, found Nielsen.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives July 23, 2010

How long until your Christmas campaigns kick in?

Hands up all those who have started marketing for the upcoming festive season. Yes, I know it's early, but apparently some retailers have already acknowledged the upcoming holiday season in their email communications with customers. ... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing July 20, 2010

Brunner: Moms' preferred brand communication channel is email

While some big brands are giving email the boot, others realize that for many segments of society it is the preferred channel of communication with trusted brands. One segment, in particular, takes time to check email regularly and actively looks... >>

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