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BizReport | Email Marketing August 26, 2014

How to improve worker productivity

Productivity is always high on the list of things bosses would like to improve - from the amount of time it takes to finalize an ad campaign to the amount of time it takes managers to fill in quarterly spreadsheets.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing June 19, 2014

Top 3 tips to fine-tune holiday emails now

2014 holidays may still be 5+ months away, but summer is a key time for online merchants. During the summer merchant can test messaging, subject lines and email designs. Campaigner is sharing their top 3 tips that will help merchant... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing May 19, 2014

Extole: How to build referrals weekly, monthly, quarterly

Referral marketing is a solid strategy to build higher engagement levels between brands and consumers. A new infographic from Extole offers tips for weekly, monthly and quarterly strategies.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing April 09, 2014

Campaigner: Top 3 ways to make email more relevant

Email marketing isn't going anywhere, at least according to a forecast from Global Industry Analysts which predicts the global email market will surpass the $15 billion mark by 2017. However, there are problems with thinking about email the same way... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing October 21, 2013

Debunking the top 3 email myths

Email has been around for more than 20 years now and there are plenty of 'rules' about how to get more from an email message. But a new report out from Alchemy Worx identifies a few of these 'rules' as... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing August 30, 2013

How Campaigner is pushing higher ecommerce revenue

With the move of many consumers into the always on mobile space, brands are pushing more ad dollars online - both to PC-based and mobile-based platforms. The problem is that many brands aren't using strategy to increase engagement; one platform... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing August 13, 2013

Study: People delete emails that don't render on mobile

The explosion of mobile devices is allowing more consumers to engage in more places, unfortunately it is also underlining an on-going problem: email rendering. Despite the ability of businesses to test emails to ensure they render correctly across screens, many... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing June 13, 2013

EIU: Consumer understanding depends on data understanding

It should come as no surprise, but new data out from Lyris and The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) underlines the fact that when brands don't understand marketing data they also don't understand their consumer base. That that challenge has pushed... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing March 25, 2013

How to better engage for Mother's Day

Just over seven weeks from now sons and daughters will be celebrating their mothers with flowers, lunches out and remembrance gifts. Many brands will turn to email to engage shoppers for the holiday lead-up, but many messages will be missed... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing March 08, 2013

Experian: Consumers engaging with email more

According to new numbers out from Experian Marketing Services email volume rose about 5% (Q4 2012), with mobile pushing many more email opens. According to Experian's data mobile is increasing email response time - meaning consumers are clicking on emails... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing February 08, 2013

4 Questions with CQuotient's Rama Ramakrishnan

Email may be the grandfather of online advertising, but it can still create challenges for advertisers. Personalization, getting too personal, scrubbing lists, white hat strategies. All of this can create a non-innovative email space. Here's how you can create a... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing January 23, 2013

Constant Contact platform pushes education as part of marketing

With all the changes to the online and mobile marketplaces, businesses need a crash course in marketing effectiveness. Enter a new solution from Constant Contact which pushes education as part of the marketing solution. ... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing December 07, 2012

What emailers can learn from Thanksgiving Weekend sales surge

The Thanksgiving weekend may have shown strong sales numbers but for emailers, messages may have landed a little late. Traffic, according to Akamai, peaked at 8:55 PM on Thanksgiving, but most brands didn't send promotional emails until the latter half... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing October 18, 2012

What the 2012 holiday season holds for email marketers

Email has been on an upswing throughout 2012. Overall, Responsys shows double-digit increases in retail email sends since the first of the year, and moving into the busy holiday shopping season email may become even more important in merchants engaging... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing September 19, 2012

Retailers: Expert advises what to do now for the holiday rush

The calendar may still read September, but savvy online marketers are already preparing for the 2012 holiday season - which will kick off Thanksgiving Weekend in the US. Based on the summer months, Christmas will come early for some; according... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing August 09, 2012

How to increase email open rates

Email open rates have long been lamented by email marketers, retailers and CPG brands. According to one expert the root cause of low email open rates is ad fatigue - consumers see so many ads on a given day that... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing April 20, 2012

Top 3 mistakes email marketers make

With a marketing format as experienced as email, many believe there are not pitfalls. But, marketers still make mistakes - especially in email - and those mistakes cost not only engagement but conversion dollars as well. What should you avoid?... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing February 07, 2012

Top three tips to sweeten email responses

Email continues to have a strong hold on both marketers and consumers; both are using it to stay connected, find out about new products and get the best deals on merchandise. According to the latest State of Email Marketing from... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing January 11, 2012

GetResponse: Social sharing ups CTRs 115%

Late in 2011 StrongMail and Zoomerang reported businesses are keen to integrate email, social and mobile efforts. Less than a month later, GetResponse reports there is already an increase in email marketers including social sharing features - and that the... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing November 29, 2011

3 Email tips to push holiday campaign ROI

With the buzz about mobile and video advertising, it is important for marketers to remember that ad options like email are still quite viable. Although consumers are converting to mobile device use in record numbers, those mobile devices all offer... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing October 21, 2011

Top 3 email tips you should incorporate now

Halloween is nearly hear which means holiday campaigns are ramping up for release. Before sending out that first holiday-themed mess, though, follow these three tips for better email ROI.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing September 19, 2011

3 Questions with Responsys' Chad White

Moving in to the holiday shopping season marketers are looking for innovative ways to interact with their consumer base. Although it's been around for years, email continues to hold solid footing for marketers who understand that the targetability of email... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing June 21, 2011

Campaigner release simplifies email creation

A new email tool rolls out today from Campaigner. Called Smart Email Builder, the tool simplifies email marketing to simple drag-and-drop actions. Marketers can choose from more than 700 pre-designed templates, insert their subject lines or headers and then content.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing May 20, 2011

How to make your email messages mobile friendly

As more consumers adopt smartphones and tablets, many are also making an email switch. Yes, they still check email from the PC, but many also check email from mobile devices which means email marketing campaigns need to be updated. How... >>

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