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BizReport | Email Marketing May 24, 2016

Email Roundup: Solutions to increase targeting

In today's email roundup: two new solutions that should help brands become more personal to their list members. ... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing September 16, 2014

Message Systems flips email to up engagement

Email isn't sexy but it sells products. That is what a lot of experts say. Still others insist email needs an upgrade - from more responsive templates and design to better measurement. A new offering out from Message Systems may... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing March 08, 2013

Experian: Consumers engaging with email more

According to new numbers out from Experian Marketing Services email volume rose about 5% (Q4 2012), with mobile pushing many more email opens. According to Experian's data mobile is increasing email response time - meaning consumers are clicking on emails... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing February 26, 2013

New email tools offer brands more options

How important is email to a cross-channel campaign? Experian Marketing Services reports their email business has increased more than 150% (Q4 2011 to Q4 2012). According to the company email is now hub for many brands' cross channel campaigns. ... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing August 02, 2012

Platform sends email updates based on socnets

With an estimated three-quarters of online adults (US) active on social networks it makes sense for brands to utilize the social sphere for marketing efforts. A new offering from Pontiflex hinges email and social together. Called Social FollowUp, the tool... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing August 01, 2012

How Lifecycle will impact online retail campaigns

Lifetime value is a term buzzing its way up in ecommerce circle. It means measuring and extending the value of a customer over the lifetime of that customer. I recently chatted with Ross Kramer about this trend and how brands... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing July 13, 2012

Retail email to grow 20% in 2012

According to new data from Responsys, retail emails were up again in June. For the month retail emails more than doubled over the same time last year. On average retailers sent 94 promotional emails per month through the first half... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing June 20, 2012

Campaigner connects social, email for SMBs

A new social sharing function out from email platform Campaigner allows marketers to more deeply integrate their email and social marketing efforts. Through the release email marketers and brands can share email messages throughout social platforms through a single dashboard.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing May 07, 2012

Why email has to connect faster

According to research email messages are viewed, on average, less than thirty seconds each. Which only gives a small window of opportunity for email marketers or retailers to connect with their list members. A new offering from LiveIntent could help... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing January 27, 2012

Email offering takes small steps for greater results

Acquisition email is a space less crowded by marketers. Although the space is less crowded that doesn't mean advertisers should send any and all messages to any and all consumer lists. From the ividence point of view, campaigns begin by... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing January 25, 2012

StrongMail release offers real time, lifecycle targeting

A new release from StrongMail, called Message Studio, will allow businesses to create and deliver email campaigns either through the cloud or from on-site software. The offering gives marketers trend reports, social network plugins for simpler sharing and real time... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing June 27, 2011

New tool enables email list-building via SMS text message

Growing email subscriber lists is a priority for many businesses, big and small. A new tool just released by Constant Contact enables potential subscribers to join email lists even when they're on-the-go via SMS text message.... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives June 13, 2011

Facebook tool allows email collection from Pages

Recent research suggests that brands on Facebook are missing out on the opportunity to collect email addresses from their Page fans. New technology developed by a partnership between Vitrue and MailChimp makes email collection via the social network easy.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing May 31, 2011

Emailvision launches social product suite

A new offering from SaaS provider Emailvision may help marketers bridge the gap in social and mobile advertising efforts. Called Campaign Commander, the suite of products was created to increase message relevance and subscriber engagement; the tools are available in... >>