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BizReport | Email Marketing November 28, 2018

Study: New subscribers more likely to read

When it comes to email lists, newer subscribers are more likely to read marketing messages, making those first few email contacts very important. In fact, new email subscribers have a read rate of 39%, high above the average email read... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives January 04, 2012

New AdWords newsletter sign-up format NOT new

There are many ways to tempt an Internet user to sign up for a free newsletter but Google has another channel to throw into the mix - AdWords. While generally being touted as a new feature the format has already... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing June 25, 2010

What motivates consumers to disclose their email address?

The second research brief in ExactTarget's "Subscribers, Fans and Followers" research series has been released. Called "Email X-Factor", the study investigates consumers' motivations for engaging with companies through email.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing June 17, 2010

Silverpop: U.K. winning 'inbox clutter' battle

Carefully crafted, relevant and consumer-centric email campaigns are crucial to maximizing ROI and improving overall results in today's crowded inboxes. A recent Silverpop study found that U.K. retailers are particularly savvy at ensuring their email messages rise above the clutter.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing March 30, 2010

Is your email opt-out process short and sweet?

How many clicks do you make your email recipients execute in their bid to leave your list? According to new research, too many retailers are requiring three or more clicks to opt out and that is too many.... >>