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BizReport | Internet March 04, 2011

Traffic not converting? Check your website design

If you're getting traffic to your website, but users aren't staying long or aren't converting, it could be the design factor. A new survey from the UK's BaseKit finds that UK consumers are distrustful of badly designed websites.... >>

BizReport | Domain Names November 02, 2009

ICANN fast-tracking alternative domain extensions

.com, .org, .uk, .ca. Amid the plethora of domain extensions and country extensions now available, there are about to be millions more as plans are in the works to add domain extensions based on non-Roman alphabets. The move comes based... >>

BizReport | Domain Names September 25, 2008 launches Domain MaxLock

Protecting your identity online is just as important as protecting your identity offline; in some cases it is moreso because brands and companies can be badly hurt, sometime irreparably, due to a single malicious attack. They say that one upset... >>