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BizReport | Advertising archives September 10, 2019

Brands find success with direct mail but aren't utilizing

Direct mail may deserve another look from retailers and brands. That, according to new data out from PFL. Their 2019 Multichannel Marketing Research Report: Direct Mail in the Digital Age found that while about 80% of marketers say they find... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives February 26, 2019

Study finds direct mail influencing purchase decisions

While direct mail may be the topic of annoyed social media memes and even some consumer-based content, one new report indicates direct mail continues to be an influencer when it comes to consumer purchases. According to data out from PebblePost,... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives May 10, 2017

Direct mail not dying out in the wake of digital

While direct mail may not be the most environmentally friendly of marketing tools, it can be more profitable than others, according to a new infographic from the Experian Data Quality group. ... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives March 06, 2017

Expert: How programmatic direct is changing

Direct advertising is not new for either B2C or B2B businesses. But, adding a programmatic layer to direct advertising efforts is helping more brands compete while still controlling ad budgets. Erik Requidan of Intermarkets explains how programmatic direct solutions can... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives September 28, 2016

Consumers to brands: Don't call me maybe

New research from Pitney Bowes reveals a gap in the type of communications being sent out by brands, and what consumers really want. ... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives February 15, 2016

Brands: How to use programmatic direct mail to your advantage

When most of us think direct mail, we think of those postcards sent out to residents of a school district or city. But there is a new kind of direct - programmatic direct - that may change direct mail's stats.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives June 30, 2015

Neurological study pits digital ads against physical ads

Direct mail advertising is superior to digital advertising in a number of key ways, according to a new study sponsored by the U.S. Postal Service's Office of Inspector General. ... >>

BizReport | Research archives April 09, 2015

Direct mail condition reporting service launched

First impressions count. Just as slow-loading websites can greatly damage the user experience, creased, torn or incomplete direct mail can also determine if your communications are read or binned. ... >>

BizReport | Trends & Ideas archives January 06, 2015

Address quality monitoring moves up a gear with new tech

The U.S. Postal Service plans to introduce new technology to improve address quality, according to a notice published in the Federal Register last week.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives August 07, 2014

Expert Opinion: Why brands need a niche

Video, social, email, direct mail. The advertising avenues open for businesses today are massive, and there are rules that go along with each channel. One expert offers his advice on how to get the most from these channels. ... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing June 15, 2012

Direct mail response rates 30 times better than email

The Direct Marketing Association's latest Response Rate Report reveals that direct mail response rates continue to outperform digital alternatives. ... >>

BizReport | Trends & Ideas archives February 02, 2012

USPS to propose repeat mobile barcode promo

Recognizing a trend in the use of QR codes by mailers the U.S. Postal Service is planning to re-run last summer's barcode promotion.... >>

BizReport | Research archives January 27, 2012

USPS gives extra weight to commercial mailers

As the U.S. Postal Service raises its prices this week it has also introduced a new '2nd Ounce Free" price for pre-sorted commercial first-class mailers.... >>

BizReport | Law & Regulation January 09, 2012

USPS allows large direct mail customers to pay postage after despatch

The Postal Regulatory Commission is encouraging the U.S Postal Service to adopt a more modern approach to business by granting them permission to allow direct mailers to pay online after mailing.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives December 06, 2011

USPS to cut next-day delivery for first-class mail

If it's to return to profitability the U.S. Postal Service must reduce operating costs by $20 billion by 2015. Ten percent of those savings will come about from changes to first-class mail delivery standards including the ending of next-day delivery.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing December 02, 2011

Move over email, consumers prefer contact through the post

In almost every category direct mail trumps email as consumers' preferred choice of receiving marketing messages from brands, according to new figures released this month by Epsilon Targeting. ... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives August 02, 2011

Research: Direct mail effective driver of website traffic

Did you know that one of the most effective ways of driving traffic to your website isn't necessarily via a digital inbox but the physical one at the end of a driveway? New research in the UK from loyalty and... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing May 28, 2010

Yahoo launches pull-over ad for holiday weekend

There is another new ad-unit on the hunt for consumers this holiday weekend. Macy's department stores have signed up to utilize Yahoo's new Smart Ad for a Memorial Day weekend campaign. In the US, Memorial Day is the kick-off to... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives May 05, 2010

Report: Inbound marketing shows increase as outbound slows

When it comes to lead generation, inbound seems to be the better bet, at least for now. According to a recent Hubspot repot inbound marketing has shown a slight increase year over year while outbound marketing has declined by about... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives February 16, 2010

How to engage by mailing less

Catalogs are a marketing standby. But with postage costs increasing, many brands are cutting back. Here is how one menswear retailer cut back on catalog mailings but managed to increase savings.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing February 11, 2010

Marketing Sherpa: Combine direct mail, SMS for engagement

Engagement is a huge buzzword for 2010 and marketers everywhere are trying to not only engage but more deeply engage consumers all over the web. According to a new report from Marketing Sherpa, one way to engage consumers with a... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing November 23, 2009

CMO: Demonstrate insight and intimacy to engage via email

Brands that continue to send irrelevant, mass mailings either by mail or email risk alienating consumers by demonstrating a lack of insight and intimacy, reveals a new poll from the Chief Marketing Officer Council and InfoPrint Solutions.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives September 08, 2009

USPS: 63% of mail is advertising

It may come as a surprise - then again maybe not - that direct mail advertisers are competing against one another for the attention of a small number of households. According to a recent USPS study, nearly two-thirds (63%) of... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing May 22, 2009

Borrell predicts demise of direct mail, rise of email

As more businesses abandon direct mail in favor of email, the paper-based medium is spiraling into a precipitous decline, finds new research from Borrell Associates.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives March 17, 2009

Winterberry Group: Direct marketers to target more

Rising postage costs are causing a shift in the direct marketing world. According to new research from Winterberry Group saw a 3% decline in 2008; those cutbacks are linked to rising postage costs. In 2009, a decrease of 9% is... >>

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