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BizReport | Blogs & Content archives December 10, 2013

Survey: Marketers facing disconnect with content creation

It's no secret that content is one key to engaging consumers. According to a new TrapIt survey most (82%) of marketers believe content, specifically visual content, is the key to engaging shoppers, but many also admit it is harder to... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives December 04, 2013

Releases evaluate content, make file sharing simpler

In the online work place, knowing content has a solid, brand friendly message is crucial; being able to access branded content is also crucial. Two new releases to the space are setting up businesses to better handle content creation and... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing November 20, 2013

Expert: The most engaging mobile content

Almost one quarter of all videos right now are online or mobile ads. One major benefit for advertisers is that video works so well with social media engagement. Half of all YouTube videos are shared, and we see similar video-sharing... >>

BizReport | Internet October 16, 2013

UnitedLex release to streamline business efficiencies

A new release from UnitedLex, called Questio, is set up to reduce the costs and risks of eDiscovery for legal teams as well as to streamline how data is collected, validated and then used in legal documentation. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing October 02, 2013

How people are engaging with mobile, digital content

Digital content is a trend many brands are beginning to follow. According to new data out from Unisphere Research most brands are beginning to push budget dollars into content creation. The data shows that for about half of responding brands,... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives September 10, 2013

Ad Roundup: Content curation and international expansion

This week marks two big pushes in the online space: a data platform is moving into the international space while a content curation platform launches for domestic brands.... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives September 06, 2013

Platform connects consumers with content they want

Content is quickly becoming a marketing tool for many brands, both large and small. Retailers who include reviewer content, SMBs who create and update a blog and corporations who create social media content that is shareable are growing reach faster... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives July 26, 2013

How tech is influencing younger Americans. Or not.

Millennials in the US are more apt to use public libraries than many experts thing. According to new data out from Pew Research, Americans between the ages of 16 and 29 are more likely than their older counterparts to use... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing July 17, 2013

engajer to push content through Facebook

This week marks a new offering from interactive video hub engajer - a tool that will push branded video presentations through the Facebook network. The new tool will allow both consumers and brands to share 'engajers', or interactive video presentations,... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives July 03, 2013

How discovery commerce is empowering shoppers

There is a new kind of commerce out there, and it's happening before shoppers hit either the online or offline storefronts. It's called discovery commerce and houses things like showrooming and window shopping - and it offers new ways for... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives June 10, 2013

Digital publishing trends to watch

According to Adobe Digital Publishing there have been at least 90 million Digital Publishing Suite downloads, pushing more magazines into the digital space. As more publishers push into the digital space, advertisers are following. ... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives May 21, 2013

Report: More ad dollars to focus on branded content

Look for more advertising dollars to be pushed into branded, digital content. That according to a new survey out from MailOnline, which notes that 66% of brands and 65% of agencies surveyed believe branded content is 'very or most' important... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives April 11, 2013

How Tom's Hardware is changing content creation, engagement

The always on technology of mobile is changing consumers' online habits. When they used to go online to buy a movie ticket, for example, mobile allows consumers to watch movie trailers, look up reviews and then buy a ticket. Or... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing April 03, 2013

YuMe: Why size doesn't matter all the time

Consumers are spending more time on mobile - playing games, reading content and engaging with advertising. According to new research out from YuMe this mobile consumption trend means advertisers need to create a multi-screen strategy.... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives March 25, 2013

Pew Research: One-third Americans get news online

This isn't exactly ground-breaking news, but more Americans are getting their news in digital format. According to new data out from Pew Research 39% of respondents to a recent study checked online for news 'yesterday'; that is an increase of... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives March 15, 2013

Brands: How the content space can improve your profile

The mobile space is changing more than how consumers check email, play games and check in on the social space. It's changing how viewers watch television, read content and listen to music. One platform can help brands create a more... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives February 21, 2013

Report: Most B2B brands use content to connect

According to a recent report most B2B brands are using content to connect with their leads and existing customers. This, of course, is putting more emphasis on creating unique, engaging content. One expert suggests the best way to remain informed... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives February 08, 2013

Platform to enhance content discoverability

As the online and mobile spaces continue to fracture, brands are looking for better ways to make their content discoverable. While branded blogs or well-known content sites are great, a new tool out from Mediafed is setting brands up for... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives January 11, 2013

4 Content trends to watch

Whether through tablet or PC, people are reading more and more content online and through e-readers. This increase in the content consumption offers savvy brands new ways to engage - if their content strategy is set up correctly. Here are... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives January 09, 2013

nRelate: The content categories capturing readers' interest

As content becomes more popular online savvy marketers are looking for ways to capitalize on the content trend. By creating original content, using popular keyword - that are relevant to the brand and making that content easily discoverable, brands can... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives January 03, 2013

Publishers: Why the library may be your friend

As American subscriptions to newspapers and magazines dwindle and fewer paper books are purchased the number of people going to the library is growing - especially if you count the number of people who logon to library websites through mobile... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives December 28, 2012

Report: Content spending to spike in '13

Looking ahead to 2013, content is expected to get a second or maybe third glance from brands. That according to a recent Custom Content Council/ContentWise survey, which predicts that branded content spending will increase in the New Year.... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives December 04, 2012

How content will change in 2013

While most eyes are focused on how mobile and social advertising will change advertiser's bottom lines in 2012, content should be included in the trends. The Internet is rapidly becoming a place not just to show ads but to engage... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives September 21, 2012

Survey: 65% of Americans reading news online

A new survey out from Pan Communications shows just how important the online space is for businesses. According to the report 65% consume online through news sites, another 21% through Twitter, and interestingly social sites are beginning to account for... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives September 19, 2012

Investment underlines importance of content for publishers, brands

As more consumers go online for news and entertainment - and go online from different devices depending on where they are in their day - online brands and content producers are looking for better ways to engage and target those... >>

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