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BizReport | Research January 30, 2015

Top 3 things consumers really want from brands

Consumers want things - new jeans, a new computer, someone to clean their home - from brands, right? Yes. And no. According to new data out from MindShare consumers do want 'things' but they also want...more. Here are MindShare's top... >>

BizReport | Research June 19, 2013

Study: More people working on home To-Dos from work

Employers aren't going to love the results from a new study out from Captivate, which indicates more and more workers are catching up on 'home-work' while at work. In other words they are compiling grocery lists, researching birthday/special occasion gifts... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day shoppers sought out bargains, last minute hotel deals

A new survey, conducted the day before Valentine's Day, reveals loved-up shoppers were big on ideas but short on cash, with most hunting out bargains and mobile users waiting until the last minute to book a romantic night away. ... >>

BizReport | Research June 19, 2008

High gas prices could be an opportunity for marketers

Online publishers are beginning to see a connection between the high gas prices in America and their online traffic. According to a recent report from comScore, traffic to sites like is skyrocketing as consumers try to find the best... >>

BizReport | Research January 29, 2008

Survey: 25% of users multitask

Watching television, reading the newspaper, catching up with email and checking out blog feeds. These are all activities that many users are doing - at the same time. Capturing users attention is becoming harder with every day, so it is... >>