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BizReport | Advertising archives April 19, 2011

Report: Russian consumers not so clickey

Click through rates have seen steady declines over the years, prompting advertisers and brands to come up with new ways to engage online consumers through display ads. Relevant and contextual advertisers has seemed to work, at least on most consumers,... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing January 05, 2010

Epsilon: Email open rates over 20%

New data from email marketing firm Epsilon indicates that email continues to grow in importance. The new report, ranking Q3 2009 numbers, found that open rates were up just over 3% year over year for the quarter with click rates... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing July 17, 2009

Report: Search starting to rebound

If you're looking for good news from the marketing sector, Efficient Frontier has a bit. According to the company's US Search Engine Performance Report, based on Q2 numbers, search engine marketing is beginning to rebound from the bad economy. The... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing April 23, 2007

Email marketing continues to elicit high response levels

Email marketing is still a valuable part of the e-marketing mix, according to new data from marketing services company, Epsilon.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives March 06, 2007

Vibrant Media offers in-text advertising on long term basis

DaimlerChrysler has become among the first to secure keywords on Vibrant Media’s contextual advertising service, covering over 1,600 online publications, by buying out keywords for the year ahead.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing December 05, 2006

Contact Frequency Affects Click Through Rates

According to the DMA’s latest National Benchmarking Survey, frequency, not content, is the key to increasing click through rates.... >>