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BizReport | Research March 24, 2009

Report: Internet use among U.S. Hispanics continues to rise

A new report concludes that more can be done by marketers to target U.S. Hispanic Internet users, as broadband penetration closes the gap between their numbers online versus the total U.S. population. ... >>

BizReport | Research August 14, 2008

Global online video revenues to rocket

Global online video revenues are expected to almost quadruple from a projected $1.2bn this year, to $4.5bn by 2012, according to recent figures released by media research company In-Stat. Yet, a surprising number still prefer physical discs when purchasing movies... >>

BizReport | Research July 03, 2008

Does your target audience have high-speed Internet access?

Do you need to revise your website in line with your target audience’s Internet access speed? New research by Pew Internet and American Life may make some marketers think twice before embellishing their websites with too much bandwidth-munching content.... >>

BizReport | Research April 21, 2008

40% Europeans strangers to Internet

Eighty percent of online Europeans have broadband connections, according to recent report issued by the European Commission, but 40% of EU citizens never use the Internet. ... >>

BizReport | Research March 14, 2008

More net users in China than U.S.

Continued economic growth and improved broadband infrastructure have driven the number of Internet users in China to new heights.... >>

BizReport | Research August 06, 2007

Silver surfers are savvy online shoppers

Across Europe, more and more silver surfers are logging on and exploring the Internet, according to recently released research from the European Interactive Advertising Association. ... >>

BizReport | Trends & Ideas June 18, 2007

Rich media brings telecoms back from the dead

It isn't just users who are benefiting from the surge in content creation and delivery related to blogs, uploaded videos and other forms of rich media. Telecom companies can credit these forms of broadband usage for bringing their companies back... >>

BizReport | Research March 28, 2007

U.K. broadband penetration and online ad spend on the up

Cheap, widely available broadband connectivity and spending power are fueling internet usage in the U.K., which now boasts the fifth-largest broadband population in the world.... >>

BizReport | Research March 26, 2007

A third of U.S. households have no net connection

Almost a third of U.S. households have no internet access, and nor do many of them intend to get it, says a recently released report.... >>

BizReport | Research March 08, 2007

Hispanics leading the way to broadband

A new study indicates that Hispanics are moving into the broadband Internet realm faster than other American demographic groups. ... >>

BizReport | Research March 06, 2007

Global internet penetration up 10 percent

New comScore survey results show the number of internet users over the age of 15 rose to 747 million in January, 2007, a 10 percent increase on January, 2006. ... >>